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[21:36] <Xho> Why am I in half of the IRC moments

- Xho

Warning; This page contains adult humour and vulgar language.

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[16:44] * Xho eats Cyrannian
[16:44] * Cyrannian explodes out of Xho's stomach
[16:44] * Cyrannian eats Xho
[16:45] * Xho explodes out of Cyrannian's stomach
[16:45] * Xho eats Cyrannian
[16:45] * Cyrannian explodes out of Xho's stomach
[16:45] * Cyrannian eats Xho
[16:45] * Xho explodes out of Cyrannian's stomach
[16:45] * Xho eats Cyrannian
[16:45] * Cyrannian explodes out of Xho's stomach
[16:45] * Cyrannian eats Xho
[16:45] * Xho explodes out of Cyrannian's stomach
[16:45] * OluapWorker throws Xho and Cyrannian at the Asgord pits
[16:45] <@OluapWorker> SHUP
[16:45] <Xho> Explodingstomachception


[23:34]	Monet	Apart from the whole 'world destruction part' does this sound familiar? 
(P.S. I forgot to mention their society is ancient and once ruled a vast empire.
Purebloods can apparently turn into snakes of any size)
[23:34]	Monet	Hi
[23:35]	Irskaad	No to me
[23:36]	Monet	Wormy tends to mention them a lot and Cyr says he is one...
[23:37]	Catface	Irish?
[23:37]	Irskaad	LOL

Out of Character MomentEdit

[22:08] <@OluapPlayer> Cyrannian: imma add stoof to ur to-do list hurhurhur
[22:09] <@Cyrannian> Good, hopefully I can keep on track of it all.
[22:09] <@OluapPlayer> You took this well
[22:09] <@OluapPlayer> NUU
[22:09] * OluapPlayer explodes violently
[22:11] <@Cyrannian> hurhurhur
[22:11] <@Cyrannian> Now that he's dead, I can complain.
[22:11] * OluapPlayer reforms
[22:11] <@OluapPlayer> sssss
[22:11] * Cyrannian starts yelling
[22:11] <@Cyrannian> NGH

One Word Answers Edit

[19:19] <LotG> If there's something that should burn and rot under Angazhar's foot, its one word answers.
[19:19] <Xho_> Ok
[19:19] <Xho_> :trollface:

Hivemind Shenanigans Edit

[00:15] * Xho_ gets an umbrella
[00:15] <The_Randomness> Why an umbrella?
[00:15] <Xho_> Because I just can
[00:17] * OluapPlayer steals Xho_'s umbrella
[00:17] <@OluapPlayer> mien
[00:17] * Cyrannian steals the umbrella and flies away
[00:17] <Xho_> As you do
[00:17] <@OluapPlayer> Hivemind theft
[00:18] * The_Randomness watches as OluapPlayer turns into Rubberfruit
[00:18] <@Cyrannian> Mary Poppins taught me.
[00:18] <Xho_> HAO DIS HAPN
[00:18] * Xho_ is now a pah
[00:18] * OluapPlayer looks at The_Randomness with a Soldier derp face
[00:18] * The_Randomness is now a shoe
[00:19] <Xho_> RubberFruit, Pie and Shoe
[00:19] <Xho_> What a night this has been
[00:19] <@OluapPlayer> I blame Cyrannian
[00:19] <Xho_> Don't we all
[00:19] <@Cyrannian> So do I.
[00:19] <Xho_> C
[00:19] <@OluapPlayer> lol

