Rare Fossils are a set of rares that can be found throughout the Spore galaxy. Like all other sets of rares and artifacts, they are randomly scattered, meaning that there is generally no way of knowing or predicting where they will end up in any specific game.

The combined value of the Rare Fossils is $450,000. However, if you have all of them in your cargo hold at the same time, the set will sell for $4,500,000 instead. Despite the fact that they can be found throughout the galaxy, there are some fossils that appear to be based on creatures native only to prehistoric Earth, such as sabre-toothed cats and theropod dinosaurs.

Ancient FlyswatterEdit

Ancient flyswatter

Ancient Flyswatter.

Ancient flyswatter icon

Collector's Icon.

"This artifact came into existence when a creature from an era long forgotten used this particular rock to squoosh the earliest ancestor of our modern mosquito. Pretty impressive, when you realize that the wingspan of this insect is actually 17 feet and it measures 22 feet in length from head to toe."

Value: $45,000

A prehistoric mosquito fossil.

The Fossil That Everybody FindsEdit

Fossil that everybody finds

The Fossil that Everybody Finds.

Fossil that everybody icon

Collector's Icon.

"Congratulations! You found the imprint of an ancient fern-like plant embedded in a rock. This is that fossil that your grandmother finds on her strolls along the river bed with your Aunt Nancy. Yep, as far as fossils go, this is the equivalent of the ones that they hand out for free at the geology museums. Good job, sparky."

Value: $45,000

A fern fossil

Note: Despite what the description says, this fossil is worth the same as most rares. .

Fossilized Domesticated Animal TreatEdit

Fossilized domesticated ani

Fossilized Domesticated Animal Treat.

Fossilized domesticated ico

Collector's Icon.

"At first glance, one would think that they have discovered a fossilized bone from an ancient civilization. Look again. Do bones really look like that?!?!?! Perhaps in cartoons, but not around these parts, pal. This, my friend, is the fossilized remains of one of the treats that were used centuries ago in order to domesticate the local wild animals. The sad part is that they were shaped like a 'bone' purely for the entertainment of the creature giving the treat, as the creature eating it couldn't care less what it was shaped like."

Value: $45,000

This fossil is based on one of the treats that a tribe member will use to domesticate a wild animal in the Tribal Stage.

Fossilized Tribal Sheriff's BadgeEdit

Fossilized tribal sherrif's

Fossilized Tribal Sheriff's Badge.

Fossilized tribal icon

Collector's Icon.

"This artifact was worn by creatures of old who were seen as law bringers or peacekeepers of newly settled tribal villages. In actuallity, all this did was point out to attacking tribes which guy to go after first. Speculation rages as to whether tribesmen knew this when they appointed a sheriff or not."

Value: $45,000

This sheriff's badge is a fossil starfish.

Ancient Epic Boot ScraperEdit

Ancient epic boot scraper

Ancient Epic Boot Scraper.

Ancient epic boot scraper i

Collector's Icon.

"This artifact was commonly found on the back porch of Epic caverns. Epic creatures used these to scrape the mud off their feet before entering their home. They called it a boot scraper, even though they didn't wear boots. Now that's foresight."

Value: $45,000

A bear-look alike footprint.

Petrified Sun Dried NautilusEdit

Petrified sun dried nautilu

Petrified Sundried Nautilus.

Petrified sundried icon

Collector's Icon.

"Archaeologists to this day still debate the actual source of this rare fossilized find. Could it be the remains of an ancient sea creature that somehow made it out of the ocean and migrated to its final resting place on terra firma, or is it indelible proof that earlier civilizations evolved to a point in which they actually had pretty good seafood restaurants? Either way, it is quite fascinating, isn't it?"

Value: $45,000

Obviously, this fossil is a nautilus.

Big Dead Fish on a Little Non Living RockEdit

Big dead fish on a little n

A Big Dead Fish on a Little Non Living Rock.

Big dead fish on a icon

Collector's Icon.

"Anthropologists take great interest in this particular find. This artifact proves that fish from ancient times actually used rocks as beds in order to be more comfortable while sleeping. After a hard day of swimming, jumping and not being caught, it was vital for the fish of days gone by to get their eight hours of REM sleep every evening. This particular example was obviously an elderly fish who passed quietly and uneventfully during the night."

Value: $45,000

This fossil is an early fish.

Note: The jumping and not being caught may be a reference to Tribal Stage fishing spots

Fossilized Candy CornEdit

Fossilized Candy Corn 1

Fossilized Candy Corn.

Fossilized Candy Corn Icon

Collector's Icon.

"Just kidding! We all know that candy corn is already fossilized. Oh this particular artifact? I don't know, it's an old arrowhead or something."

Value: $45,000

It is interesting to note that this fossil also resembles a shark tooth.

Mr. FluffersEdit

Mr fluffers

Mr. Fluffers.

Mr fluffers icon

Collector's Icon.

"This extremely rare artifact is further proof that ancient civilizations domesticated cats as pets for their homes. This particular artifact was found with a little bell and collar nearby which read "Mr. Fluffers". Actually also nearby were the remains of a hut covered in claw scratches as well as the remains of a few of the residents of the homestead. In fact, the collar was eerily small compared to this skull. Scratch that! This is the skull of an Epic Feline who attacked the home of ancient creatures who happened to have a pet named Mr. Fluffers. See? We told you they domesticated cats as pets for their homes! Extraordinary!"

Value: $45,000

It seems to resemble a saber-tooth cat or Smilodon.

Note: The Collector's Icon appears upside-down in game. This appears to be an error overlooked by Maxis.

Fossilized Remains of a Big Scary ThingEdit

Fossilized remains of a big

The Fossilized Remains of a Big Scary Thing.

Fossilized remains icon

Collector's Icon.

"Actually, we assume that it was a big, scary thing. I mean, the head itself is huge, so one would assume that the rest of it was pretty big. Can you imagine if it had this great, huge head and a wee, tiny body? That would be hilarious! The other creatures would be all, like, "Hey, Big-Head! "Why such a big head?" Oh, man! Too funny! Anyway, it makes anthropologists feel better if they think they found something big and scary, so let's just go with that one."

Value: $45,000

It appears to be based on a dinosaur skull. It is probably that of a Cryolophosaurus or an Allosaurus.

Note: The Collector's Icon appears upside-down in game. This appears to be an error overlooked by Maxis.

Other Rares

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