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UROFlag Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: President Zr'Ahgloth

Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: President Zr'Ahgloth
Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
This is too surreal. By the Mother Goddess and the Ancestors, I need a drink.


UROFlag Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: President Zr'Ahgloth

MiniGrimb Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
Don't do democracy, kids.
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: President Zr'Ahgloth
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: President Zr'Ahgloth

BREAKING: Self-Proclaimed Chalag Khanate invade Notorious Local Oltauris Stronghold, make Brutal Examples of CriminalsEdit

Nomadic Drodo hordes take the lawless world of Ildhis by storm, reports show

Dramatic holorecordings depict tens thousands of Drodo men, mounted on the backs of their heavily-customised robohorses and holding high all manner of sabres, lances, and rifles, pounding through the flat, chilly landscape of Ildhis towards their targets-- the sprawling, lawless slums and neatly-packed privately-owned skyscrapers of the world. Their target? Crimelords affiliated with the infamous Oltauris Consortium criminal network.

Ildhis is a world which teeters-- it teeters on the edge of URO space and thus jurisdiction, it teeters on the brink of economic collapse, and all authority on the world has proven to be transient throughout its centuries-long history of settlement. Wracked with massive wealth inequality that has only be exacerbated under the harsh rule of local crimelords, the local poor are the world's only serious resource, and in the past have been used by multiple regimes to farm the meagre soil, work to produce machined goods from imported raw materials, and, most recently, as a fertile recruiting ground by Oltauris agents as well as an illegal narcotics and arms manufactory. For its huge numbers of desperate inhabitants, however, its become valuable to anybody willing to take it.

"We come as liberators-- and their new lords," Insists Falahi, a respected Chalag noble and one of the participants of the battle. His sword was still caked in the blood of Oltauris prisoners he had dispatched minutes before. His eyes showed not a hint of remorse.

Some of the inhabitants, who have suffered under Oltauris tyranny for over a decade, have displayed cautious optimism towards their new masters, especially after the mounted men began to distribute food and supplies from the Oltauris warehouses they had only hours before seized. Others, however, have not been so pleased.

"They give out free food now, but then what? I saw with my own eyes what they did to those warehouse guards!" Said a Galotian woman, who asked not to be named. "They beheaded one guard, before putting out the eyes of the others so it was the last thing they saw. Then the Drodo men read out their crimes, and how they kept all this food from the people-- then they tossed them from the rooftop to the angry mobs below to be torn apart." She sighed; "What if we-- gods forbid-- rebel? Is this the treatment and governance we can look forward to?"

Since its founding, the Chalag Khanate has dedicated itself to the annihilation of the organised crime syndicates that so run the unclaimed and lawless parts of Ottzello Sector space, and the installation of itself as a unifying, peacebringing presence. While it has seen success so far in its brief existence, many fear the nomads have picked a much bigger fight than ever before with this invasion.

Official Statement from the Isordon ClanEdit

On Behalf of the Isordon Clan: Viri Isordon
Greetings. We, the Isordon clan, bring ill news to the Drodo people and to the Gigaquadrant as a whole.

In 2816, Cesterity Isordon, Imperial war-hero, former Premier, respected military theorist and Fyr of the Isordon Clan, was badly wounded and taken captive amid an interclan conflict. At the conclusion of this clan-war in 2818, all Isordons waited to see the prisoners of each side exchanged and to reunite with their loved ones-- but it was then that our former-enemies, the Ouvins, informed us that Cesterity had escaped their captivity several months before, retreating alone into the hostile wilderness as soon as he built up the strength to. The news was met with shock and outrage, but soon after our clan, with the generous help of local and federal authorities as well as the full cooperation of the Ouvin clan scoured the Empire in a years-long search for our valued and loved clan-member.

However, it is now in 2822 that we, the Isordon clan, officially call off the official search for Cesterity Isordon or his remains, after four long years of searching only to bring up no trace. It is with a heavy heart among all involved that we must, under the circumstances declare him dead. While every Isordon prays that Cesterity is still with us in this world, all are assured that if this is not the case, he has instead taken his rightful place among his proud ancestors.

A state funeral will be held on the Imperial capital world of Coron.

WaptoriaFlag Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Spymaster Oji'b
I met mr Isordon twice in my life, both times in vastly different circumstances. Chiefly I fought alongside him to aid of a mutual ally -USF- but only when I fought against him during the Sovereign Coalition Wars did I really begin to admire him and the tactics he deployed.'s strange to realise he's almost certainly been dead for about four years.
I would have send my agents in Katar to search for him, but, given that the search has alreay been cancelled, there is nothing I can do but offer my condolences condolences for someone who has been, at various points in my life, both an enemy and an ally. May Cesterity Isordon rest in bliss until his next reïncernation. He deserves it.
Levisala Flag Communications Channel of the Glorious Levisala Confederacy - Admiral Kavende Jaysmoth
I'll bet you 20 Drodoian Credits he's still alive and is probably slurping up spaghetti al nero di seppia in some picturesque Terran tourist world, honeymooning with some new wife who was too ditzy to send a telegram informing everyone that he didn't actually die in a volcanic eruption.
Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
Good grief, that's utterly ridiculous. What else did he do? Fight scantly clad, heavily muscled gods. Such foolishness.
Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Spymaster Oji'b
He fought the Dominatus. That is no foolishness. Although I guess that is some obsure Mendelian pop-cultural reference. A metaphor, perhaps.
Therion Anarchic Commune Message from Speaker of Speakers of the Stellar Outreach Sovereignty
Oh I'm sure he'll turn up eventually, probability when you need him the most or something like that. Heroes have a tendency of doing that kind of thing, or so my experience has taught me. Though I wonder if perhaps you haven't considered the possibility that he doesn't want to be found?