Xho has 0 F**** to giveEdit

[17:29] <Xho> Let's celebrate this day with a magic trick.
[17:29] <Xho> Pick a number
[17:29] <Irskaad> 21
[17:29] <Xho> Square it
[17:29] <Irskaad> 4.58
[17:30] <Xho> Not square root
[17:30] <Xho> Square it
[17:30] <@OluapPlayer> 21 x 21 = 4.58
[17:30] <@OluapPlayer> wot
[17:30] <Irskaad> Oh square
[17:31] <Irskaad> I immediatly thought sqrt luls
[17:31] <Xho> ...Well?
[17:31] <Irskaad> 21^2 = 441
[17:31] <Xho> Divide by the original number
[17:32] <Imperios> Noic
[17:32] <Irskaad> 21
[17:32] <@OluapPlayer> dis redundant
[17:32] <Xho> Now take away by the number you originally thought of
[17:32] <Monet> Let me guess... 0?
[17:32] <Irskaad> 21 - 21 0
[17:32] <Irskaad> = 0*
[17:32] <Xho> GOOD
[17:33] <Technobliterator> LOL


[23:04] <@OluapPlayer> ~kick Cyrannian
[23:04] * infobot kicks Cyrannian
[23:04] <@OluapPlayer> finish paegs grrr
[23:05] <@Cyrannian> Frakking picture won't update.
[23:07] * Cyrannian yells at his picture
[23:08] * OluapPlayer yells at Cyrannian
[23:08] * Cyrannian yells at himself and then cries in a corner
[23:08] * OluapPlayer yells at his yelling and then explodes
[23:08] <@Cyrannian> IRC moment.
[23:09] <@OluapPlayer> hur
[23:09] <@Cyrannian> In otherwords, I'm bored.

The Hivemind has a BabyEdit

[00:29] == Liquid_Ink [79d2d805@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sporewiki
[00:29] <Liquid_Ink> What happened while I was gone?
[00:29] <@Cyrannian> Xho gave birth to OluapPlayer.
[00:30] <Xho> I WHAT
[00:30] * Xho implodes
[00:30] <Liquid_Ink> Was Technobliterator the father?
[00:30] <@Cyrannian> No, I was. *pervfaic*
[00:31] <Liquid_Ink> Erotic.
[00:31] <Xho> OH WHAT
[00:31] * Xho implodes again
[00:31] <Liquid_Ink> Personally, I'd prefer Techno to you, but it's Xho's choice.
[00:32] <Xho> It wasn't by choice by the sounds of things
[00:32] <Xho> Bloody waptors
[00:32] <Xho> You can't beat them these days
[00:32] <@Cyrannian> Which, because of the hivemind, means that Xho, Oluap and I had a baby which turned out to be all of us.
[00:32] <Xho> IMPOSSIBRU
[00:32] <@Cyrannian> Yeah, shit is fucked up.


[00:17] <Xho> Sometimes I wonder if you lot are stupid intentionally or if it was biological predisposition.
[00:18] <Irskaad> Nah, it's just that I'm an obsessed fan :P
[00:18] <@Cyrannian> There's a difference? :P
[00:18] <Xho> No. :P
[00:18] <@Cyrannian> I'm furious. :P
[00:18] <Xho> You have no idea. :P
[00:18] <Irskaad> LOL :P
[00:18] <Atamolos> Why are we all doing this. :P
[00:18] <@Cyrannian> Okay, lets not turn this into a craze. :P

Everything As UsualEdit

[14:47] == OluapPlayer [bd0ebea1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sporewiki
[14:47] == mode/#sporewiki [+o OluapPlayer] by ChanServ
[14:47] <Reebutt17> Borealis?
[14:47] <Needles_10> Borealis? Plazith Rim?
[14:47] <Xho> Plazith Rim? The fuck is that?
[14:47] <Reebutt17> Cyrannus?
[14:47] <Needles_10> Milky Way, Xho. Look at the page.
[14:48] <Needles_10> BECAUSE!
[14:48] <@OluapPlayer> I join to see Xho raging
[14:48] <@OluapPlayer> Everything is normal

Ghelae on the Evil Council of DoomEdit

[20:24] <Ghelae> Evil Councils of Doom are my favourite type of Councils of Doom.

