The finalists, with the other favorites in the background.

Ray Shots are Plasma Shooters from Darkspore. They are commonly found on Cryos.Their main attack is firing small comet-like projectiles at players. This attack is supposedly easy to avoid, but are extremely damaging.

Description Edit

Ray shots once were solemn, nocturnal hunters, whom the Darkspore turned into homicidal hench creatures. Cunning and ruthless, ray shots unleash death in the form of plasma-bursts resembling miniature comets, one for each enemy who faces them. Those micro-comets can be dodged, but inflict terrible damage on those who fail to do so.

Final Ray Shot Edit

In the end, 6 different Ray Shots were chosen (2 winners and 4 runner-ups). They were shown on Cryos, like the Raktha. The contest was the first to have only two featured winners and four runner-ups. While almost none winners have had their original creations ported into the game, their has been footage confirming that Maxis-made Ray Shots are in the game, likely as placeholders.

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