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The Aquatic Stage was a stage that was originally going to be included in Spore, but did not make it to the final game. During the SXSW 2007 demo, Will Wright said that the underwater phase was on the verge of being cut out. He also said that, if cut, the aquatic stage would be one of the first things to add via an expansion pack, though ultimately no such expansion was released. There is a known glitch that caused the game to switch the values of land and water, resulting in the player's creature being unable to go ashore without being eaten by the Sea Monster. However, this is not a true "Aquatic Stage", and the glitch seems to have been fixed in one of the newer patches.




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Featured fiction: Polar Crystal Alliance

Polar Insignia

United, we stand!

- King Telarian

The Polar Crystal Alliance is an alliance of several major empires across the Borealis Galaxy, originally created as the galaxy's main force against the Wranploer Legion during the First Borealis Galactic War. The alliance was recently recreated as an attempt to create an united galactic government in the galaxy.

Created by OluapPlayer

Featured captain: Voro Acetenus


No other figure emulates our race to such a fine degree as Voro Acetenus. He is a destroyer, a rebuilder, a heretic and a savior. It was he who led our people from darkness to light and it shall be him who does so again. He is the champion of our people and a foe that the Primercer shall soon learn to fear.

- Shiplord Thaur Vicliquam, rallying rebel Cognatus of the Harbinger of Truth, 05 NE.

Voro Acetenus is a male Cogsangui who rose to prominence as a ruthless fleetlord in the service of the First Cognatus Empire during the Intergalactic War and his role as the leader of the Cognatus Remnant during the Great Cyrannus War, during which he built a strong, pragmatic relationship with the Cyrandia Alliance. In the aftermath of the war and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, his progressive style of leadership inspired a group of rebel Cogsangui to launch a coup against him, ultimately casting down the Remnant and replacing it with a strong and militaristic empire.

Created by Cyrannian

Featured story: Right Behind You


Right Behind You features a story based around Claire Rambo, a Rambo Nation operative agent. Given new orders to leave Aecor, at orders from vice-admiral Ramcard after he joined forces with the DCP, the Empire and the Imperium to destroy a Congregation presence and attacks by a lone cruiser who appeard through an anomaly. Succeeding in destroyer the evil cruiser, Ramcard wished for Rambo operatives to gain intelligence and explore uncharted regions without the use of Rambo space ships, as they would draw too much attention in lawless regions.

Created by Dinoman82

Featured creature: Oronusian Elatti

Oronusian 1

The Oronusian Elatti are a tall, carnivorous reptilian species originating from the planet Oronus. They have a scaly red skin that can be as much as 5cm (2in) thick. Standing on average at 2.2m (7ft 2in) for males and 2.05m (6ft 7in) for females. Males are generally more bulky, with thicker plates on their chests and are more muscular in appearance, like many species the males' colourings are also brighter and more vivid than those of the females, to aid in their courtship displays. Both sexes have powerful claws on their hands and feet, although the foreclaws on the arms are usually larger in males. Oronusians can run at speeds of over 50 kph (31 mph) and are also proficient at jumping, peaking at about 3 times their height. The Oronusians are a poikilothermic (cold-blooded) race, and thrive in the perpetually warm, dense atmosphere of their home planet.

Created by ViceMan


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