This is the official FAQ page for the Fiction Universe which aims to provide answers to common questions possed by the members of the wiki's community. If you have any questions that haven't been addressed by this page, try talking to the users found on SporeWiki's IRC channel or by using this article's talk-page.

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

How do I join the Fiction Universe?Edit

Joining the Fiction Universe is simple to do, so long as you remember to follow the guidelines essential to the running of the Fiction Universe. Usually, once you send a transmission to a contributor to the Fiction Universe (usually on the talkpage of the empire's page) and have obeyed the guidelines, you are automatically made a member. You may also wish to join a Collaborative Fiction, though you generally need to ask the fiction's administrator before you join.

How do I make Mini-Portraits?Edit

Mini-portraits are small images originally created by TheImperios, they are now common across the Fiction Universe. This information is derived from Imperios' blog so all create goes to him.

What you'll need

Further ReadingEdit

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