Splodey is the unofficial name for the giant invertebrates and the top predator of Tamaran, however it is seen in released concept art, where it is clearly labeled "Tick". This creature possses a sturdy, dark colored exoskeleton with blunt knobs on it's back, a radial mouth, a set of five eyes and long claws for catching prey. Splodeys seem to be poorly adapted to prey on fast creatures such as the Willosaur, which escaped with normal speed from a hungry Splodey in the GDC 2005 presentation, so they probably prefered to feed on Tamaranian Hoppers.

Later it is revealed that, despite their role and size, Splodeys were very common in Tamaran; a Willosaur UFO found a huge pack of Splodeys being chased by an enemy tank, and even abducted one member of the pack. On Frore, a barren world of the same system, the abducted Splodey was dropped as an experiment to see the effects of the absence of atmosphere on a living being. The Splodey instantly exploded in a mist of pinkish blood and various limbs fell back to the ground due to very explosive decompression. That was the last time in which a Splodey was seen, and even in Spore's trailer no such creature appeared, however they have a resemblance to Insectrox, a ground unit used by the Grox while conquering planets.

The Splodey was an apex predator of Tamaran, and before the Willosaur evolved into a land creature, they most likely targeted tamaranian hopper, a variety of fish, or an unknown species on Tamaran.

Its nickname is presumed to be a cross between 'Spider', what the creature resembles, and 'Explode', what the creature did.

Splodey's feet bear a resemblance to the Scarmaker feet, only without the spikes.

ScheurerConceptcreatures 4

Concept art of the Tick

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