A Spoffit sneaking

In the Creature Stage and Spore Galactic Adventures, the player's creature may be able to use an ability called Sneak. This ability is available once a creature part with the sneak ability is attached to the player's creature. Sneak allows the players' creatures to stealthily walk by other creatures undetected to a certain extent. Different creature parts give different levels of sneak ability. For example, the Pool Party Foul and the Grasstachio give level 1 Sneak, but Starfoot and Sassysquatch gives you level 5 Sneak. Higher levels of Sneak allow the player to get closer without being spotted.

In Galactic Adventures however, sneaking is far more powerful, with even level 1 Sneak rendering creatures undetectable unless attacked or if the player uses an attack, similar to Cloaking Device. (There is one exception: creatures with AI set to 'follow the player' are still able to do so even if the player is sneaking.) For creatures that lack the sneak ability, players may add the Stealth Helmet which gives the ability to generate a stealth field around their captain at a high energy cost.

Sneak turns your creature invisible for some time, allowing you to sneak past enemies you don't want to fight. It also stuns an enemy if an attack is used on it while sneaking, although it will reveal your creature. Sneaking will add a bonus to the player's attack.

Although sneak seems like it would be the perfect escape ability, it is not foolproof. Attempting to sneak away while surrounded by enemies will usually cause sneak to break almost instantly, because you're likely to be hit by an attack that's still winding up or to be close enough to be spotted. The attackers may be thrown off guard for about a second, but they will quickly resume attacking. However, if the player is far enough away from the fight, sneak will work normally, which makes sprint particularly useful for escaping fights when used in conjunction with sneak.

Parts that grant you Sneak
Grasstachio Coverleaf Branch Deco Florsage
Palmwalker Underhanded Hombrenid Sassyquatch
Pool-Party Foul Marshcara
Creature Stage abilities

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