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The science fiction collaborative universe of SporeWiki
You have just entered a rich science fiction world. Hope you enjoy!

SporeWiki History is a book about the large fiction universe the users of Sporewiki have created. It shows the entire history of Sporewiki, and anyone can add their creations and events.

Timelines Edit

This following timelines display the history of the fictional universe, created by the users of Sporewiki. Feel free to add your content to it if you want.

Rise and fall of civilizations Edit

A typical medium-sized galaxy can contain up to 10,000 civilizations, more or less at once. Most flicker out quite quickly, or are too different to interact with each other. However, the rise and fall of civilizations, and the events which happened between them (like wars) can be placed here.

Timelessness Edit

Timelessness, my young students, was the era before the Big Bang. The universe was non-existent, its local spacetime hadn't yet been created. However, there was time before the universe, but not as we know it, lying in higher dimensions - the multiverse. We know of the existence of a few entities and civilizations that existed before our universe, but so little is known other than their vast power and understanding, perhaps gods themselves...

- DCP Science teacher.

These gods, transapients and Tier 0 civilizations existed before the universe, either in higher dimensions and the multiverse, or other planes of existence.

  • Realities beginning - The Game of Existence (theory)
  • Unseen Entity - Evolved in timelessness before the universe.
  • Interdimensional Beings - Evolved in timelessness before the universe.
  • Vyro'Ralza (Traffphyds) - Evolved in timelessness before the universe.
  • Omega - Evolved in timelessness before the universe.
  • Transapients - AI gods and dimensional Tier 0 empires - Evolved in timelessness before the universe.
  • Lost Ones - 53.7 billion years old

The Universe Edit

  • Big Bang - 13.7 billion years ago, it is unknown what caused its expansion

First-Born - Some of the first life forms and civilizations to arise in this universe. Any existing are now Tier 1/0

  • Cosmospawn (theory) - An unproven lifeform that perceives a world it can exist and brings in into meaning. 13.7 billion years ago, a spore entered the early universe, and as it evolved, it observed reality and defined its physical laws.
  • First Ones - The "First Ones" also known as "Ancients", "Precursors", "Celestials" and various other names. Many billions of years old.
  • Taxton - 12 billion years ago.
  • Zazane - c. 7 billion years ago.
  • Grox Empire - The Grox's early beginnings started over 6 billion years ago.

Ancients - Last 100 million years - Many of these civilizations are ancient and powerful, or no longer exist.

  • Coordination of Autonomous Beings - A galactic Civilization controlled by the Naucean 150 million years ago in the Milky Way.
  • Cognatus Alliance - 80 million years ago.
  • The Squur'sal Empire - 45 million years ago (Empire fell at 23 million years ago) -The modern Squur'sal are savages, on many worlds they have hives.
  • Shellious Imperium - 2.8 million years ago.
  • Vartekian Empire - 2 million years ago.
  • Gablinus-Avis - 1 million years ago.
  • Draconid Imperium - 252,400 years ago.
  • Kicath Empire - c. 171,000 years ago.

Last 100,000 years

  • Shka'Tun Imperium - 50,000 years ago.
  • Coalition of Bailt - 34,000 years ago.
  • Bastnliues Republic - 25,400 years ago.
  • Yoburt - 12,500 years ago.
  • Kazaru 8000 years ago.
  • Girdo Galaxy Civs - 6600-7000 years ago.
  • Light Sector Alliance - Formed 5700 years ago
  • Loron - 5000 years ago.
  • Confederation of Andromeda - 4000 years ago.
  • Bearians - 3000 years ago.
  • Libertus Civilization - 2000 years ago.
  • Fordan Empire - 2000 years ago.

Modern age - Last 1000 years.

