Skratcher is the creepy mascot of Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack. There are two official images of Skratcher: one showing it in test drive mode in the Creature Editor and the other in paint mode. Skratcher is also one of the stars of the Creepy & Cute Trailer, where it shows some of the new animations of the parts pack, and also appears in Creature Stage. Besides being made almost entirely (the horns on its tail are core Spore parts) of Creepy parts, Skratcher is always scared of Skoog, the Cute mascot. This is obviously a joke based on the game's parts. Skratcher is reptilian in appearance, having big black claws, jaws similar to a crocodile's and a long forked tongue.

Skratcher has the Macobbjaw mouth, the Wareye eye, the Deathclaw hand, the Talon Paw foot, the Keratinhorn weapon, and the Deathspikes and Whiskertickler details, which means it has Level 3 Sneak, Level 5 Bite, Level 2 Charge, Level 3 Strike, Level 2 Sing and Level 2 Charm.


  • Despite its name, Skratcher has an average Strike level.
  • Skratcher appears to have two versions. Another version is in the Creepy and Cute trailer which has a green, frankenstein-like paintjob.
  • In the trailer, Skratcher's name is Talba.
  • Skratcher appears to be based on many Daikaiju monsters like Godzilla and Gamera.
  • Although the image of Skratcher in the test drive mode states that its limbs are exolimbs, they are simply normal legs with the "shellshard" detail armour pieces on them.

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