A Communication Attempt From a New CivilizationEdit

Blank Space Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate
Greetings, representatives of the nations of the Gigaquadrant. I am Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate. I am addressing all of the Gigaquadrant to announce that we are coming out of galactic isolation, so I would like to extend a formal greeting to the other nations outside of our known space. Since the wars you all have fought began to extend into, and include, our home galaxy of Mirus, we have been pressured to come out of isolation. Now, as we are all newcomers to Gigaquadrantic affairs, we would like to understand exactly what is going on in the Gigaquadrant as of now.

A second note - we would like to extend invitations of trade and diplomacy to other nations within Mirus that receive this transmission, as well as the situation within the Tuuros Galaxy after that....fiasco.

This thing had better work.


>>MAY TH&^^^%$#UIDE US.
>>Y*^&^(^&^&^^)&^^UBMIT OR BE *&^^%%hHHHH

Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate
O-oh, uh, well, great. Good n-news, and bad news. Good news is that the communication network works. Bad news it that reception seems to be absolute trash. Of course, that, uh, does seem to be a threat from what I can make out of it. Executives! Take note of that name, "Girtabelilu", and try to see if we are capable of making any use of it!
The Universal Discussion Board's primary Tuurosian relay is currently suffering from minor technical issues. Maybe we shouldn't have put it right in the middle of the Schism.
On a more welcoming note, don't let the first response you happened to receive colour your view of the wider Gigaquadrant. The majority of nations outside Tuuros are far friendlier than these Girtabelilu appear to be, and will certainly not subject you to unprovoked threats.
Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate
Great, it works! Greetings, Apalos! We are incredibly happy to hear from a more friendly nation than the...things that just contacted us. The information that the races outside of Tuuros are p, in fact, friendly makes me particularly happy.
Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
Hail to you, and well meet, Vogrik. We are of Mirus as well, we Mendel, and we are most happy to see a new race arise from their world and come into their own. If you so wish, we can send a Taidhleoir Diplomat to speak of trade and commerce between our peoples, and the possibility of an alliance down the line. Whatever comes of these talks, it will be a pleasure working with you.
Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate
To be perfectly honest, we are by no means new - we have existed for 400 years now - but that is irrelevant. Your request for a diplomatic is accepted - one of our many goals coming into the galactic community is to be involved within the community of our own galaxy.

Vi(t@(y Agai%st Akpadur (s ██ar Edit

Merosiantxtbx Off(### Brief^ng from M****ian R3publ!)
Republic Chancellor Iilnur: "Victory is n█arly in our grasp!"
Eventualist L█ad%% Urrhukheseb: "Should this succe3d, MEROS shall be reuni##d forever M0**."

A MMRo-i-n fl_*t of ov%% 150 w@rships h## b*** **## t+ AKPAD, ho___*=~` of *%% enemy, the A%)@#UR KRAT3C33CY, to deliver a *(#sible final blow to the reptilian scourge █o our kind once and for all.

Aft%% the victory at ALU-KARKUTAZCH, the █~ird time i* #(*) sy$$em's hi##ory @*`` a ba^tle has b_*n waged in its ███fines, the )*█bined M*ros██n armies have full ███fidence in their ability █o push the Ak█aduri fl_*t all the way ba!= in#O their home █p█ce. Some legions of craft have b_*n sent off in pursuit of retreating enemy craft. Those who have remained in M*ros██n-co█**olled █p█ce have split off in#O two groups: the first group ##ays wi9hin our █p█ce and mobilizes whatev%% troops necessary `` fight in what many believe may be p%%haps the large## battle in Me%#$!@n hi##ory, at lea## as exten~█^@ as the Thr_* Sy##ems █onf█ict in Year 546.6, wi9h p%&haps M0** casualties. The se███d group does much the same, @1b██t in M█r█s██n holdouts be!N# repressed by the @█P-dur.
All oth%& _e+++++^s are advised `o assis█ in the war effort and in the s█abilization of the process of our re███fication.

Chancellor Sahhllom Iilnur of the R111blic and lead%& of the Eventualis█ ColL#ctive Vallokhim U█████heseb ███curred that by the time █~~s th=rd Great War is ov%&, M**o██@n society will ent%& a true golden age.
Un███s█antia##d rumors of a new `os#-war gov%&nmental re$$ructur!N# are fl)8t!N# about, wi9h no )*█ment from the lead__s of any of the thr_* form__ly warr!Ng factions of our species.

In oth__ news, political dissident and Individuali$r colonel Miehe Medsoki-Iilnur, relative-by-bud of Chancellor Sahhllom Iilnur, has officially rejoined society, follow!Ng in the steps of his form=- Red-Eye lead#*s, who now )*█mand the military forces h█ad!Ng `o destroy the @█P-dur. The society wel)*█es him wi9h open arms once M0**, and we wish him lu!= in his ███tributions t0ward forwa$@ing ***o$~`nkind to the future.

Long Live the Great Society. Long live Meros.
Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate
Oh man, this is new. Our communication relay and decryption networks cannot make sense of more than a bunch of gibberish here, but what we can tell is that the degradation of this signal seems to be due to age.

This is a curious phenomenon. A war? Reptilian menace? I will certainly be dispatching contact signals to the source of these transmissions!