Accident with the LightsaberEdit

[20:24] <@OluapWorker> And you need to go finish paegs
[20:24] <@OluapWaptor3546> NEVER
[20:24] <@OluapWorker> If that's so
[20:25] * OluapWaptor3546 pulls out a lightsaber and cuts off OluapWaptor3546's hands
[20:25] * OluapWorker forces OluapWaptor3546 to be pet by a cute Asgord baby
[20:25] <@OluapWaptor3546> Oh god whoops
[20:25] == Wormy_ has changed nick to Wormy
[20:25] <@OluapWorker> You cut your own hands off lul
[20:25] <@OluapWaptor3546> Damn tab button
[20:25] <Ghelae> Lightsabers can be tricky to use.

Hivemind has no limits Edit

[16:52] == Xho [5ac81151@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sporewiki
[16:53] <Xho> Why did Jack fall off the swing?
[16:54] <Avetzan> ?
[16:54] <Xho> He had no arms
[16:54] <Xho> Also
[16:54] <Xho> Knock knock
[16:54] == Cyrannian [5629ee44@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sporewiki
[16:54] == mode/#sporewiki [+o Cyrannian] by ChanServ
[16:54] <Xho> Cyrannian: Why did Jack fall off the swing?
[16:55] <@Cyrannian> Because he had no arms.
[16:55] <Xho> ...
[16:55] <Xho> Motherfucker
[16:55] <@Cyrannian> Knock knock.
[16:55] <Xho> Motherfucker.
[16:56] <Xho> I was about to pull off that joke to someone else
[16:56] <Xho> Motherfucker.
[16:56] <@Cyrannian> :>

Xho doesn't like this one bitEdit

[15:01] <@OluapWorker> [link to a particular picture] You aint gonna like this one bit
[15:01] <Xho> Fuck me sideways
[15:01] <@OluapWorker> c
[15:01] * Xho throws Oluap all over the place

Hivemind Romance Edit

[20:51] <@OluapPlayer> FINISH SECTION DAM U
[20:51] <@Cyrannian> OluapPlayer: SHUP
[20:51] <@Cyrannian> ~kiss OluapPlayer
[20:51] * infobot forces OluapPlayer to give Cyrannian a big kiss on the neck
[20:52] <@OluapPlayer> NGH
[20:52] * Cyrannian implodes violently

Xho's Fear Edit

[00:53] <OluapPlayer> Guolivian is probably dancing around right now
[00:54] <OluapPlayer> Even more because his supposed assassin is slacking around for months
[00:55] <Cyrannian> Yeah, that assassin is about as effective as Irsk trying to scare Xho
[00:55] <OluapPlayer> dohoho
[00:55] <Cyrannian> Actually, that's possible
[00:56] <Cyrannian> Irsk - Xho, I'm moving to Southampton! We can spend eternity together!! :D

Cyrannian the Dvottie Edit

[22:19] * OluapWorker runs over Cyrannian, sets his body on fire, dances on his grave then rides a Dvottie into the Sun
[22:19] == OluapWorker [b164139a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:19] * Cyrannian is secretly the Dvottie

