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(more content by Maxis)
Astrographical information
Basic LocationSol system
Stellar PositionSixth, after Jupiter and before Uranus
Length of day10 hours
Length of year29½ years
Geographical information
Air colorOrange/Yellow
Mean radius9.07 times the size of Earth
Water Percentage1% in ice form, mostly in rings & upper atmosphere
Political information
AffiliationN/A (Gas giant)
Strategic information
Strategic valueNone (Gas giant)
Production valueNone (Gas giant)
Valuable toNone

Saturn is the sixth planet in the Sol System, after Jupiter. Like Jupiter, Saturn is a Gas Giant, so therefore, it is uninhabitable. Like in the real world, Saturn has a moon called Titan. Titan can also be terraformed and colonized. Saturn will never have White spice, since NPC players are forced to not colonize inside the Sol System.


  • Saturn, like the real counterpart, has a vivid planetary ring, though nowhere near as visible as the real ones.
  • In the game Saturn appears a deep shade of red in colour, whereas it's closer to a shade of beige in real-life.

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