A Spike is a part available in the Cell Creator, which is used to inflict damage. It has a damage rating of 1, which comes into use later in the Creature Stage if kept (it belongs in the Charge category).

Spikes are used for attacking, or defense (useful for herbivores, without a mouth to protect them). If a spike comes into contact with another spike, the attack is blocked, and a faint "clang" sound will be heard. However, a spike in the mouth will inflict damage, without any danger to the cell so long as they attack is carried out properly. A useful tactic is to place a spike on the end of a cell, and attempt to escape from a larger cell.
Spiked Shyster

A carnivore with spikes.

A spike costs 10 DNA points. As with all parts, resizing is free, and so one tactic is to either enlarge the spikes, allowing the cell to keep attackers further away, or to shrink them so that more may be fitted on.

Pokey, Spiked Shyster, Stabber, Stabbella, Jawhead, Squiggly, Needle Buzzy, Puffish and Megamouth can be killed to drop the spike part. You will probably already have the spike by the time you kill a Megamouth.

Trivia Edit

  • A spike can be placed inside a mouth, but is incredibly hard to do so, one such example of this is seen in Spiked Shyster and Needle Buzzy.
  • The best places to put a spike on are the front and back.

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