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The Dronox are creatures associated with the Grox in Spore Galactic Adventures. They come in at least two different forms, a weak soldier form and a powerful commander form. They are stated as "The Grox's new weapon of mass destruction".

On October 20, 2009, Maxis released a "sequel" to the Infestation adventure, except that the player is now playing as a Dronox or Conqrix Troop, which changes the side the player is on.




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Featured fiction: Sts-Kehat

Sts-kehat Sign

The Sts-Kehat were a race of secretive and possibly insane Precursors that spread madness and mild irritation across the universe millions of years ago, but for the most part they kept to themselves in their Milky Way territory in the Turr Kyolm Belt. It is not believed they originated in that area, instead arriving from an unknown place at an unknown time.

Their nation, referred to as the Sts-Vushosh, existed mostly in the contempt of their contemporaries, and were viewed by lesser races as bringers of torment and sleepless horror. They were eventually wiped out in what can only be described, inaccurately, as a mass civil war. There were few survivors, which themselves eventually died out or evolved into something else. Their abandoned infrastructure may still be found in the Turr Kyolm Belt, and it is believed that certain deities worshiped by Milky Way civilisations are in fact Sts-Kehat descendants.

Created by Liquid Ink

Featured captain: W'tze

W'tze full

Life is the most valuable thing in the universe, and therefore the most worth fighting for. That fact is self-evident. Thus, I don't need any evidence for protecting life beyond the fact that it simply is worth it.

- W'tze

So why does everyone think I'm so important? I'm just a sholar who seems to have a knack for being in the wrong places at the wrong times a lot.. Y'know, I'm not that good myself, and all alone, truth is I probably won't last long. But, trough it all, I have had my friends to rely on, and I believ that's what makes us all, as a group, so great.

- W'tze

Created by Ecoraptor3339

Featured story: Fall of Talmyr


The west is ripe for the taking. For five thousand years, the Dalmiric people have stood against me. They escaped my grasp the first time. And once I have reclaimed their lives this time, they will never be free from my reign for as long as I breathe.

- Imperator Kalarah

The Fall of Talmyr, otherwise known as the Adravaelic Invasion of Talmyr is a significant event in Koldenweltian history; marking the beginning of a second global war with the Legion of Shiarchon, and the dissolution of the five-millennia old Dalmiric Kingdom under the Shiarchon invasion.

Created by Xho

Featured creature: Kelodhros


Kelodhres (singular Kelodhros) or Dragons are a clade of winged reptilian species native to Koldenwelt. The different names for the genus come from seperate languages. "Kélodhros" is a term in the Primordial Tongue meaning "snake". It has been speculated that the word was originally used as a racial slur by Deiwos tribes against their reptilian neighbours, but if so, it was soon adopted by the Kelodhres themselves as a symbol of pride.

The words "dragon" and "drake" come from "drakô", the name used in a later Kelodhros language and adopted into the Old Tongue of the Elves as "draco".

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