A Skuther is a genetic experiment created by Gar' skuther and is the most powerful creature in the game save him. There are only 2 Skuthers seen in the whole gameplay. However, it is hinted by Gar' skuther that there were many more before their master's destruction, scattered around the galaxy.

Part in the story Edit

Before fighting Gar' skuther, Oogie must battle a Skuther. When the player defeats it, Gar' skuther reveals to Oogie that he spawned Skuthers everywhere in the galaxy. When Gar' skuther is defeated, all Skuther creatures disappear and the Spore Galaxy is saved.

Trivia Edit

  • Some attributes are better on the Skuther than on Gar' skuther.
  • After completing the game, go back to the first level with water-walking legs or the "Ignore poison terrain" Cheat and go into the large sea until you find a small island. There, you can find wild Oogies, a pollinated creature and a lone Skuther. The player can dance or cuddle with it to gain Skuther parts and add it to his pack, and Skuther parts can be obtained normally on planet Zencrie, the final level of the game. Though the Skuther is not present when you travel to the next region, befriending this Skuther also gives you a Planet Token. The player must be careful as the Skuther will attack you if you have a Striklet or a Taptup creature in your pack.
  • Skuthers somewhat resemble Gar' skuther, both having 3 tentacle legs, a single large eye and arms with elbows that bend up. It is possible they were made in his image.
  • When you befriend the Hidden Skuther, you can befriend Gar' skuther's Skuther, although the dance is very difficult and near impossible to complete, and it must be killed before you can continue. Oddly, it is not in the mission log.
  • Oddly, Skuthers grow in size when they are damaged, starting off small and becoming larger as they take more damage.
  • The Skuther animates and look similar to other members of its family (or just similar creatures), the Glob-Lod and the Scroppe.
  • They also bear appearance to the creatures in the movie, "Monsters."