Scrolls of Harmony are a set of rares that can be found throughout the Spore galaxy. Like all other sets of rares and artifacts, they are randomly scattered, meaning that there is generally no way of knowing or predicting where they will end up in any specific game.

The Scrolls of Harmony are followed by Shamans across the galaxy and as such they will pay double the price listed. The combined value of the Scrolls of Harmony is $450,000. However, if you have all of them in your cargo hold at the same time, the set will sell for $4,500,000 instead.

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 1Edit

Scroll of harmony vol1

Volume 1.

Scroll of harmony vol1 icon

Collector's Icon.

Science is all well and good, but all it does is tell us about the universe. It tells us how this atom bounces off of that atom, and how to measure this effect or that, and how heat moves around.

- Scroll of Harmony Vol. 1

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 2Edit

Science doesn't tell you any of the things you really want to know, like what the point of your whole existence might be, or whether some part of you will survive after death, or the meaning of good and evil. Science doesn't provide meaning.

- Scroll of Harmony Vol. 2

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 3Edit

Scroll of harmony vol3

Volume 3.

Scroll of harmony vol3 icon

Collector's Icon.

Science tells us about the universe, but it doesn't tell us how to transcend the universe.

- Scroll of Harmony Vol. 3
  • Note: Although the icon is pink, the in-game scroll has green trim.

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 4Edit

You can only answer the real question through spiritual exercise.

- Scroll of Harmony Vol. 4

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 5Edit

Because each individual is different, there is no one way that will work for all.

- Scroll of Harmony Vol. 5

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 6Edit

Scroll of harmony vol6

Volume 6.

Scroll of harmony vol6 icon

Collector's Icon.

There is one mountain, but many paths.

- Scroll of Harmony Vol. 6

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 7Edit

You may choose any Way that you desire, but make certain that you choose a Way.

- Scroll of Harmony Vol. 7

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 8Edit

Scrolls of harmony vol8

Volume 8.

Scrolls of harmony vol8 ico

Collector's Icon.

The Grox are a soulless race of killing machines. They oppose the Life Force in every way! They are incapable of enlightenment or transcendence.

- Scroll of Harmony Vol. 8

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 9Edit

It is not known who or what created the Grox, or why.

- Scroll of Harmony Vol. 9

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 10Edit

Scrolls of harmony vol10

Volume 10.

Scrolls of harmony vol10 ic

Collector's Icon.

Some of our peers say that all answers are to be found at the center of the galaxy, but the Grox will not permit anyone to approach.

- Scroll of Harmony Vol. 10

Value: $45,000

Other Rares

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