Levisala Flag Communications Channel of the Glorious Levisala Confederacy - Admiral Kavende Jaysmoth
Oh boy! A corrupted message! I can't wait to decode this corrupted message! Do you know what my favorite thing to do is when decoding corrupted messages? I love rearranging letters while decoding corrupted messages. Rearranging letters while decoding corrupted is the best thing and the most fun you can have while doing military intelligence tasks. I can understand why all the kids are playing with military ciphers these days; it's because they like to rearrange lowercase letters in corrupted messages. I also like to rearrange lowercase letters in corrupted messages. It's the most fun you can possibly have.

What is the point of decoding corrupted messages?
Communications Channel of the Glorious Levisala Confederacy - Commodore Liandra Shen
Now that I've wrestled the transponder from that idiot's hands, let's see if we can actually decode this. Hopefully my cipher skills haven't grown rusty in the thirty years since the last great war.

Hmm... Alright, so this is what I can get so far. The first half I'll probably be able to get through right now, but that idiot is probably going to start making pouty faces at me and asking for the UDB transponder back before I can start on the second half.

"A Merosian fleet of over 150 warships has been sent to AKPAD, homeworld of our enemy, the AKPADUR KRATOCRACY, to deliver a possible final blow to the reptilian scourge to our kind once and for all.

"After the victory at ALU-KARKUTAZCH, the third time in that system's history that a battle has been waged in its confines, the combined Merosian armies have full confidence in their ability to push the Akpaduri fleet all the way back into their home space. Some legions of craft have been sent off in pursuit of retreating enemy craft. Those who have remained in Merosian-controlled space have split off into two groups: the first group stays within our space and mobilizes whatever troops necessary to fight in what many believe may be perhaps the largest battle in Merosian history, at least as extensive as the Three Systems Conflict in Year 546.6, with perhaps more casualties. The second group does much the same, albeit in Merosian holdouts being repressed by the Akpadur. "All other Merosians are advised to assist in the war effort and in the stabilization of the process of our reunification."

Sounds like Alu-Karkutazch isn't an ideal place to build your vacation home. And I can't find any history text that mentions an "Akpadur Kratocracy" so this probably explains that. Though there's nothing about "Merosians" either. Maybe someone accidentally leaked the penultimate chapter of their secret space fantasy romance novel?
Communications Channel of the Glorious Levisala Confederacy - Admiral Kavende Jaysmoth
Remember to follow @LordAndSaviourKavende and @liashen21 on BunsenNet for more hot updates #merosians #corruptedmessage #leakedspacefantasyromancenovel
Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
Perhaps it's not an epic Space Fantasy novel, but just someone got drunk and started smashing a keyboard to get a message out and, after getting over his hangover was too embarrassed to fix the mistake. Happens all the time around here, in Mirus at least.
Message from Speaker of Speakers of the Stellar Outreach Sovereignty
What sectors have you been listening to? Regardless this might be worth investigating, I mean it wasn't that long ago that a multi-headed space dragon made of literal evil just showed up here and destroyed several civilizations (including our own). Crazy shit happens.
Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate
By the Progenitors, what kind of science is behind that?!
Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
Our Vanara friends could explain it better, but it has much to do with the area known as Accel Space. Quite...strange.
Message from Speaker of Speakers of the Stellar Outreach Sovereignty
No science of any sort, just part of the inherent nature of the nonsensical realm that our technology is built off and defines our very being.
Message from Speaker of Speakers of the Stellar Outreach Sovereignty
Either that or a Loron.
The transmission you have received is considerably old, in the ballpark of 376.8 years. We are unsure of the cause of this delay in transmission of a historical bulletin. We assure those who receive this that these events did transpire, and that the Akpadur Kratocracy is no longer a threat, and that the current year is not 557.6, but is rather 934.4 as of our current transmission date.

Long live the Great Society. Long Live Meros.
Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate
Well, guess we don't need to send a fleet anymore!

Slightly nervous chuckling could be heard.

Anyways, how come you didn't contact the Gigaquadrant before?
A representative of the Grand and Prosperous United Merosian Imperium
...what is this?

A fleet? Giga...? Giga-quadrant? What is this?

Unknown contact, please provide identification.
Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate
Well, I suppose.
I am Shlan'ak Phur'an, the current Director of the Directorate of Acaphre's Children, or for short, Vogrik Directorate. We are, compared to data gathered about the source of your transmission, an extragalactic empire of sentient amphibious dexterudae belonging to the Mirus Galaxy.
Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
So, no drunk dialing?
Drodo Empire Flag Official Communique from the Drodo Empire Drodo Empire Flag

I am Emperor Jilnaris I the Wise of House Kilar. I am the undisputed ruler of the Drodo people, a species which originates from the Plazith Rim, though referred to as well as the 'Milky Way Galaxy'. My Empire spans many tens of thousands of star-systems over four galaxies, with trillions of subjects under my watchful and enlightened rule. We are a peaceful people, renowned for our boundless hospitality and our ability to make loyal, unbreakable bonds-- among the strongest being the humans known as The French, of whom Alexandre I is their sovereign and my good friend.

You appear to be uninformed regarding the Gigaquadrant, as many peoples new to the greater political stage often are. The Drodo Empire and its Allies agree that providing such polities with accurate and transparent information regarding Gigaquadrantic affairs and connecting it with the larger Gigaquadrant as quickly and as safely as possible is the best option to maximise international trust, cooperation, and prosperity between all peoples. Despite our attempts to help however, the transition to a truly intergalactic society will be an immensely difficult one regardless, and unfortunately it is a transition you have inadvertently and irreversibly started down by casting a tentative cry to the rest of the universe in such a manner.

