Skar:The Shadow of Death, Necro Ravager from Nocturna.

Darkspore Scarr PGN HD

Skar in a squad deck.

Darkspore RedScarr

Skar with red/orange paint.

Skar, the Shadow of Death is a Necro Ravager from Darkspore.

Revelation Edit

Skar was first seen as one of the 6 unknown heroes from the PvP diary videos. His name was revealed in Zrin's hero profile video. In the video, he appeared with a red/orange paint skin, which further demonstrates the flexibility of hero paint skins in Darkspore.

Lore Edit

Until the devastation wrought by the Darkspore, no force was more feared on Nocturna than the Nocturni Legion, largely due to creatures such as Skar. And such fear was the result of genetic manipulation by the horrific Crogenitor Ingto, who loved nothing more than inspiring terror in his subjects, and sometimes in their prey.

Amplifying Skar’s naturally-occurring necrotic powers, Ingto gave Skar the ability to storm through waves of enemies with blitzkrieg intensity. Skar smashed foes with dual strikes and shadow stings, and in rare moments of vulnerability, he retreated behind a cloak of invisibility. Even greater than his powers was his acumen which enabled Skar to take advantage of any opportunity or weakness.

Only the Darkspore’s conquest of his species prevented Skar from attaining ultimate power on Nocturna. With the power of death in his tendrils, Skar aimed to stop at nothing until the Darkspore was eradicated and he could reclaim Nocturna for himself.

Abilities Edit

Dual Strike (Basic ability)

Attacks once with each hand in quick succession, dealing 3-6 physical damage twice

Shadow Sting

A devastating melee attack that deals 19-29 physical damage and exposes a key weakness. For the next 6 seconds, physical attacks on that same target will deal increased damage equal to 50% of the damage this attack dealt.

Shadow Cloak (Squad ability)

Skar becomes invisible for 6 seconds. Attacking enemies and getting attacked by enemies while using this ability will cancel the ability. For the first second Shadow Cloak is activated, Skar is immune to all forms of attack. Attacking an enemy while cloaked will grant Skar an automatic critical srike.

Life Siphon (Alpha variant)

Health drain that lasts for 6 second and steals 95 life from target. While using this ability, the user is shielded and takes 50% less damage.

Trivia Edit

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