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Sage the Life Forester

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Images of Sage.

A force of emerald vengeance, Sage proved that the Darkspore could be beaten.

Sage the Life Forester is a Bio Tempest from the upcoming game, Darkspore. His species is of a race of green, quadrupedal, plant-like aliens, from the planet Verdanth.

He shares his Genesis type and Hero classification with Tork.

Revelation Edit

Sage was first seen on the Darkspore website, and was revealed alongside Zrin and Vex.

Lore Edit

Once a brilliant scientist, Sage began to perceive that alien forces were at work on his world. Training his most sensitive detectors across the EM spectrum, he eventually discerned the presence of a powerful intelligence he named Entity 13.

Eventually Sage used ultraviolet wave transmission (UWT) to communicate directly with this being, who was in reality the Crogenitor Astra. He gleaned that while Entity 13 posed no threat to the safety of Verdanth, another onrushing force did: the hordes of the Darkspore.

Unable to stop the Darkspore invasion, Sage witnessed the destruction of his once-green world. He turned his vast intellect--and everything he’d learned from Entity 13--to the defense of his people. He repurposed reforestation technology as a weapon for planetary liberation.

Sage’s greatest weapons were his devastating power to spawn mobile and ultra-strong trees, and other entities called dendrones as his protection force. Sage used his metabolic disruptor to slow and damage his targets, and his Rejuvenating Blast to heal his allies.

Sage swore that one day, his world would be free again, so he could put down the weapons of war and once again pick up the tools of science.

Darkspore Dendrone

The Dendrones that Sage passively spawns.

Abilities Edit

Abilities bio rejuvinatingBlast
Rejuvenating Blast (Basic Ability - Ranged Heal / Non-homing Energy Attack)

Heals Sage's allies, ensuring they can fight longer, faster and harder. Also, can be used to deal damage to enemies.

Abilities bio biodrain
Biodrain (Squad Ability)

Summons thick vines that ensnare enemies in an area and drain their life away.

Abilities bio treeofLife
Tree of Life (AOE Heal Ability)

Spawns a tree that grows larger as damage is dealt nearby, then explodes in a burst of healing energy.

Abilities bio dendrones
Enrage (Alpha Variant Ablilty)

Temporarily make a targeted ally twice as powerful.

Dendrones (Innate Passive Ability - Bio Minions) Swarming destroyers that both protect Sage and harm those who would get in his way.

Notes Edit

  • In the original artwork of Sage, he has a round green light coming from the side of the metallic implant on his right arm. In the newer concepts of him, he has a disk of yellow light instead.
  • If one looks closely at Sage when he is being compared to his concept and his in-game appearance at Comic-con 2010 , one can easily see that his arm-gun has switched sides.

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