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A rather large Rogue terrorizing a nest of creatures.

Rogue creatures (called Mini-Epics in the Prima guide) are larger and more powerful versions of creatures. Even though they look imposing, they can be befriended. They are useful for killing Epic creatures, as they are the most powerful creatures a player can befriend.

Rogues will usually ignore other creatures, however they often stumble upon creatures they don't like, which makes the rogue and the creature stare at each other angrily. Killing a different creature near the rogue will make it scared of your creature. They also are loners, so if you are trying to kill one, you don't have to worry about pack members of the same kind. Rogue creatures will attack and kill other species, but not yours (unless you are in hard mode). They will also throw sticks at other creatures.

Befriending a Rogue is a smart choice, though it can be difficult, but easier than befriending a high level nest as rogues don't have a pack.

Creature Stage Edit

Rogue creatures are somewhat rare, appearing late in the stage; and they are slower than normal creatures, albeit stronger. They are able to survive multiple attacks from Epic creatures, and, unlike Epic creatures, they can be befriended, but they are very difficult to impress. However, as they are not part of a nest, they are only ever encountered alone but they can fight if they see another rogue, and as such having a large pack of creatures with middling social abilities makes befriending one rather easy. They are very useful allies, killing or helping to befriend other creatures. They stop following a creature shortly after it's out of sight and are hard to kill as they have 250 health. Most, if not all, Rogues are creatures from the Sporepedia that have excellent socializing and combat skills but can be befriended. If you have befriended a rogue, and if later on find a nest of the same species as the rogue, the species will be allied with you. If you find a hostile nest of the same species as the rogue and click them the rogue will turn hostile. If you click the rogue first the normal ones will turn neutral.

The criteria the game uses to select a rogue creature are as follows: All rogue creatures must have all four combat and all four social skills, and they must have a combined total of at least 12 levels in each type, combat and social (visible in the small Sporepedia card). Other skills (e.g. Glide or Sneak) don't seem to matter, but because of the high criteria, a rogue creature often has many such skills.

If a nest of creatures the same species as an allied rogue is found, it will be an ally to your creature.

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Two user-made Rogues very close to fighting.

Some Rogue creatures can be found near an Epic creature. An Epic creature with 3 Rogues near it can be found sometimes, however Epics are often encountered without Rogues.

Occasionally, "Rogue Duos" may appear. A Rogue Duo is a pair of Rogues of the same species. Finding these can be useful if you are planning an assault on an Epic. If befriended rogue creatures eventually get killed, they will respawn near the spot where they were originally found.

There are several pre-made Maxis creatures that can spawn as Rogues. They include:

Carnivore: Konoc, Porcoo, Soorgin, Garks, Hayton, Galorok, Troglor, Judge, Tretan, and Grank.

Omnivore: Doltasaur, Brish, Ciminerdo, Dalake, Hoosie, Trilie, Krukor, Turando, Aver, and Fernokki.

Herbivore: Broozo, Rydos, Swiffer, and the stronger form of Ploogal.

Other stages Edit

Rogue creatures can appear in the Tribal Stage as pets if you befriend them in the Creature Stage. Occasionally they will attack other raiding tribes. They do not appear in Civilization Stage or Space Stage, where they no longer play a role as the game no longer involves the control of individual creatures. However, on planets in the Space Stage, individual creatures that are larger than the rest of their species can be seen; it is unknown whether this is a glitch or rogues.

Spore Hero Edit

Rogues also appear in Spore Hero, less vicious and more civilized than Spore versions.

  • Beast is a tough creature made cute and flightless by Zarkhator.
  • Goglu is a medium-sized rogue made fat, flightless, lumpy, and four-eyed by Zarkhator.
  • Yeti is a rogue that was encased in crystal with a moonfruit somehow.
  • Yacque is the king of the Mushroom Grove and was evolved into a cute, brown, fat creature with the Mollratt mouth by Zarkhator.

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