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Cheats may be activated at any time within Spore to gain an advantage or may be used to make gameplay more interesting. To activate the spore cheat console, simply press Ctrl-Shift-C. This will allow you to enter one of the cheat commands below. Activating certain cheat codes to gain an advantage will give you the Joker Badge. If you use the same cheat 50 times you get the Pathological Cheater Achievement.

Certain cheats disable the ability to attain any further achievements once the Joker Badge has been earned. This may spoil further enjoyment of Spore. To prevent the disabling of achievements, don't save the game after using cheats.




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Featured fiction: Stellar Union


Peace wihout corruption

- The Stellar Union's Motto

The Stellar Union is an interspecies federal parliamentary republic located in the Carina-Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. As a small empire, the Stellar Union lacks colonies in any other major galaxy, but it does retain a large amount of power in star systems close by. Famed by its citizens as a place where dreams can come true, the Stellar Union is a good three thousand light-years away from another major civilization.

Created by TheDinoHunter

Featured captain: Alexandre I

Emperor Alexandre I

Alexandre I (born 2714), referred to formally as Alexandre I, by the Will of the People and the Grace of the Nation, Emperor of the French, President of France, Emperor-Consort of the Hal'Sk, Protector of the Milky Way, Highlord of Andromeda, Grand Marshal of the Empire, and Grand Master of the Legion of Honor, is a French human soldier, politician, former Prime Minister, and the head of state of the French Empire.

Created by Charles Murray

Featured story: Settlin Da Score

Da Rogue Boyz

Settlin Da Score is the name given to the attack led by the Loron of Da Rogue Boyz on the Unified Nation of Ottzello. As Fre'kloar leads his Loron to defeat Zr'Ahgloth, the stories of each of the leaders on both sides take place.

Created by Technobliterator

Featured creature: Miluiel


The Miluiel are an enigmatic and elusive race of Capricyránae native of the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Artificial entities of great power created by the Oikoumene millions of years before the rise of modern galactic civilization, their primary function is the protection of the rest of the Capricyránae kind against the threat of extinction and to serve as vanguards of their creators. With the disappearance of the Oikoumene, the Miluiel currently await the return of their true master, with neither Tyrómairon nor the Primercer proving themselves to be the one they are waiting for.

Mysterious, graceful and powerful, the Miluiel are well known for their powers, with even inexperienced members of their race being able to manipulate the unknown energies which permeate the galaxy, often doing it in order to manipulate the elements of nature. While welcoming and friendly, the Miluiel are in fact hardwared into servitude of the Oikoumene, which makes them verge on lacking emotions. None but the highest ranking members of the Galactic Empire know of the truth behind the Miluiel, and the race itself is unwilling to share their secrets with other species, even those they were created to protect - doing so would spoil their purpose entirely.

Created by Cyrannian and OluapPlayer


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