Darkspore CyberRavager

Official concept art of Seraph-XS.

Seraph-XS: The Infiltrator (commonly just called "Seraph") is a Cyber Ravager from the game Darkspore. She was originally a Combot, one of the drones used to fight the Darkspore on Infinity, until Suzu reprogrammed her to have free will and a personality.

Darkspore Seraph-XS

Seraph-X5 in a Squad Deck.

Revelation Edit

Seraph-XS was one of the first Darkspore living weapons ever revealed through a concept art picture depicting her standing aside various other heroes. She was breifly hinted at by Maxis developers on the forums, but she wasn't revealed officially, and was eventually discovered by people who played the BETA Program.

Lore Edit

During the violent hyper-industrialization that signaled the end of their civilization, the denizens of Infinity split into armed factions. Fighting for the few resources left to them, they fought wars of starvation. Eventually, the only factions to survive were those whose soldiers needed the least food and drink to survive: the cyborgs.

Seraph-XS combots provided the Randayn faction the deadly might they needed to protect their supplies from outsiders until they eventually turned on themselves. And the last Seraph-XS standing was Seraph-XS 919.

Taking pity on Seraph, Crogenitor Suzu granted her additional capacities. Scrubbing her algorithms clean from “master-control,” Suzu gave Seraph-XS free will. That should have guaranteed Seraph-XS a better life. But the invasion of the Darkspore turned the freedom to pursue life into the freedom to select targets for death. Possessing at that point three centuries of horrific combat experience, Seraph-XS inventively and ruthlessly slaughtered her Darkspore enemies with a combination of deadly mines, attractor bombs and auto-turrets.

Crogenitor Suzu hoped that one day, his “child” might be free of the terror that defined her existence. But Suzu knew that day could not come until the galaxy was free of the Darkspore.

Abilities Edit

Passive - Stealth Module Seraph-XS becomes invisible for 3 seconds every 12 seconds. Attacking or taking damage will break the invisibility.

First Ability - Attractor Bomb Plants a bomb that taunts nearby enemies and then explodes, damaging and stunning in an area.

Second Ability -see below

You are able to activate Seraph at Alpha, Beta, Theta and Gamma form right away at level 20. She shares different abilities from the other cyber heros:

Alpha - Zetawatt Beam

Beta - Proximity Mine

Theta - Charged Strike

Gamma - Omni Shield

Squad Ability - Auto Turret Places a turret that fires at nearby enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • Seraph's right arm is a blaster weapon that bears a resemblance to the portal gun from the game Portal. It could also be related to Samus's arm blaster from the Metroid series.

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