Rare Jewels are a set of rares that can be found throughout the Spore galaxy. Like all other sets of rares and artifacts, they are randomly scattered, meaning that there is generally no way of knowing or predicting where they will end up in any specific game.

The combined value of the Rare Jewels is $450,000. However, if you have all of them in your cargo hold at the same time, the set will sell for $4,500,000 instead.

Purple-ish Gems of Rabban AnkottEdit

Purpl-ish gems of rabban an

Purpl-ish Gems.

Purpl-ish gems of rab icon

Collector's Icon.

"The historic significance of these particular gems is that they were ordered by the Twelfth King, Rabban Ankott for his wife, The Seventh Wife of Rabban Ankott. The acquisition of these gems led directly to the arrival of the Eighth Wife of Rabban Ankott, as purple-ish was the favorite color of the Fifth Wife of Rabban Ankott, not the Seventh."

Value: $67,000




Tangeriamonds icon

Collector's Icon.

"These gems are so named because of their tangerine color and their diamond-like shape. Unfortunately, they taste awful and aren't nearly as valuable as diamonds."

Value: $67,000




Amethysts icon

Collector's Icon.

"This piece of mysterious substance is 100 percent Amethyst."

Value: $45,000




Emeralds icon

Collector's Icon.

"This rare gem is noteworthy due to is brilliant shade of green. We are tempted to say that this green gem is far more beautiful than even emeralds, but that would be silly, because this is an emerald."

Value: $22,500




Jade icon

Collector's Icon.

"A wise man once said: "Just find the Jade, and You've Got it Made!" Congratulations! You should be very proud."

Value: $67,000

Lapis LazuliEdit

Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli.

Lapis lazuli icon

Collector's Icon.

"This beautiful blue artifact is known as Lapis Lazuli. Creatures have toiled vigorously and tirelessly throughout the galaxy to mine this semi-precious stone for over 6500 years. You came along and just found one lying there."

Value: $22,500




Opals icon

Collector's Icon.

"My ex-fiance once told me that giving your significant other an opal as a gift spelled certain doom for the relationship. I guess she was right. I recommend holding on to this for yourself."

Value: $45,000




Rubies icon

Collector's Icon.

"Great! You found the rubies! Only 24,000,000 more and you can make yourself a pair of slippers so you can go home."

Value: $67,000

Note: The in game graphic for Rubies is cyan colored. This appears to be an error overlooked by Maxis.

Extra note: The description is an obvious reference to The Wizard of Oz, in which Dorothy has to put on a pair of ruby-covered slippers and repeat the phrase "There's no place like home!" several times to return home.




Sapphires icon

Collector's Icon.

"This rare jewel is made of sapphire, which is one of the hardest of gem varieties. It is used in creating such Items as infrared optical equipment, watch crystals and high-durability windows. So, scientifically speaking, don't put it in your mouth."

Value: $22,500

Note: The collector's icon appears to share the same icon as Lapis Lazuli.




Turquoise icon

Collector's Icon.

"Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum, with the chemical formula CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O."

Value: $22,500

Other Rares

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