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It is widely believed that the Grox are guarding some form of treasure at the center of the galaxy. There is no evidence for this, but we cannot discount the possibility.

- Scroll of Order X

The Galactic Core is located at the exact centre of the galaxy, surrounded by the Grox Empire, which occupies some 2,400 star systems in the galaxy's interior. A super-massive black hole, the Galactic Core produces intense radiation powered by the tremendous amount of surrounding material, as much as one thousand solar masses a year, that it consumes. As one approaches the Core, the travel range of the player's spaceship continually reduces, complicating the already perilous journey to the secrets within.




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Featured fiction: True Republic


Adelheidis is a more powerful leader than you'll ever be. I intend to support her bid, and with her at the helm, the Empire will know defeat.

- Praesator Waron Paratius, during a meeting with President Apollo

The True Republic is a rebel movement formed in 16 NE, in opposition to President Apollo's leadership over the New Cyrannian Republic in the wake of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm and the beginning of the Second Great Cyrannus War. Led by Praesator Adelheidis, the True Republic seeks to topple the government on Capricaerón and instate a new regime to fight the Empire, arguing that Apollo seized control over the New Republic illegally.

Created by Cyrannian

Featured captain: Timonax

Timonax of Epirote

Timonax, sometimes referred to as Timonax the Macedonian, is an ancient Macedonian soldier who served under Human monarch and conqueror Alexander the Great several millenia ago on Earth. Timonax was abducted by observers from the Draconid Imperium however, who would later flee Earth and abandon the craft in interstellar space in the Milky Way Galaxy for mysterious reasons. Timonax would later be recovered by Imperial Drodo Mounted Police patrolmen, and be thrust into a strange, new world totally foreign to what he knew.

Created by DrodoEmpire

Featured story: Helxen-Finn's Guide to Beasts and Monsters

Koldenwelt Hydra

Helxen-Finn's Guide to Beasts and Monsters, also known as Helxen-Finn's Bestiary, is a compendium authored by famed Klaxxa hunter Helxen-Finn retelling his encounters with a number of well-known creatures during his travels across Koldenwelt. Written in 12 NA, it has since become well known across the world, serving as a survival guide for adventurers and travelers.

Created by OluapPlayer

Featured creature: Imperion

Imperion Minister

Imperions, also known as the free people of the Quadrants, are the species of amphibian creatures hailing from the Quadrant 21. They are among the most important species in The Divinarium

Created by TheImperios


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