Cell Large Seaweed

The food of herbivorous cells.

Seaweed is a type of food in Spore, encountered in Cell Stage, and Tribal Stage, it grows in the oceans of habitable planets.

Stages Edit

Cell Stage Edit

In cell stage, seaweed can be encountered in level 4 of cell stage where it attached on bigger seaweed, preceded by algae, it is only consumed by herbivorous, and omnivorous cells.

Tribal Stage Edit

In the Tribal stage, it can be gathered only by herbivorous on the fishing spot, rather than fish.

Other stages Edit

It does not appear in the Creature Stage, Civilization, nor Space stages, it can appear when herbivore tribes are seen fishing. It does not feature at all in Spore Galactic Adventures, even as an object that can be placed in adventures, although the expansion pack does introduce new plants that resemble aquatic species (albeit mainly coral and sponges).

Cancelled stages Edit

Seaweed would not have appeared in the Molecular Stage before the Cell Stage, but it would appear in the Aquatic Stage and possibly in the City Stage as a source of food.

Tips Edit

  • Seaweed can be a good, plentiful source of food for herbivores and omnivores in Cell Stage, but other herbivores may hang around it; these can both deprive the player of access to seaweed by consuming it first, and also attract predators.

Bugs Edit

  • It can also appear in the player's city on a platter.

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