The question now, my new Merosian friends, is how you will respond. How will you transition to an intergalactic society? With whom will you align yourselves? How will you keep a hold of your past, while looking to the future? Will you even bother holding to the past? Know that despite the era of relative peace we now live in, the Gigaquadrant can still be a dangerous place, and I am prepared to lead personally my people to the field of battle if it becomes necessary to do so.

I pray that as a society, you will make the correct choice, Merosian friends.


Emperor Jilnaris I Kilar the Wise, Emperor of the Drodo Empire, Prime Elder of the House of Kilar, CEO of Taravon Space Assets Ltd. (fmr.), King of Aratacia (def.), Head of Philosophy Department at Imperial University of Coron (fmr.).
VogrikDirectorateFlag Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate
And to add to the Drodo - who are indeed very much respected - you are not alone as a newcomer to the Gigaquadrant. Indeed, we ourselves came out of hiding onky weeks earlier. We are no less of a stranger to the Gigaquadrant than you are, even though we have been spacefaring for several hundred years. As it seems your communication network is, surprisingly, capable of UDB communication, we happily ask that you contact us. I would very much be honored to be among the first extraterrestrial beings that you have met in person.

Levisala Flag Communications Channel of the Glorious Levisala Confederacy - Admiral Kavende Jaysmoth
Ooh, so the people that sent that message are still alive and kicking! That's very fascinating. And since I don't see any Akpadur around to say otherwise, looks like that military campaign was quite successful too! Very nice, very nice. Y'know, the kind of society that can respect a solid military victory like that is becoming few and far between.

Just between you and me, brother - or sister, or non-binary sibling, if that's how you roll - let's ditch the rest of these losers and start our own club, with blackjack and hookers and no girls allowed. The Gigaquadrant isn't so scary when you've got a couple of friends to guide you around, ya dig? We'll set you straight, get you on the right path, not like those Drodo at least. Did you know the Drodo's best friends eat snails? Do you want to end up like that? Eating snails as high cuisine? Well, actually, maybe you do, in which case that's cool, but if you're of like mind and find that très répugnant then I'll welcome you with open arms.

Call us up anytime, and we'll hear you out, cousin. Oh, but not on Thursday at 12, that's when my soaps are on.
The Imperator of the Grand and Prosperous United Merosian Imperium
To the respondants to our message, I bid you official greetings. The general societal opinion aimed towards making this message worthwhile, and as Imperator I shall follow the suggestions of society. This is an incredible development, but I need remind all respondants that the message you initially replied to was originally sent out 376.8 years ago, as one of our dedicated broadcasters clarified earlier. So, we ask of you to slow down.

As for myself, I am Ullathromah Karkutazou, Fourth Imperator and Lord President of the Grand and Prosperous United Merosian Imperium. Our Imperium has existed for 376.6 years, and stands 20 thousand systems strong. Our people are industrious and strong-willed; collectively marching onward towards a greater future for the sake of the Imperium and all its citizens. Although we haven't made any efforts to contact empires and nation-states outside of our own intentionally, we have recently switched over to a new territory-wide communication technology, which seems to reach frequencies that your kinds can pick up. Our societal collective deems this development "interesting, yet one to approach slowly." Your multitude of responses pouring in from inside and outside of our galaxy actually cast the whole of the Imperium into a brief panic.
For the time being, we shall respond somewhat selectively.

To the Vogrik Directorate:
You were the first to contact us; society deems it only sensible that we respond to your messages first.
To answer your questions about the message, the Akpadur Kratocracy was our species' enemy during the latter half of Third Great War amongst our own kind, threatening to wipe us out. They no longer exist as an empire, and their reptilian kind are not many in number anymore.
We are considerably surprised by your presence outside our galaxy, and are still "getting used to this," as it were. You mention the prospect of being the first extraterrestrial species to meet us in person. You would certainly not be the first species, nor empire to make contact with us -- although, you say it would be a meeting rather than an attack, so yes, you would be the first indeed to make contact with us in a positive light, as it were. If you are capable of intergalactic travel, the Imperium would be most happy to host a small fleet of yours. And, to Director Shian'ak Phur'an, by all means, visit. I personally would find it good to meet you in person. You seem of good character.

To the Levisala Confederacy:
The Imperium is considerably impressed by your ability to clean up the degraded message. Comparing the segment you recomposed to the segment of the historical transcript it corresponds to, you have matched it word-for-word. Your kind seems to be interesting, and of like values to us. We respect those who can achieve solid military victories -- presumably yourselves.
We have many questions for your kind as well. What is "blackjack" and what are "hookers?" And..."girls?" If you are referring to members of a dual-gendered species -- which we are not -- of the incubatory type, we understand, but if not, do clarify. And, while we have yet to respond to the Drodo Empire, we do not know what these "snails" are.
As for your offer to communicate, we shall leave a frequency channel open for your kind, as with the Vogrik. The Imperium looks forward to future conversations.

To the Drodo Empire:
The Imperium recognizes your impressive intergalactic span. We are curious to know more about your kind and these "French" -- presumably the "friends" which the Levisala were referring to. We are unsure of what to think of your entire message. Your offer of information on this "Gigaquadrant" and the affairs within, we as a civilization cannot ignore.
As for the final section of your message, however, the Imperium is most unsure about. We cannot make front or back whether to perceive this as advice or as a threat. I will personally assure you of a few things, however:
The Imperium is always striving toward the future, as efficiency and industry are two of our founding principles.
We are well aware of our lack of knowledge of this Gigaquadrant and the threats which lie within. While we are new to this stage, we shall take the transition as slowly as we can to ensure total stability in transition and advancement.
And finally, I assure you that I, too, will lead my people to battle if necessary. We are by no means unwilling to engage in combat. However, the Imperium again recognizes your apparent strength and does not wish to engage in military conflict. The Akpadur may, in fact, have been a special case.
The Imperium has decided your Empire is intriguing; we will certainly have to continue communications.

