Aakan Slave Ship

An example of a Religious vehicle.

Religious vehicles are vehicles primarily used by civilizations that have a religious philosophy. The parts that raise the religious effectiveness of these vehicles in the Vehicle Editor are often musical or sound creating instruments. These types of vehicles capture cities without the destruction of any buildings through religious conversion.


Religious vehicles can be seen throughout the mini map converting other cities. They are often seen converting cities that are unhappy due to their vulnerability to religious conversion. If the city is too happy to be converted, they will target the entertainment buildings, reducing the happiness, and making it easier for them to convert the city. When converting a city, one religious vehicle will project a giant hologram. The citizens of the city under attack will throw objects at the vehicle that is projecting the hologram. If the vehicle is close to an enemy city, it will take damage from citizens throwing rocks and burning garbage until it is destroyed. Any other nearby religious vehicles from the same nation will take over the job of projecting the hologram. When attacking vehicles or specific buildings, however, the vehicles shoot an arching beam of energy of the nation's color, making a harp sound as it goes.


Religious vehicles can attack other vehicles within range but they usually will not fight against an individual vehicle. An interesting trait of these vehicles is that in a group, they can lower the health of all the vehicles in a group of enemies, which can prove useful if you're attempting to convert another city. However, these vehicles deal very little damage to other vehicles, making them ineffective against Military Vehicles. You can use them in conjunction with military vehicles, as they are able to stop turrets, so you can attack with military while stopping turrets with religious. They can also 'charm' Epic Creatures, making them friendly for a short while.