Some planets in the galaxy do not produce spice. One is located in your home system, where you had to investigate a crashed spaceship. The second is in the system you had to investigate after that.

Some systems colonized by the Grox have planets that do not produce Spice. They are located in the Green Belts.


  • If another Empire colonizes the planet, it will produce a random color of Spice. You can buy or conquer the planet to gain access to the "ghost spice".
  • Sometimes, one of these planets will produce multiple types of Spice.
    • If they do, it is most likely the spice of any nearby moon, sugesting that Colonies send spaceships to collect spice from the moon.
  • The spiceless planet in one's homes system is ideal for starting a zoo, due to it's proximity to a visible area and the fact that no spice is wasted.
  • Occasionally, the spiceless planet in your home system will HAVE spice, but will not have the crashed spaceship. This is due to a glitch, and it is impossible to progress further in the game if this occurs.

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