For the time being, we shall remain within our "corner" of the galaxy, as it were. If any other party wishes to communicate further, be our guest. If we do not respond, do not take this as hostility. We are a considerably "busy" Imperium, and there are many issues within our bounds which may take priority over communication.

To those whom we have responded to, we hope to hear from you soon enough.

Long Live the Great Society. Long Live Meros.
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Kal'kuir (Da comms channel)

The Director of the Vogrik Directorate: Director Phur'an VogrikSeal
Oh yes, we would be perfectly happy to visit your homeworld. We ourselves have a private wormhole located only a few thousand light years away - NGX something or other. It happens to lead right into the Perseus arm of the Milky Way, and we can easily reach you there in our specialized shuttles. Do take care though - our appearance as what many call "human fishy frog things", whatever that means, tends to set many off balance. Should you require our services, our Administrator of Foreign Affairs is more than happy to answer any help you require. However, I would like to issue a friendly warning to you - we would prefer if you did not get in our way of whatever operations we are conducting in the Milky Way.

On a related note, life in other galaxies than the Milky Way is much more common than you believe. Especially in Cyrannus. I would...recommend staying away from their Galactic Empire, unless you wish to provide support for the venerable Republic.

Also speaking of which, since I had forgot to end this transmission, avoid the Loron - like the individual above this transmission - or make fun of them to your hearts content.


Transmission from the Asilaphean Empire Edit

AsilapheanEmblem2017 Representative of the Asilaphean Empire: Hierarch Savaraxannus

>>Opening channel...
>> successfully opened.

Salutations, lifeforms of the First Gigaquadrant. I am Hierarch Savaraxannus, Speaker of his Most Excellent Highness Emperor Salaxannasus, Thirty-Second Emperor of the Most Orderly Empire of the Asilapheans. As was with the rest of the Tuuros Galaxy before us, we extend our greetings to the rest of the First Gigaquadrant. Understand that our intentions are to expand an orderly hand across the galaxy and to cease the chaotic nature of this galactic landscape.

Know that Tuuros - as you know it - is a galaxy with foundations made of blood and bones. Such things are below us, yet as our role is to bring order to the galaxy, we too must build upon these same foundations accordingly. Our goal is order; our methods are not without questioning. Know that such questioning has been brought down by the edge of a blade more than once, and those that have stood in the way of galactic order have fallen as a result. Tuuros is a galaxy filled with brigands and criminals; and life in the galaxy both too weak or too foolish to seize command of its own destiny. As the Most Orderly Empire of the Asilpheans strives to achieve; is to build the strong and cast down the weak, as it has always been.

The Most Excellent Highness, Emperor Salaxannus has expressed intrigue in the Gigaquadrant. Whilst this sentiment is not entirely shared by his chosen few, it is by the will of the Emperor and the Emperor alone to know of his contemporaries. Who among you are known to stand out in the cosmos and, like us in this galaxy of criminality, erase such criminality in the name of stability and order? Our most Excellent Highness awaits a response, and it is often his right to receive such answers.

Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate
Amazing, a sentient race of artifical beings!
Anyways, I extend my greetings to you, your Highness. From what we have heard of Tuuros, we most certainly enjoy and support a presence within the galaxy that has order in mind! We wish you luck in your actions against the barbarians and evil within that galaxy! As for your request for knowledge regarding our actions against criminal activities within the galaxy of Mirus - or rather, within our influence in our galaxy, we actively pursue and eradicate criminals and pirates we come across. In fact, we're currently engaging a conflict against a notorious, and rather powerful, clan of alien pirates as we speak.


Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
I don't like how this one thinks. There's something off about it. This order...this order he speaks of, sounds like it will result in the deaths of trillions and genocide on a massive scale. Count this High Queen out.
Message from Speaker of Speakers of the Stellar Outreach Sovereignty
Agreed, being the victims of, what is it now twelve genocides, usually carried out by empires spouting similar rhetoric I can see where this going. So please excuse us if we side with our Mendel friends in staying the hell away from this big old bag of "fuck no".
Premiere Lamon Shan, Spood Interstellar Federation
I concur. Myself and the rest of the OMB vow to keep them out of Mirus should they prove a threat to the ideals of decency and equality.

BREAKING: Wave of bombings rocks New Aratacia, devastates Cities, Infrastructure, Orbital Ring; Millions feared Dead as Second Silvan War Begins - 2825Edit

Recent bombings likely of Silvan origin, say experts
  • Several hundred bombs, ranging from conventional high-explosives to small antimatter charges, have rocked the major settlements of New Aratacia and have annihilated 40% of the commercial hub's orbital ring, IDMP sources state. Large swathes of the dense cities have been reduced to rubble, and all civilian traffic to and from the world has been temporarily halted.
  • The planet's large economy has screeched to a halt as the stock market already reacts to the event.
  • "While there are several clear suspects, we mustn't jump to conclusions." cautions IDMP colonel Tifan Lorai. Lacking any domestic terrorist groups, many suspect one or all of the large native Silvan powers as the culprits behind the devastating attack.
  • Reports state that the Capital's Catholic cathedral has opened its doors to those displaced by the recent attacks. Many other places of worship and charitable institutions have followed suit in a show of generosity.
  • Consul Servan Kilar: "To whoever has committed this atrocity-- We will find you, and none will be spared."
Levisala Flag Communications Channel of the Glorious Levisala Confederacy - Admiral Kavende Jaysmoth
Damn, Silvans, back at it again with the white vans filled with military-grade explosives!

