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Featured Article

We have devoted ourselves to spreading life throughout the galaxy. Every new world that we seed with life becomes not only a home for our species, but a repository of nature that can assure the survival of life even if other worlds are destroyed.

- Stones of Life, Volume 3

The Staff of Life (formerly known as the "Genesis Device") is an item given to the player upon reaching the Galactic Core and speaking to Steve. Upon using the staff on a planet, it is quickly terraformed to T-Score 3, with fully completed ecosystems. These ecosystems will be assigned random animals and plants that exist in the game, so it is quite useful if you need a larger variety of species. It can also completely stop an eco-disaster dead in its tracks with a single shot. As such, the device is useful for a variety of reasons, including making alliances with other empires, with the noted exception of the Grox. This adds a +100 modifier for "helping our "planet", therefore contributing to achieving the Diplomat badge.




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Featured Fiction

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Featured fiction: Motive


Motive is the most thoroughly joyless society I have ever had the dubious pleasure of studying.

- Oraxes Merl, Necrox Commonwealth (Biotic Catalogue)

Motive projects the image of being a philanthropic industrial enterprise, dedicated to improving the quality of life within Andromeda by transforming its raw materials into useful goods. In truth, Motive is a brutal cult of industry. Operating like one gigantic machine, controlled by the enigmatic Monitors, served by shuffling crowds of Crewmen, Motive seeks to propagate itself endlessly across the galaxy according to the guiding principle of Progress.

Created by The Collective Mind

Featured captain: Khara Greenforge


I've heard of this orc-woman - and I've seen her, in fact, during some of my missions in the Duskwoods. Though born of unclean birth, none can deny the pure flame which burns inside her heart. The passion which drives her to perfect herself, inspires her to heroic deed and self-sacrifice. And she is beautiful, because of this bravery. If a woman such as her served our cause - oh, only Pheonas would know what our order could accomplish.

- Javina Desertsun

Khara Greenforge, otherwise known as Khara Karrhigdoth, is a half-orc native to the Imperial Duskwoods. A strong and brazen young woman - bold, straightforward, confident, but also friendly - this wandering adventurer seeks to prove her strength, while revelling in the thrill of combat along the way. Her lifelong dream is to follow in the footsteps of heroes such as the Dawn Wardens, the Goldhawks, and the Warriors of Dar-Nahalant, and to discover her missing father. With her ancestral greatsword and black armour, Khara fights her foes using both wits and brute strength; she despises cowardice and oppression, and never refuses a challenge (though she is wise enough to know when to retreat).

Created by Lucario of the Gods

Featured story: War of the Ancient Three

Hollow Incident Battle

Borealis will forever be a galaxy of warfare and death. It is a fate assigned to it before any of today's races were born. It is fate... and fate cannot be changed. It can only be hastened, so that we may be done with it and make the suffering short.

- Aentaeus

The War of the Ancient Three, sometimes given the name of Third Borealis Galactic War or Third Great War, was a large-scaled military conflict in the Borealis Galaxy. With ambitions of power and conquest, the rulers of the Rovegar Matriarchy would manipulate the Polar Crystal Alliance into fighting the alien force known as the Ganthorea in their name, while they sought for sources of great power behind their backs; all while the Rovegar people grew increasingly discontent with their leading elite. At the same time, the demonic Kondrakar Dominion would use the opportunity to strike at their enemies and impose their once-lost superiority over them, reigniting a conflict which had once ensued 1,200,000 years in the past.

Created by OluapPlayer

Featured creature: Eriaroon


We stare at those creatures of the Great Beyond. Those beings whose existence rose based on light from the furious blaze at the top of the world. [...] The creatures who claim vast empires, yet whose brains are stunted from birth, their potential limited so that they may suffer ever more. We are Eriaroon, and we wonder, how could such beings come to be. What sin they must have committed in their lives to be tortured so.

- Erialgos Rezalam Shurotoga Shumtuncha-Zelim, Diviner of the Great Beyond

The Eriaroons are a carbon-based race of intelligent aquatic cephalopods. Unlike most species with access to spacefaring technology, the Eriaroons are entirely aquatic and use gills rather than lungs. The species originates from the world of Uroncayde, an icy moon in orbit around the frozen gas giant known as Pailexa. Rather than the light of a star, life on this was instead provided with energy via hydrothermal vents. Eriaroons are notable for using a mixed chlorocruorin and hemocyanin blood system, making their blood appear aqua in color. Their skin possesses small areas which contain bioluminescent material. Rather than bilateral symmetry, Eriaroons have a radial symmetry in four directions. These features make the Eriaroons an exotic spacefaring race. Eriaroons have large and powerful brains, but the growth of their nervous system is not regulated. This causes them to mature rapidly but die at a rather young age.

Created by Methanogen


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