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Spore Origins (aka: Spore Mobile) is the mobile phone, N-Gage mobile gaming service and a iPod spin-off of Spore, and focuses on a single stage of the larger game's gameplay—the Cell stage. The iPhone version takes advantage of the device's touch capabilities and a 3-axis accelerometer.




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Featured fiction: Church of Spode

Church Sigil

Our faith wanted us to be one, but we have failed to live up to those expectations.

- Clericarch Telfar shortly before his untimely demise

The Church of Spode is the name most commonly used to refer to the massive, multicultural theocratic empire founded by the Radeons circa 100,000 years ago (other common names include the (Old) Holy Empire, the Vendespodian Church, and the Old Church). Based on the principles of the Path of Masaari, the most important of which postulated that divinity is to be found in reduction of entropy and chaos in the universe, the Church was at its prime one of the largest civilisations in the Gigaquadrant, with adherents in all major galaxies known at the time. However, the metropole of the Church was located not in one of these galaxies but rather in the voids between them, where the Radeon species and the Path of Masaari originated - a fact that the Clericarchs had long used to control intergalactic trade and grow rich from tariffs and duties.

Created by TheImperios

Featured captain: Nexarón Valkistair


Let us not doubt the future of our democracy. The people of the Republic shall not fail, we shall never give into darkness. We, as a Republic, know the truth that democratic government shall always triumph over oppression, that we as a civilisation are bestowed with the innate capacity to protect all of our people against threats once considered insurmountable, to solve problems once considered unsolvable, to defend those once considered beyond our reach.

- Nexarón Valkistair during his inaugural address

Nexarón Valkistair is a male Trucinex who serves as the second and current President of the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus. The first Trucinex to hold such a high office in galactic governance, the election of Valkistair is considered by historians to mark the final reconciliation between the Trucinex and the races of the galactic interior since the end of the Trucinex War. Valkistair has consistently been regarded as one of the popular politicians in recent Cyrannian history, though is often criticised for his incendiary remarks about the Empire by more moderate factions of the Republic Senate. In the midst of the Cyrannian Cold War, he is nevertheless seen as a resolute and defining figure of the times, uncompromising in his efforts to rid the galaxy of what he considers to be the greatest tyranny in history and place the New Republic as the undisputed galactic government of Cyrannus.

Created by Cyrannian

Featured story: Cyrannian Cold War/Part III: Battle of Light and Dark

Battle of Light and Dark

Du'utahrovin roared, the sound filling the temple. Snapping his head to Venatorius, who was about to leap onto his back with his blade in hand, Master Du'utahrovin spat more flame, bathing the Phaedric Lord in flame, before smacking him away with a lash of his tail. By the time he impacted against the floor, his robes had completely burned off, leaving him in his mechanical suit, though one charred like ash. Venatorius managed to rise to his feet and rushed over to Meketanor. "We... must go. But this is not over." He specifically glanced over to Aoirtae, who lay huddled in the corner, before turning to the advancing dragon. "Come, Meketanor. We are outmatched." Before they left, the Marinox made sure to taunt them at least one more time. "We know where you hide! Your Order will fall to our own!"

Morgandaûr watched all of it in wonder and surprise, he unleashed lightning upon his foes, covering the escape of Meketanor and Venatorius. "Well, well, who might we have here? Defender of the Light?"

The great dragon roared again and flapped his wings, launching himself into the air. "You will not consume this world, Sorcerer. You will be purged by star flame!"

Created by Dinoman82, OluapPlayer and Cyrannian

Featured creature: Ugandalorian

Ugandal Armored.

They've hidden away from the prying eyes of the South for many thousands of years. An untouched culture, with an ancient religion.

- Unknown

We may have separated ourselves from the violence and depravity of our past long ago, but make no mistake. Insult me and my clan again, and I will spread your intestines throughout the city. You believe me savage now, wait till my hand has crushed your skull!

- Unknown Ugandalorian Chieftain to a rather dim-witted fool

The Ugandalorians, other names include Aos Sí in Persan religious texts, The First Children, the First Clan, Pictali to their Gardeili allies and Mendel Arvernai, are a group of Knights, Mercenaries, and Warriors, known for their worshipping of a Goddess of Light, Zaraturai, their proud warrior nature, and acceptance of any and all races into their ranks. They are stubborn, honorable, and, unlike most warriors, open-minded towards different ways. They are ruled by a series of rulers named after their supposed savior and almost divine in stature.

Ugandalorians commonly fight for honor and glory for their Clans, prizing bravery, self-determination and skill over just mere strength. Ugandalorians are brave and confident, and are prone to respecting and honoring foes that they find live up to their expectations, though can quickly grow agitated hen one proves arrogant, or insults their Clans and ancestry. Ugandalorians have been known to go to war over insults directed at their ancestors and Clan.

Created by Zillafire101


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