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Magnos fighting some hover-bots on Scaldron.


Some concept art from the Scaldron enemy spotlight video.

Scaldron is the Ancient homeworld of the Crogenitors. It was later conquered by the Darkspore.

Lore Edit

For centuries before the fall of Crogenitor civilization, Scaldron was called Perceptum, the capital Crogenitor planet of cultural and scientific knowledge. Because life never evolved on Perceptum, the Crogenitors built an ecosystem there from the cellular level up, transforming its atmosphere, water systems and soils to support all the genetic types they transplanted there.

Perceptum shone for eons as a beacon of all that the Crogenitors could accomplish: transforming life forms and entire worlds. And in the end, Perceptum became a symbol of another type of Crogenitor accomplishment, when the Corruptor brought his war to its inescapable climax there.

When the Darkspore blasted Perceptum's surface into ashes from orbit, Crogenitor escape ships fled, preserving their civilization's records inside their interlinked HELIX AI. HELIX also protected the cryo-sleeping Crogenitors onboard, preserving them for the day they might seek victory.

Now Scaldron is the central world of the Corruptor's galactic horde, a nightmarish desert planet swarming with every Darkspore genetic type.

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