Darkspore BioSentinelwithPET

Official concept art of Savage.

Savage the Lord of Beasts is a Bio Sentinel from Verdanth in the game Darkspore.

Darkspore SavagepgnHD

Savage in a Squad Deck.

Savage-Bio sentinal

Savage as he appears on the Darkspore Beta Website

Revelation Edit

Savage was revealed in one of the very first concept artworks for Darkspore. However, his name, abilities, title, and lore were never revealed.


Savage and his beast companion fighting in the Zelem's Nexus PvP map with Blitz.

Lore Edit

Once a generation, a few Verdanthi are born able to understand animal communication. But Savage was unique. Orphaned followed a devastating earthquake, Savage lived in the wild among the beasts of the rainforest, and was entirely separate from intelligent life... except for the Crogenitor Astra.

Directing the lost child towards mutagenic fungi of his own design, Astra marveled at the effects on the young Verdanthi. Savage grew from being able to understand animals, to being able to speak with them pheromonally and empathically.

Gaining power over beasts and enormous heights, Savage became a legendary spectre of the rainforests. He enchanted the civilized Verdanthi who on rare occasions encountered him, as when he saved them from accidents or disasters. But following the Darkspore invasion, Savage became an avenging warrior-spirit. With his army of ferocious animals and his legendary, ruthlessly loyal fighting companion, he inflicted more damage on the Darkspore than any other fighter on the planet.

Abilities Edit

Brutal Assualt (Basic Ability-Physical)

Savage smashes a Foe with his fists dealing 7-14 damage

Wild Charge (Physical Ability-Knockback)

Charges at the target point, knocking enemies up in the air and dealing 28-44 physical damage to each one. If you have beast pet, it will join your charge.

Roar Of Derision (Physical-Debuff/Buff)

Savage charges to the targeted point and roars, taunting all enemies within 8m for 5 seconds and taking 25% less damage from all sources during that time.

Savage Ally (Bio Minion Pet-Squad Ability)

Spawns a powerful pet that deals physical damage each attack. While it is alive, this ability only costs 10 power and will enrage the pet, increasing it´s damage by 100% and healing 80% of its health over 8 seconds.

Bestial Mastery (Innate Passive Ability)

Your pet's attacks inflict X% physical vulnerability up to a maximum of X%. When enraged, it will immediately taunt all nearby enemies for X seconds. Once per mission, your pet will resurrect you at X% health. In Overdrive, your pet gets an extra resurrection during the overdrive period, and it resurrects you at X% health. The pet's taunt lasts X seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • Savage's origins are similar to that of the fictional character Tarzan.

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