The Sinkhole is an enemy from Darkspore. It is a Quantum Minion from Scaldron.

Lore Edit

Sinkholes, draped in tentacles and possessing hideous mandibles and antennae, are one of the only aquatic species on Scaldron to have evolved to survive the planet surface's transition to total aridity. Because sinkholes possess quantum-warp abilities, speculation persists that they draw water interdimensionally, keeping their bodies thoroughly hydrated at all times despite their surroundings. Whatever the case, sinkholes attack their enemies ruthlessly by manifesting lethal gravity wells, which also partially shield them from injury.

Abilities Edit

  • Periodically surrounds itself with a gravity well
  • Periodically summons a gravity well that pulls in nearby heroes and projectiles.
  • Takes reduced damage when channeling the gravity well ability.