Rrawks is a Maxis-made creature, present in the final game. It first appeared in the Spore Creature Creator as a Maxis creature, having a pinkish skin, large eyes and two spikes in its tail.

Rrawks is a carnivore, and is semi-adept at combat. Its attacks include a significant bite and a powerful strike. Its strike attack can be very dangerous. It is also capable of running and charging at its prey, stunning them. While socializing, it is a poor singer with average charm.

It was heavily changed from its Creature Creator version, with new purple skin and graspers. In the Creature Creator, Rrawks was based on a bird or birdlike reptile. In the final game, Rrawks appears to be more reptilian.

Rrawks can sometimes be confused with Babs; the difference between the two is that Babs is an omnivore with the creator name of Jessica.

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