Safari Vacuum

Safari Vacuum Icon

Safari Vacuum is the unique ability of the Ecologist Philosophy.

Ingame SummaryEdit

Instantly fills your cargo with all species from a planet.

- In-game description

Actual EffectEdit

Places two of every species on the planet in your cargo.


Species being abducted by Safari Vacuum

Members of the target planet's species being sucked into cargo.

The power can be used to quickly and efficiently abduct two members of each species from a planet. It is very useful for missions where you must collect one specimen of every species on a planet.

The skill abducts two of every creature and plant, useful in case of dropping mishaps, especially considering the 22 minute delay before its renewed usability.

If an Eco Disaster is occurring, it can be useful to save the planet's ecosystem using this ability.


Ship Tools Tab: Main Tools

Cost: No Cost

Damage: No Damage

Cooldown: 22 minutes from use

Other Effects: Abducts and scans two of each species on the planet


This could be reference to the Biblical story of Noah's Ark, in which Noah placed two individuals of each animal species on a wooden Ark before the Earth was flooded.

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