Shops in Spore are not present in the final game. These are where you could buy things, like pottery and parts.

The Shops may have been an early concept or version of the Sporepedia and the trading screen in the modern Spore game.

Tribal ShopEdit


Tribal shop

Despite it being shown at Will Wright's conferences, the shop option for the Tribal stage is not in the final game. You will not be able to purchase objects such as pottery. Only Tribal Buildings, clothes and in a way, babies are bought.

Vehicle ShopEdit

It was chosen that there wouldn't be a vehicle shop menu, as you can only have 9 vehicles (military land, sea, and air; religious land, sea, and air; and economic land, sea and air) that are universal throughout all your cities, but you can choose vehicles made by other players, Maxis or yourself via the Sporepedia, like every other part of the game. Other civilizations will choose different vehicles from the Sporepedia.


Vehicle Shop

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