Metal Cow Edit

[19:11] <@Cyrannian> - Moo!
[19:11] * Xho milks the metal cow
[19:11] <Xho> shenanigan dat
[19:12] <@Cyrannian> Ew. Ew. Ew.
[19:12] <@Cyrannian> It's a male metal cow.
[19:12] * Xho washes his hands
[19:12] <@Cyrannian> Ew. Ew. Ew.
[19:12] <Xho> Scratch that
[19:13] * Xho sterilizes his hands
[19:13] <@Cyrannian> Why did you have to go there?
[19:13] <Xho> Hey I didn't know it was a male cow
[19:13] <Xho> Because male cows are called bulls for a reason
[19:13] <@Cyrannian> Milking a female cow with your bare hands isn't exactly beautiful.
[19:13] <Xho> Let alone a metal cow?
[19:14] <@Cyrannian> Metal cows are even worse.
[19:16] == Ghelae [1f355a85@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sporewiki
[19:17] <@Cyrannian> Xho milked a male metal cow.
[19:17] <Xho> Without knowing that is
[19:17] <Ghelae> "Male cow"?
[19:17] <Xho> A bull yes
[19:18] <@Cyrannian> - This one in particular.
[19:18] <Monet> That's the metal cow?
[19:18] <Ghelae> I don't think I've ever seen a cow - or bull - with legs quite that long.
[19:18] <Ghelae> Also, why did Xho milk it?
[19:18] <@Cyrannian> He was thirsty, I suppose.
[19:18] <Xho> Cause I thought it was a female cow
[19:19] <@Cyrannian> Luckily we stopped him from drinking it.
[19:19] <Ghelae> And you didn't notice that it didn't have udders?
[19:19] <Catface> Well he seen it had one 'udder'
[19:20] <Ghelae> Hmm.
[19:20] <Monet> hah.
[19:20] <@Cyrannian> Oh god.
[19:20] <Catface> Cow - "Don't stop"
[19:21] <Ghelae> It's not a cow if it's male. :P
[19:21] <Catface> Well its a bull.
[19:21] <@Cyrannian> I can't stop laughing.
[19:21] <Catface> But still.
[19:21] <@Cyrannian> And I'm a city-folk, how am I supposed to know.
[19:22] <Catface> I really should know this since I've lived on a farm for awhile.
[19:22] <Ghelae> To be fair, "a male cattle" does sound a bit pretentious.
[19:22] <Monet> This is gold!
[19:23] <@OluapWorker> I come back from work to see this
[19:23] <@OluapWorker> What the hell is going on
[19:23] <Catface> Xho milked a bull.
[19:23] <Ghelae> Xho milked a male metal cattle.
[19:23] <@Cyrannian> Xho should be arrested for bestiality.
[19:23] <@OluapWorker> "milked a bull"
[19:23] <@OluapWorker> Hmmmmm
[19:24] <Xho> Oi I didn't go any further than where I did
[19:24] <@OluapWorker> Son, I am disappoint
[19:24] <Ghelae> I still have no idea what possible turn of events could have led Xho to try to milk a male AT-AT.
[19:24] <Ghelae> Or, for that matter, why there should be gendered AT-ATs.
[19:25] <@OluapWorker> Why not?
[19:25] <@Cyrannian> I just showed him the picture and he started to milk it
[19:25] <Catface> Got milk?
[19:25] <@Cyrannian> That's it. I'm never drinking milk again. Not when there's a fear in the back of my head about people milking male metal cows/bulls.

The Tale of Xho Edit

[21:27] <Ghelae> I already have a heart.
[21:27] <Ghelae> Granted, I stole it from a kitten.
[21:27] <Ghelae> But it's still a heart.
[21:27] <@Cyrannian> You bastard!
[21:27] <@Cyrannian> ~strike Ghelae
[21:27] <Ghelae> No, I'm just kidding.
[21:27] <Ghelae> I actually stole it from Xho.
[21:27] <@Cyrannian> That makes way too much sense.
[21:27] <Xho> Hm
[21:27] <Ghelae> It's true. He actually used to be a really nice person.
[21:28] <Xho> So that's where that heart went
[21:28] <Ghelae> He'd skip along in fields, smelling flowers and singing along with the songbirds.
[21:28] <@Cyrannian> That's an image I'm never going to get out of my head.
[21:28] <Ghelae> And every night, he'd snuggle up in bed with a Dvottie.
[21:29] == Jove_ [185ee384@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:29] <Ghelae> He'd kiss it good night, and have beautiful dreams about puppies and kittens and baby owls.
[21:30] <Wormy_homework> :D
[21:30] <Wormy_homework> And now you do
[21:30] <Ghelae> Then, in the morning, he'd visit Africa and help feed all of the starving children, and not expect so much as a thank you in return.
[21:31] <Wormy_homework> And now you do
[21:31] <Monet> It is interesting to know that most lower-ranking officers and support staff in the Sith Empire care for theri troops. That is what a true officer should be.
[21:31] <Ghelae> Then, in the afternoon, he'd return to the sunny fields of Southampton, and the cycle would start again.
[21:31] <Wormy_homework> Bravo Xho-enhanced Ghelae
[21:31] <Ghelae> Then I ripped his heart from his chest, put it in a frame on my bedroom wall, and now look at Southampton.
[21:31] <Ghelae> Yeah. It all used to be fields.
[21:31] <@Cyrannian> Oh my.
[21:31] <Ghelae> Then Xho had his heary torn out, and turned it to what it is now.
[21:32] <Ghelae> heart*
[21:32] <Ghelae> Yes.
[21:32] <Ghelae> That is the true story of Xho. 

