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A rather large Rogue terrorizing a nest of creatures.

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A pack of rogues.

Rogue creatures (aka Mini-Epics in the Prima guide) are bulky and powerful versions of creatures.

The criteria the game uses to select a rogue creature are as follows: All rogue creatures must have all four combat and all four social skills, and they must have a combined total of at least 12 levels in each type, combat and social (visible in the small Sporepedia card). Other skills (e.g. Glide or Sneak) doesn't even matter, but because of the high criteria, a rogue creature often has many such skills.

Creature Stage Edit

Rogue creatures are somewhat rare, appearing late in the stage. They are bulky and powerful with high stats and over 250 health. They are mostly aggressive towards to any creatures even with rogues, especially with player's creature (in Hard Mode), but certainly not (in Easy Mode), they can be befriended, or can be killed instead. Unlike other creatures, they are not part of a nest, they are only ever encountered alone, some of them are skittish and may flee away from player's creature, and some of them are curious, fewer of Rogues like Herbivore rogues may be scared of the hostile creatures.
Spore 2009-09-16 22-23-07

Two user-made Rogues very close to fighting.

There are several pre-made Maxis creatures that can commonly seen and spawn as Rogues. They include:

Carnivore: Konoc, Porcoo, Soorgin, Garks, Hayton, Galorok, Troglor, Judge, Tretan, and Grank.

Omnivore: Doltasaur, Brish, Ciminerdo, Dalake, Hoosie, Trilie, Krukor, Turando, Aver, and Fernokki.

Herbivore: Broozo, Rydos, Swiffer, and Ploogal.

Other stages Edit

Rogue creatures only appear in the Tribal Stage as pets once you had been befriended them in the Creature Stage as pack member before you advance to the Tribal Stage. They will no longer seen in later stages like in Civilization Stage or Space Stage.

Spore Hero Edit

Rogues also appear in Spore Hero, less vicious and more civilized than Spore versions.

  • Beast is a tough creature made cute and flightless by Zarkhator.
  • Goglu is a medium-sized rogue made fat, flightless, lumpy, and four-eyed by Zarkhator.
  • Yeti is a rogue that was encased in crystal with a moonfruit somehow.
  • Yacque is the king of the Mushroom Grove and was evolved into a cute, brown, fat creature with the Mollratt mouth by Zarkhator.

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