Six-Eyed Bob is a creature Maxis-made creature, present in the final game.

As the name suggests, they have six stalk eyes, 3 on each side of its face. They are omnivorous, and they don't have much problems getting food, nor are they having problems with their survival. They are great fighters, having all 4 abilities when it comes to combat. However, when in a fight, they mostly rely on their really strong ability to daze their opponents for a very long time. During the daze, they usually spit a strong poison to weaken their foes even more. After this, however, all they can really do once they have to deal with melee combat, is bite very weakly and strike them with their cheeks, which does a little more effect than their bite.

Six-Eyed Bobs aren't very social. They are very impressive when they perform songs. This is mainly because their feet are more likely used for combat purposes, and they lack hands and many details on them.

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