Xho is going downhill Edit

[21:35] <@Cyrannian> Xho's going downhill. First molesting metal cows and now this?

Evil Disguise Revealed Edit

[01:35]	<GreatDestroyer12> tidehunter what's your policy?
[01:35] <TideHunter> On What?
[01:36]	<Monet> How do the Krawfed invade planets.
[01:36]	<TideHunter> Stab them in the face with a knife and devour their intestines.
[01:36]	<TideHunter> I mean :DDDDD
[01:37]	<LotG> TideHunter: Hai Cyrannian
[01:37]	<TideHunter> I'm not nearly as handsome as Cyrannian.

Love Edit

[22:28] <@Cyrannian> For the last time LotG, I'm seeing someone else.
[22:28] <LotG> You said I was the one!
[22:29] <Atamolos> Huh?
[22:29] * Atamolos is confused.
[22:29] <@Cyrannian> What we had was fun while it lasted, but it's over now!
[22:30] <LotG> I can't get over it, why did you have to ditch me for him! Anybody but him!
[22:30] <Atamolos> What is this argument about?
[22:31] <@Cyrannian> I'm afraid it's not actually a him. It's a her.
[22:31] <@Cyrannian> Technobliterator and I are due for marriage.
[22:31] <Needles_10> WOT...
[22:31] * Atamolos facepalms.
[22:31] <LotG> But you said you were...You lied to me!
[22:31] <Needles_10> Irl?
[22:31] <Technobliterator> yeah i already got the ring!
[22:31] <Needles_10> Lolnoway
[22:32] <Technobliterator> yes needles we're getting married in my backyard
[22:32] <LotG> Nuuu, and its with my best friend! How could you?!
[22:32] <Needles_10> Rly...
[22:32] <Technobliterator> having a pizza party
[22:32] <@Cyrannian> Our love broke the barriers of friendship.
[22:32] <Needles_10> Seriously?
[22:32] <Technobliterator> yup.
[22:32] <Needles_10> Honest to god.
[22:32] <Needles_10> If one exists.
[22:32] <Technobliterator> you do realise we're kidding right...
[22:32] <@Cyrannian> Our mutual love for pizzas evolved.
[22:33] <Imperios> Meh
[22:33] <@Cyrannian> Though I'm afraid Technobliterator, our marriage is off.
[22:33] <Technobliterator> it did. i forcefed him them until he become a fan of pizza.
[22:33] <Imperios> So you will give birth to a semi-waptor hybrid?
[22:33] <Technobliterator> oh no worries Cyrannian i was cheating on you anyway!
[22:33] <@Cyrannian> I'm strangely alright with this.
[22:33] <Imperios> Or perhaps you will give birth to a Dvottie.
[22:33] <LotG> I have a confession
[22:33] <Needles_10> Yep
[22:33] <Atamolos> Isn't that about the fourth time you have been engaged Cyrannian?
[22:33] <LotG> I'm dating Technobliterator's nephew, Imperios
[22:33] <Technobliterator> really?!
[22:33] * Imperios foreveralone
[22:34] <Needles_10> WOOOOOOOAAAAH...
[22:34] <@Cyrannian> Ghelae and I are married twenty four years.
[22:34] <Needles_10> like Iovera.
[22:34] <@Cyrannian> And we have a beautiful son called Xho.
[22:34] <LotG> I have been seeing Impy-poo ever since I met Techno
[22:34] <Technobliterator> aww, i'm happy for him. he had a bunny boyfriend. beter than his last fish boyfriend.
[22:34] <Needles_10> Wwwwwwwwwww...
[22:34] <Atamolos> Cyrannian: I thought you were going to marry Xho...
[22:35] <Needles_10> What about your artist neighbor, Monet?
[22:35] <Imperios> Cyrannian is a two-timer
[22:35] <@Cyrannian> Atamolos: I still am.
[22:35] <@Cyrannian> *pervfaic*
[22:35] <LotG> Monet is my eldest brother
[22:35] <Technobliterator> oh nah he already got himself hitched
[22:35] <Imperios> He cheats Oluap with Xho
[22:35] <Needles_10> Wha
[22:35] * Atamolos is so confused that he becomes enraged and burns down every pizza factory in the world.
[22:35] <Technobliterator> NUUUU
[22:35] <MonetSemi> I make sure little LotG stays out of trouble.
[22:35] * Technobliterator prevents this fromn ever occurin
[22:35] <Technobliterator> and as punishment!
[22:36] <Atamolos> Burn pizza! Burn!
[22:36] * Atamolos laughs maniacally.
[22:36] <LotG> Thank you Monet, I always looked up to you
[22:36] * Technobliterator forces Atamolos to hve a painful, gruesomne death and have this rteplay for eternity
[22:36] <LotG> And I ain't even kidding on that part
[22:36] <@Cyrannian> I'm told that Irskaad is getting married to Monet and that Monet is expecting a child.
[22:36] <MonetSemi> Wait what?

