A religious takeover.

A religious takeover is the method by which missionaries can take over cities and planets in the Civilization Stage and in a way, the Space Stage. To begin the process to start a religious takeover, the player must start a convert attempt with the targeted city or solar system. Unlike military takeover, it does not harm the city, and unlike economic takeover, it does not cost money beyond that required for the invading vehicles.

Civilization StageEdit

First, the player must have religious city, or Religious Vehicles. Then, they must send the religious vehicles to a computer controlled city. Remember that the more religious vehicles that you have going to one city, the faster the takeover will progress. Also, remember that converting hurts your vehicles and can destroy them. It is recommended that you shut down entertainment centers and turrets but leave factories open. It makes things a lot faster. Once the religious takeover bar is full, they will decide to convert to your religion, and will join your nation.

Space StageEdit

Religious Takeover Bar

The Religious Conversion bar

If your archetype is Zealot, you can use your Fanatical Frenzy ability to convert the aliens to your empire, but it seems more like replacing the aliens with your own creature.

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