VogrikDirectorateFlag The Director of the Vogrik Directorate: Director Phur'an VogrikSeal
Normally I would say that such an event is shocking, but "shocking" doesn't quite accurately describe the revulsion and sorrow that I, and most of my subordinates, felt when we read the daily news today. I offer my deepest condolences to the millions that lost their families and homes in this absolutely horrid attack. I offer sending aid and temporary housing in the form of specialized starships, and I insist that the Aratacian government accept this help. I simply do not feel right turning off a chance to aid those in need, especially those affected by a crisis of this scale and measure.


Silvan states claim responsibility, launch massive offensive day after attacks
  • UPDATE: Over one hundred million troops from the Dar'a Kingdom, seventy-five million from the Tahla Divine Kingdom, and an additional one hundred million from smaller vassal states have now descended on the scattered Drodo territories on the capital world.
  • Video shows that the Dar'a and Tahla troops spearheading the offensives appear to have modern equipment consisting of uniform (khaki being the preferred shade for the Dar'a, blue for the Tahla), grenades, and assault rifles tipped with bayonets. Additional evidence shows the infantry being escorted by cavalry trained and equipped in the Drodo Imperial style.
  • Drodo military analysts "stunned" by the immense and rapid military buildup-- "They were fighting us with spears not nine years ago," says one New Aratacian colonel.
  • New Aratacian planetary government declares state of emergency, martial law. All militias have been called to arms as men and boys both flock to recruiting offices or arm themselves.
Mirus Bloc Sig Reverent Eshop Palalenius
As humble and tolerant children of the universal deity Esh, we the Qetrin Star Kingdom condemn these unholy attacks on our Drodo brothers and sisters. Though they may worship different gods than us, we recognize their part in understanding the greater whole of Esh, and these attacks are an insult to Esh's children of all faiths. We commend local places of worship for providing refuge in lieu these dark events—Esh surely smiles upon them.
We pray for the rapid restoration of peace to New Aratacia and solace for those affected by these atrocities. Should you, our Drodo brothers and sisters, call for the Star Kingdom's aid, we shall answer as best we can.
VoidSquare Rikken Eksil, Chrill of Void
We heard you may be having some issues with primitives. Should you be willing to spare the materials, we could put as permanent an end to their aggression as your offer dictates.
Reverent Eshop Palaleneus
Your unholy mercenary work has no place in these times, pirates! Esh grows tired of your unnatural ways, your killing for pay instead of for justice. Begone!
Supreme Shifter of the Orgaat, K'ora
Not all mercenaries fight for money and the thrill of a kill. My people have long sold their services to others, and we hunt and fight only for the flesh of others to strengthen ourselves, and the chance to improve ourselves within the Gigaquadratic Food Web. Do not speak of matters you are fresh to, newcomer, for the wrong power might just misunderstand your intentions.
Silvan offensive continues on second day
  • New Aratacian government has scrambled its Imperial Mirage Roi fighters to launch airstrikes against the advancing Silvan armies, and has succeeded in slowing their progress. The Planetary government has requested more from the Union navy.
  • Engineer detachments of the New Aratacian garrison are now destroying bridges and highways all through Drodo-held territory, reports state.
  • Drodo families living in rural villages have been ordered to evacuate and return to the safety of the walled cities.
  • Vogrik aid ships have arrived at New Aratacia. "Through their charity, they've done much to alleviate the current housing and refugee crisis," says Tifan Lorai.
  • The New Aratacian militia, dressed in their signature black-and-crimson uniforms, have begun to assemble in formation in the city squares of several Drodo cities.
  • The advance of the Tahla Divine Kingdom, which was using Drodo Highway 198, has been halted along the artery of travel by the spirited defense of the 22nd Regiment of the 3rd N.A Cavalry. Footage shows the ~1000 cavalrymen, largely dismounted, opening fire from behind prepared positions with small arms and towed field guns at the modernised and elite infantry spearhead of the Silvan force. Fighting has so far been inconclusive.
Tahla offensive halted on third day; noted Draconis businessman killed by Silvan forces
  • Reports state that the 22nd Regiment have taken 255 casualties and have dealt an estimated 1250 in their fight with the Tahla spearhead along Highway 198. 250 000 men from the Gallonia Garrison-- a professional infantry corps-- are advancing to support as the Tahla frontline widens against the 22nd's resistance. Sources also state that 500 guns from the Artillery Corps are coming to what is now being dubbed the Battle of Highway 198.
  • Due to the halt in advance, the entirety of the 75 million-strong Tahla army has shuddered from the sudden stoppage and has been left disorganised and scrunched together for miles down the Highway, reports say. Taking advantage of the chaos, 60 Imperial Mirage Roi fighters from Gallonia have dropped heavy ordinance all along the highway, dealing an estimated 500 000 casualties to the exposed lines of Silvan troops and further causing panic in their ranks.
  • Dar'a cavalry have begun to raid the countryside outside of the Drodo city of Horsehead Bay ahead of the main force. The 2nd through 15th Regiments of the 5th N.A Cavalry corps have been deployed to skirmish with the Silvan horsemen while twenty militia divisions-- roughly a million men-- man the walls and prepare the cannon.
  • BREAKING: Gruesome footage shows noted Domcar Manufacturing representative Lerren Galario being dragged from a rural villa near Horsehead Bay by Dar'a cavalrymen before being ritually disembowled and beheaded along with many other assistants and businesspeople who were with him. Mr. Galario had refused to leave his villa during the business meeting between the Draconid company and multiple New Aratacian investors, confident that he had the "deal of a lifetime" on his hands and was reportedly skeptical of the threat the Silvan actually posed to him.
  • 200 men from the 14th regiment of cavalry have been dispatched to attempt to recover the remains of Mr. Galario and his assistants.