  • Sirian humanity - The Sirian humans started to colonize another star systems 1000 years ago
  • Modern Humanity (of Earth lineage) - The modern Humans first (unaided) left the Earth's gravity nearly 800 years ago.
  • DCP - 700+ years (members are older).
  • The Mercuris Federation - c. 650 years ago.
  • Kraw - 400 years ago.
  • Tahar - c. 280 years ago.
  • Talven Empire - 272 years ago.
  • Iteok - c. 270 years ago.
  • Asgordians - c. 250 years ago.
  • The Terdiatlans - The Terdiatlans on Sirius started expansion of empire and to communicate about 240 years ago
  • Jovar Empire - 230 years ago.
  • Drodo Empire - 200 years ago.
  • Naakjian Confederation - c. 165 years ago.
  • Girdo Empire - 100 years ago.
  • Capricorn Sector Alliance - 49 years ago.
  • D.N.O. born - 36 years ago
  • The States Of The Cow - 20 years ago
  • Allied Species of Orion - reformed 20 years ago.
  • United Republic of Cyrannus - 10 years ago.
  • Eldarisian Empire - 9 years ago.
  • Ssik Allies war started - 14 years ago
  • Meta- 13 years ago they formally formed into their current existence.
  • Sporemaster Alliance - 7 years ago.
  • United Federation of Species (arrived) - 7 years ago
  • Tokzhala - c. 1 year ago
  • Nanite Swarm - c. 1 year ago

Major events Edit

Please only put the important events that relate to the universe here.

Pre-Universe - Timelessness Edit

  • Omniverse - Many theories exist, in some the Omniverse always existed, but there are others, one popular theory is that it was created by Kamik'Shi and Kkia'Sihm. Other believe that once all the energies and Realms were one, but it was split.
    • Game of Existence - The Xhodocto and Obvia'Atra are created by their patron deities.
    • The Rambo gods and Thirteenth Tribe construct Atlantica.
    • Tier 0 "Transapients" evolve in their own universes, such as the Omega.

Early Universe - 13.7 to 10 billion years ago Edit

The very early universe looked very differently to as it did today, and the first intelligent life found it easier to cross the stars. In fact, most stars lived very quickly, meaning that empires could never stay for too long in almost any system. The galaxies familiar today began to take shape. There are any mysteries, and very few surviving data. Most life from this era either has ascended or is extinct, except for a few First Ones, who stayed to guide and watch. Most life was not Type A carbon-based, due to the harsh conditions.

  • Big Bang/Early universe (first 3 minutes) - Again, like the Ominverse, many theories exist, some scientific or religious on what started the Big Bang. The expansion itself took 3 minutes, first the universes Bounday Condition formed, (spacetime). It is possible that a seed of Cosmospawn entered the early universe, perceiving its quantum structure and making it possible for life.
    • God's Gate (10-35 seconds) - The sphereical wormhole, God's Gate, a defect is frozen into spacetime. Strange lifeforms would evolve in it sometime later.
    • The Survey (first 10 seconds) - takes place. A group of Transapient Minds accidently interfered with the universe between its first 1 and 10 seconds.
    • The Guardians build Time's gate, a singularity, and boundary condition, where a world line starts. Its purpose is unknown, its location, is non-real, but the The Guardians still protect it today.
    • A universal war (first 3 minutes) - Begins.
  • Age of stars (First billion years) - Within the first billion years, space cooled to 18 °C, and stars were forming. It was still hostile to nearly all form of life, and the only inhabitants were Transapients from other universes. The stars were metal rich and extremely huge, exhausting their fuel too quickly for advanced life to evolve, and there were very few free elements. The universe was dense and filled with radiation, but soon protogalaxies began to take shape and space became cooler. Now with more free elements, life could finally evolve.
    • Firstborn - The First Ones and Taxton civilizations emerge. By now, the universe only has a few civilizations.

Last 10 billion years to 100 million years Edit

The stars and planets of the young races began to form during this era (7 to 4 billion years ago). In the last 3 to 5 billion years, the young races's first ancestors began to evolve. The Ancient scourges, and few relics are almost forgotten.

  • The Grob Transformation (6 billion years ago) - The Grob in the Ardenta Galaxy started to change their bodies to adapt to changing radiation levels in their galaxies core. They evolve into the terrifying Grox Empire.
  • Xyanxes and the Grox undergo a long war in the Girdo Galaxy. The Xhodocto had invaded the galaxy too, and the Xynaxes didn't notice. Eventually they saved the galaxy by transporting it to a pocket universe, but were destroyed by the Xhodocto on the edge of the Milky Way (although they may have survived still).

100 million to 100 thousand years ago Edit

The First of the young races began to rise in the last few million years.

100 to 1 thousand years ago Edit

Modern age - Last 1000 years Edit

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