Creatures courting.

Mating in the Creature stage of Spore requires you to go back to your nest and look for the creature following you with hearts over their head. Click on this creature and you will mate. If you cannot find your nest, use mating call and follow the arrow you will see on screen.

Life cycle Edit



A creature laying an egg.

Eggs are laid by mating in the Creature stage and the Cell stage. They let you evolve your creature by improving or adding or removing parts. The Tribal stage also has eggs: those that are laid by pets, and also produced from the tribal hut, although it is never revealed how they are created. One possible theory however could be that all the tribe's females may reside in the hut with a male, explaining why all tribe members have male voices.

When creatures mate or otherwise reproduce in order to enter the creature editor, they lay an egg. After mating, the egg is laid almost immediately. The creature editor screen then instantly opens.


Main article: Baby Creature

A parent teaching it's baby.

Scattered around various nests during the Creature Stage are babies, which are younger versions of regular creatures, often with enlarged eyes and other features. Babies are very weak, and are entirely harmless, which make them excellent prey if you're a Carnivore, although they offer little meat, and adult Creatures are highly protective of their offspring. Babies are also more easy to socialize with than adult creatures, although they may often call adults to help them.

During the Tribal Stage, creating a baby requires 10 lots of food. Clicking on the "Add Baby" button when the Tribal Hut is moused over will create an egg that will roll out from the entrance to the hut, and a baby will hatch. Babies cannot complete tasks that full-grown creatures can, and remain within the village. Babies are very vulnerable to attacks from wild animals and other Tribes, and it is highly recommended that you leave a member of your Tribe alone to protect the baby or befriend a several powerful pets, which will defend the tribe. During this time they may question things, play or scream if attacked.

You can create baby creatures in the creature editor - they are generated by pressing an egg button in test drive, and up to three of them can exist in the test drive screen, in addition to the original, adult, user-created creature. They will mimic the adult creature's behavior, but may make mistakes from time to time.

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