AN20: Paragon Responds with Talks To Rambo Nation; Imperium Offers SanctuaryEdit

Andromeda News 20 Aggregate Service
  • The public execution recently committed in Ramno Nation has been denounced by Paragavatus Maxios, "This execution was not a message to the New Republic for a lack of respect, it was a declaration that there was no room for a diplomatic solution"
  • After talks between the paragavatus and the Rambo High King, High King Rambert Ramerval promises a repeat incident will not occur, respecting diplomatic protections and foreign dignitaries status as citizens of their respective nations first. Any further accusations of treason or collusion would henceforth be examinedi na court of law.
"You have my word your majesty that any dignitaries and emissaries will be treated fairly and according to the law before judgement will be given."
  • Imperial Chancellor Riyasi Senaria announces plans to offer asylum to refugees, critics and conscientious objectors of the current conflict and all proxy wars between the two Soninami Fretma superpowers:
"As it becomes increasingly clear that Andromeda is the only safe haven from the current conflicts, I announce that the doors of the sublime Imperium of the Drak'onisi - and if the other highlords allow it the Ecumene - open to anyone who find themselves uncertain or afraid of the extent of this conflict. In times when war is endemic, we of Dranvamus open our hearts and offer our homes so that in this uncertain time, shelter and security can be assured for those who seek it. For those who see this conflict for the dark time that it is, may I be the first to say "we welcome you to sanctuary.""
in otha noos, draconis is all still VERY dum and made up of LOSAS WHO NEED TA GET A LIFE. more at 12
Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
While the actions Rambo Nation takes are disturbing, I must voice my respect for how the Draconid handle this situation, especially their care towards refugees displaced by this abominable war. Where our home-galaxy safer, I would offer my Pact's territory as safe-haven for those seeking peace. The Galactic Empire's presence may complicate such a thing, however.

Our Condolences Edit

PaoltorgaFace Paoltorga Rushu Semtessu-Malasos, Luminous Incarnate of the Eriaroon Eugenic Republic EriaroonEugenicRepublicFlag
My condolences, demons and exiles of the Great Beyond. I am Paoltorga Rushu Semtessu-Malasos of the Eriaroon Eugenic Republic. Our civilization has made contact with another society of the Great Beyond, designated as the Yorchi Union. Due to a misunderstanding in communication, our first contact with these demons resulted in devastating conflict. I have no intention of allowing for a repetition of this occurrence. Therefore, I shall provide knowledge of our civilization.

We are Eriaroons, beings which prefer to inhabit the abyssal waters of frozen worlds. The Eriaroon Eugenic Republic highly values intelligence, operating under a meritocratic system where the capable are rewarded and the degenerates are purged. We have reached the conclusion that this universe is in reality an afterlife, and upon further analysis have reached consensus that this afterlife is not that of the worthy, but that of the condemned.

We are not a malignant society that seeks to destroy all in its path to claim more territory and resources, nor do we possess a belief that Eriaroons are inherently superior to other species. Our objective is to understand this universe, and its inhabitants, so that we may one day depart from this universe ascendant.

VogrikDirectorateFlag The Director of the Vogrik Directorate: Director Phur'an VogrikSeal
I'm not a demon!


Message from Speaker of Speakers of the Stellar Outreach Sovereignty
No, no of course you're not, that's us. Well at least if you follow what are religious texts say on the matter.
PaoltorgaFace Paoltorga Rushu Semtessu-Malasos, Luminous Incarnate of the Eriaroon Eugenic Republic EriaroonEugenicRepublicFlag
Director Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate, in that case you would be considered an exile by our kind. Know that to us, the term demon does not imply hostility or malevolence, but rather a foreign origin to our own. Hagto'Zhl of "Da Rogue Boyz", it appears we are suffering from an error with translation into Eriaroon Amalgamated Language. The responsible joint-mind will be examined for faults immediately. However, from what aspects of your transmission I can ascertain, I must inform you that external appearance, although important for external anatomy, is not the entirety of an individual's nature.

AsilapheanEmblem2017 Representative of the Asilaphean Empire: Hierarch Savaraxannus
Hm. How interesting. The value of intelligence always offers something.
Fascinating. Knowledge of your people has drawn great interest from the Children of Lommakk. You say you understand reality as an afterlife. Have you reached some measure of awareness, become conscious of The One Who Dreams? If so, it seems our goals are aligned. Alien perspectives on the universe will certainly take us all closer to enlightenment.
From union, insight.
PaoltorgaFace Paoltorga Rushu Semtessu-Malasos, Luminous Incarnate of the Eriaroon Eugenic Republic EriaroonEugenicRepublicFlag
Hierarch Savaraxannus of the Asilaphean Empire, it is my belief that intelligence is the most crucial aspect of an individual. Other capabilities, such as physical strength and charisma, are easily wasted without a keen mind to guide them towards the optimal method of approach. Thenjiwe of the Amahle Dynasty, I am unaware of the being to which you refer. We would greatly appreciate the acquisition of any additional information about the nature of their existence, their believed motive and method of operation, and any other beliefs you possess. Further knowledge of civilizations such as you own would be of great benefit to the Eriaroon Eugenic Republic.
If you desire knowledge about the physical and supernatural consituents of our universe, a great deal of non-classified information is freely available to the intergalactic community. If you'd like to have access to any of this, feel free to request either an Apalos embassy on one of your worlds, or a direct link to the nearest database of the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance, Grand Commonwealth of Sovereign States, or Milky Way Cooperative, these being the appropriate organisations given your location.
Representing the Amahle Dynasty is: Thenjiwe (Communications)
Yes. Some information is classified and some is not. There is simply no good reason to forbid access to most scientific knowledge. But it turns out that releasing some information about powerful beings and arcane rituals to the general public, where demon-worshipping death cults can get their hands on it, isn't always a good idea.