Xho's Language Edit

[22:19] == OluapWorker [b164139a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:19] * Xho decapitates Oluap
[22:19] <Xho> FUCK
[22:19] <Xho> FUCKITY FUCK
[22:19] <Xho> FUCK YOU
[22:19] <Xho> FUCK
[22:19] <Xho> Ok i'm calm

The Cow Strikes Back Edit

[18:31] <@Cyrannian> Here I am, innocently updating Cassynder's page when I get smacked.
[18:31] <Xho> u no innocent
[18:32] <Xho> u made me milk metal man cow
[18:32] <@Cyrannian> That was you and your sick fetish, Xho. I had no hand in it.
[18:32] <Xho> No pun intended, right?
[18:32] <@Cyrannian> Though then again, I did create the male metal cow in the first place.
[18:32] <Xho> :>
[18:32] <@Cyrannian> ohohoho

Anti-Jokes Edit

[15:08] <Xho> What do you call a deer with no eyes?
[15:08] <@OluapWorker> A deer with no eyes
[15:09] <Xho> Blind
[15:09] <@OluapWorker> Close enough
[15:09] <Atamolos> What do you call a person in a wheelchair.
[15:09] <Atamolos> ?
[15:10] <@OluapWorker> A person in a wheelchair
[15:10] <Hachi_> Paraplegic
[15:10] <Atamolos> Disabled
[15:10] <Hachi_> ¬_¬ Offended
[15:11] <Atamolos> I'm bored. I blame infobot.
[15:11] <Atamolos> ~kill herself
[15:11] * infobot shoots a hyper-charged pseudoproton gun at herself
[15:13] <Xho> Friends are like bananas. If you peel their skin and eat them, they die.
[15:13] <Hachi_> olol
[15:13] <@OluapWorker> I can confirm this

Scumbag Xho and Scumbag Monet Edit

[12:42] <Xho> <(Website)> Me in a nutshell?
[12:42] <Monet> Dum Xho I got a virus.
[12:42] <Xho> Odd
[12:42] <Xho> This site doesn't present viruses
[12:43] * Monet fires his ship's turbolasers at Xho.
[12:43] * Xho and the entire city gets eradicated
[12:43] <Monet> Still picked oen up.
[12:43] <Xho> How do you feel killing 240,000 people in one go
[12:43] <Monet> it was Southampton.
[12:44] * Xho was outsmarted
[12:44] <Xho> Well played

