A saved game is a planet in the Spore Galaxy which is central to one of the species (specifically, it is always the species' homeworld) that the player controls in Spore. Saved games are identified by a unique blue ring around the star, which shows up as long as the player is in the general vicinity (around 50 parsec/pc) of the saved game's system.

Interactions Edit

The player can interact with their other saved games in the Space stage, and will act similar to any AI of the corresponding archetype or stage, however, saved game empires will sell the same stock as the player's empire at the same price. Saved game empires can be allied with, but the original saved game system cannot be captured or conquered if the current player ends up at war with that file, nor can it be purchased. However, players can interact with any other system that is owned by the saved game as if it were a normal system.

The following tools CANNOT be used in an unowned saved game system :

  • Terraforming Tools
  • Socialisation tools that edit the world (Crop Circles, Monoliths etc.)
  • Destructive Weapons (Antimatter Bomb, Planet Buster etc.)
  • Destructive Superweapons (Gravitational Wave, Fanatical Frenzy etc.)
  • Planet Sculpting Tools*
  • Planet Coloring Tools*
  • Colonization Tools*

* Unless they own the system

When the player deletes a saved game, that planet will become computer controlled. Players' creatures only appear on saved game planets when they have reached game stages later than the Creature Stage, so that they do not take up a slot in the planet's food web.

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • You can use a more progressed space empire to bolster neighbouring saved games, this can include terraforming valuable planets for potential colonisation, terraforming planets owned by a saved game's empire or conquering empires that pose a hazard to other saved games.
  • Progressed saved game empires will often have high health ships when allied with if the player is prolific enough.

Glitches Edit

One of the unsolved glitches in Spore involves the use of Planet Coloring tools on a homeworld. If the planet coloring tools are used in Space Stage on a homeworld and Spore crashes without saving, the planet will have the exact same color and colonies on it. However, when the player starts it in Tribal Stage or lower, the color will stay the same, but any colony on the planet previously would cease to exist. Other glitches exist with saved games, such as empires or buildings changing color, or a mixture of spaceships from other saved games. With the use of mods it is possible to destroy the saved game's empire, although this results in the game crashing next time the player tries to open the saved game that was destroyed.

Mods Edit

With the use of mods it is possible to destroy the saved game's empire, although this results in the game crashing next time the player tries to open the saved game that was destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • Although there is no limit to how many saved games you can have (except for your computer's memory storage), there will always be six different choices between new save game planets.
    • Saving in the state:CellGame State (Which involves starting the Cell Stage directly from the desktop via shortcut) will create an additional starting star if it saves correctly, resulting in seven choices instead of six. This can be repeatedly abused to increase the number of options to start a new game. The game will crash if you decide to continue where you left off in the cell games you save this way from the Galaxy, or advancing into the Creature Stage in a single run.

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