2828 - Galactica votes for independence from the French Empire Edit

Flag of the Republic of Galactica
Flag of the Republic of Galactica
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space

The following prepared speech was delivered by President Raoul Savoie on the footsteps of the Galactican Senate, flanked by legislators of high rank from the Union Democratic Party

Ladies, gentlemen of Galactica and the Gigaquadrant,

History weighs heavily on our shoulders today. Just a few minutes ago, our legislature has given voice to a people yearning to be free, a nation whose only desire is to control its destiny and to govern itself free from the interference of foreign governments.

The road to the document I have before me has been long and inexorable. We left our homes and our communities, settling with our families in a harsh and untamed galaxy. We proved that the impossible could be done: we settled it. We built new communities. We governed ourselves. We thrived.

Only those elites who had ripped us off and kept us in subjection back home, they followed us here. The capitalists sought to exploit us, the permanent political aristocracy in Paris sought to tax us, the military-industrial complex sought to draft us, the banks sought to control us. We will have no more part in a system which no longer protects the most basic liberties due to any Frenchman, any human.

In 2818, we took our government back. Today, my fellow citizens, we take our nation back. This document I have just signed, passed by both houses of our legislature by overwhelming majorities, is proof that the Galactican people are patriots and will fight for their liberties and independence. We will fight for our freedom, by force of arms if necessary. If necessary, we will do it alone.

Thank you.

Raoul Savoie
President of Galactica

VogrikDirectorateFlag The Director of the Vogrik Directorate: Director Phur'an VogrikSeal
I sense that there be a shitstorm in the coming days.


Flag of France
Flag of France
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space

The following is a prepared statement delivered from the podium of the crowded press room at Arès Villa, Richelieu, by Alexandre I, Emperor of the French. He was fanked by every senior official of the cabinet, the joint chiefs of staff, the judiciary, and the leadership of both parties and houses of Parliament.

Good evening,

A few hours ago, the Galactican legislature made a splash when it passed a bill expressing its intent to secede from the French Empire. The document makes the constitutional argument that Galactica joined the Empire in free association with other French states. If it joined freely then, it argues, Galactica can leave freely now.

This argument is not only wrong, it's dangerous, pernicious, and cruel.

The constitutional court has already ruled on the question of independence. The Constitution of our union, which the French people approved by overwhelming margins, has no mechanism for secession. The document which the Galactican elite passed has no legal meaning. We will all wake up tomorrow, and nothing will have changed between Galactica and the French Empire.

Whether Raoul Savoie likes it or not, we created a pact. We settled that we are one nation, indivisible and whole, many parts of one system. Together, by working off of our strengths and covering our weaknesses, by occupying common ground and bridging our differences, we are greater than the sum of our parts. Together, we are strong, free, and independent. Together, we do not need to fear that our liberties, our independence, or our constitution might be taken away by forces beyond our control.

As Emperor, I have made a solemn oath to defend the French nation, its people, its constitution, its liberties, and its laws. What we're seeing today in Galactica is but the latest in a long series of attacks against republican government carried out by Savoie and his government. He jails his political opponents, has encouraged political violence, has pilfered Galactica's economy to reward his partisans, and continues to request aid from the imperial government to address the misery he causes only to subsequently pocket the money. Now, he attacks the premises which are at the heart of our imperial constitution, and which are the essence of why the French people are free and so many are not.

I say this now, on behalf of the French cabinet, the joint chiefs of staff, the judiciary, and both political parties, if Savoie continues down this path, the Imperial government will be forced to take action to protect the people of Galactica from their own government.

I will take your questions now.

Alexandre I
Emperor of the French

Message from Laurac Rotar Ramior of the Stellarian Brigade Lei
Prediction, Galactica gets crushed and everything goes back to its humdrum routine.

Introducing the Type-85 Freight Barge Edit

Interested in a capable transportation vessel?

Searching for a cheap alternative to producing it directly?

Look no further than the Type-85 Freight Barge. With a space-efficient layout and the option of low-mass armour plating, the Barge can be towed behind any other freighter, cruise ship (we make those too), or superdreadnought you chose to attach it to. Not enough cargo capacity? Buy another! These ships can easily be towed in a line.

House Horatius is pleased to offer these ships at a reduced price (in collaboration with our partners in House Cassius), an offer that will last for six standard months. Would you prefer not to ship your goods at all? We also provide escorted shipping services in and around the Lower Sagittarius Arm, along with a multitude of other goods and services. For more information, please contact me or one of my representatives.


Imperial Fleet Secedes from Empire to aid Republic! Edit

DES Emblem Representing the DES: Taraen Hyperion
Greetings civilizations of the First Gigaquadrant. My name is Taraen Hyperion, former Admiral in the Imperial Navy. Former as in my fleet and I have officially declared independence from the tyrannical Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. As of this moment, the 14th Imperial Fleet is now and forever free and will henceforth aid the rightful galactic government, the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus. We have founded our own empire, the Democratic Empire of Species and seek recognition for our cause of independence. We will aid any civilizations and individuals trying to escape the Empire, and will continue this war until the Republic flag flies over Orbispira, where it belongs. Death to the Empire! Long live the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus!

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