Bludgeoning Someone's Heat Edit

[11:47] * AdmiralPanda beats Ghelae over the head with Wormy *
[11:47] * Ghelae beats AdmiralPanda over the heat with AdmiralPanda
[11:48] * AdmiralPanda kills the clone Ghelae used as a bludgeon *
[11:48] <Ghelae> oops
[11:48] <Wormy> You just skimmed the over the surface body temperature
[11:49] <Ghelae> You'd be surprised how effective bludgeoning someone's heat is.
[11:49] <Wormy> How so?
[11:50] <Ghelae> Well, the heat dies of blood loss, so they go cold and get hypothermia.
[11:50] <Ghelae> Sheesh, Wormy, I thought you were supposed to be good at science.

Troll Parents Edit

[16:21] <Monet> That cute baby is going to grow into something absolutely massive.
[16:22] <Xho> That's what my parents said about me
[16:22] <Monet> Ouch.

Hachi Will Get Laid Edit

[21:26] <Hachi_> Next part Hachi will get laaaaaiiid
[21:26] <Xho> By a disguised Dhazhrak
[21:26] <Xho> YOU SAW ME SAY IT
[21:26] <@OluapWorker> HECK YES
[21:26] <Hachi_> NGH

Internet History Edit

[17:00] <@OluapWorker> rainbow dash, octavia, boobs, legend of korra, rarity, my little pony, doctor who, porn, NSFW, pinkie pie, good, hot
[17:00] <@OluapWorker> Basically ponies and porn
[17:00] <Catface_> Dammit who found my internet history?
[17:00] <@Technodroid> LOLOL

Magic Sexual Land Edit

[20:46] == Xho [5ac811da@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #MagicalSexualLand
[20:46] == roboticking45 [626ede44@gateway/web/qwebirc/] has joined #MagicalSexualLand
[20:46] == mode/#MagicalSexualLand [+o Xho] by Cyrannian
[20:46] == mode/#MagicalSexualLand [+o roboticking45] by Cyrannian
[20:47] <@Xho> Well you asked me
[20:47] == Hachi__ [56938371@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #MagicalSexualLand
[20:47] == Zmr56 [522fb4b4@gateway/web/qwebirc/] has joined #MagicalSexualLand
[20:47] == mode/#MagicalSexualLand [+o Zmr56] by Cyrannian
[20:47] <@Zmr56> AHHHHHHHHHHHH
[20:47] == mode/#MagicalSexualLand [+o Hachi__] by Cyrannian
[20:47] == mode/#MagicalSexualLand [-o Cyrannian] by Xho
[20:47] == mode/#MagicalSexualLand [-o roboticking45] by Xho
[20:47] == mode/#MagicalSexualLand [-o Hachi__] by Xho
[20:47] == mode/#MagicalSexualLand [-o Zmr56] by Xho
[20:47] <@Xho> Mwaahahaha
[20:47] <@Xho> I WIN
[20:47] <Hachi__> You troll
[20:47] <Cyrannian> You are so unsexual
[20:47] == roboticking45 [626ede44@gateway/web/qwebirc/] has left #MagicalSexualLand []
[20:47] == Zmr56 [522fb4b4@gateway/web/qwebirc/] has left #MagicalSexualLand []
[20:48] == Cyrannian [562ceca2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #MagicalSexualLand []
[20:48] <Hachi__> Nu
[20:48] <@Xho> ~rape Hachi__
[20:48] <@Xho> I SED
[20:48] <Hachi__> NUUUUU
[20:48] <@Xho> RAPE HACHI
[20:48] <@Xho> NAO
[20:48] <Hachi__> NGHNGHNGH
[20:48] == Hachi__ was kicked from #MagicalSexualLand by Xho [wibble]
[20:48] <@Xho> WOO

