TaskFinish the Cell stage in under 8 minutes

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Don't try to get other achievements.
  • Play on easy.
  • Don't mate often.
  • If you do mate, the escape key is your friend. Skip those pesky cut scenes, and edit as quickly as possible. Color does not matter.
  • Do not try to get cell parts.
  • If you are a Carnivore, do not try to attack cells that are bigger than you.
  • As a Herbivore, do not fight back. Just run.
  • It is good to start as an herbivore with two rows of eyes, so you can get 5 easy DNA points if you mate.
  • Once you have 25 points, add an omnivore mouth so that you can eat plants and kill cells. However, the omnivore mouth doesn't allow you to eat meat chunks, as it has to be won from another cell.
  • Try to have as many Flagella/Cilia/Jets as possible.
  • If you happen to get Cilia, they are somewhat better than Flagella. Consider using them and one flagella.
  • If you happen to get Jets, use those, with one pair of Cilia for steering, but get rid of the flagella. Jet is much better than flagella.
  • Placing herbivore mouths slightly off center gives you two mouths which make it easier to gobble plant buds while moving quickly and without having to face them, increasing the speed of feeding.
  • If you're a Carnivore, you can eat herd of cells like Grubby and Shyster. Maa is a good choice to eat since it lays eggs.
  • Focus on speed, as speed is better than offense. A Herbivore can munch all those plant buds quickly with enough Speed. Carnivores and Omnivores can chase fast cells to quickly advance.
  • The achievement isn't earned until the evolution button is pressed at the end of the stage, so press it quickly.

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