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The Sea Monster is an aquatic, legless epic creature that always lives on the player's homeworld. It is very similar to Battered Feesh, but doesn't have any weapons and has a strange tail. It appears in the Creature Stage and the Tribal Stage.




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Featured fiction: Mendel Pact

Ugandal Flag

There is no victory without unity. There is no Empire without Duty, and there is no survival without a grand destiny to lead us. Only together, can we conquer the darkness of the stars. Let the Pact rise once more, my brothers.

- Barda Clett

The Mendel Pact is the unification of the 7 Ugandalorian sub-species, the Ugandals themselves, the powerful Kodalorians, the conservative Walgolorians, the mysterious Keskorta, the robotic Iscablos Mendel, the biomechanical Glatoros, and the nomadic Fermenrik. Despite being highly emotional, and, at times, appearing highly territorial, the Pact welcomes outsiders and new ideals, and have the policy taking something new and rolling with it, both in an attempt to better understand their allies, and better understand the universe, as well as becoming one with one of their gods, Horangiir, the God of ruin who demands constant change from his subjects.

Created by Zillafire101

Featured captain: Lupercal

UNO Lupercal

Faith, justice, freedom: these things we usually see as abstract concepts, without grounding in reality. Some dismiss them altogether. But me? I have seen them in flesh. I have lived them. I have become them.

- Lupercal

Luphercæl Qavassar, usually referred to as Lupercal and known by his codename The Talon, is a former Dei'Ar Theocracy captain, veteran of the Second War of Black Fog and now unofficial leader of Radeon diaspora of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, whom he serves as one of its Commandos. A deadly warrior as well as stalwart leader, although young, Lupercal has led his people throughout trials without end, leading them to victory every time, and his prowess in war is known in the Ottzello Sector and beyond. However, when not commanding and not on the field of battle, Lupercal is often quiet and even seclusive, avoiding personal contact for reasons known only to himself.

Created by TheImperios

Featured story: Civilisation Fell

Civilisation Fell




Created by Ghelae

Featured creature: Nomatarian


The Nomatarians (Singular: Nomatarian - Possessive: Nomatari or Nomatarid Classification: Roodarené Solvarie) is a name given to a sentient space-faring species originating from Solvalis in Dquartali Galaxy. Being host species for the Nomatari Sovereignty, they are wide-spread across the Gigaquadrants, specifically the Milky Way, Andromeda Galaxy and Cyrannus Galaxy.

Created by Dromlexer


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