Two Drones, One President Edit

[00:16] <Tybusen> Apollo x Khuneaten
[00:16] <Tybusen> Who knows what they were doing in that Cube
[00:17] <@Cyrannian> You'll find out in Two Drones, One President
[00:17] <Hachi__> OHGOD
[00:17] <GD12> NGH
[00:17] <Tybusen> PFFFF
[00:17] <Tybusen> HAHA
[00:17] <GD12> just NGH
[00:17] <@Cyrannian> I can't believe I made that reference
[00:17] <Tybusen> it's canon now
[00:17] <GD12> ~cleanse Cyrannian
[00:17] <+infobot> Come here, Cyrannian.  I have an extra-large enema bag with your name on it.
[00:17] <GD12> Burn the Heretic!
[00:18] * OluapPlayer_ vomits on Cyrannian

A Discussion about Horses Edit

[13:08] <Monet> Do you know what's troll for me: Horses are one of the quintessential riding animal but they are an absolute PAIN to draw.
[13:08] <Monet> are the quintessential*
[13:10] <Monet> And before anyone asks, I don't mean Ponies.
[13:10] == EmperorsWrath [] has joined #sporewiki
[13:10] <@OluapPlayer> hur no one said anything
[13:10] <Hachi_> Yeah, real horses are a bitch to draw
[13:11] <Monet> The legs are the worst: Their elbow is actually where our armpits are.
[13:11] <@OluapPlayer> Horses are dum in general
[13:12] <Monet> You won't be saying that when one kocks you in the twiddle-diddles.
[13:12] <Monet> kicks*
[13:13] <@OluapPlayer> That would only give me another reason to find them dum
[13:13] <EmperorsWrath> Horses are cool
[13:14] <Monet> Also if my maths are right, a horse-kick ot the twiddle diddles would make you a lady.
[13:14] <@OluapPlayer> So that's how Hachi_ was born
[13:14] <Hachi_> dum
[13:15] <Monet> I feel bad for laughing.

Imperial Troopers Edit

[21:52] <EmperorsWrath> By the way why are the Imperial troopers white
[21:52] <EmperorsWrath> Weren't they ghey
[21:52] <EmperorsWrath> *grey
[21:52] <OluapPlayer> olol
[21:52] <Monet> Also I like those Stormtrooper models Dino made
[21:52] <Hachi_> I remember seein Clones in black outfits in Star Wars and I never knew why
[21:52] <Cyrannian> My god, you can't just ask someone why they're white

The F-Word Edit

[15:42] <Wormy> I had a chav screaming the f word in my face on Friday night
[15:42] <@OluapWorker> "FLOWERS!"
[15:42] <Wormy> That will be my response next time it happens
[15:42] <@Xho> lul
[15:42] <Wormy> Thank you Oluap

A Dirty Day at IRC Edit

[13:45] <@OluapWorker> Also gud picture
[13:46] <@OluapWorker> You can leave the rest of the sections to me
[13:48] <@OluapWorker>
[13:50] <@Cyrannian> I'll be on TOR
[13:50] <@Cyrannian> Bai
[13:50] == Cyrannian [562de565@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[13:50] <@OluapWorker> bai
[13:50] <@OluapWorker> bah
[13:50] <Xho> "You can leave the rest of the sections to me"
[13:51] <Xho> I'm not gonna lie
[13:51] <Xho> I thought that said "You can leave the rest of the erections to me"
[13:51] <@OluapWorker> God what
[13:52] <GD12> wot


[13:55] <@OluapWorker> I've just stumbled about one picture of the Scout which kind of killed some of my brain cells
[13:55] <@OluapWorker> Not sure if I should post it here
[13:56] <Xho> Oh god
[13:56] <Xho> Hah some guy sent me some hatemail on NiiN
[13:56] <Xho> My response "Well aren't you a cute little kid."
[13:56] <@OluapWorker> hur
[13:56] <@OluapWorker> Fuck it here it goes [LINK]
[13:56] <@OluapWorker> Don't open it in front of your parents
[13:56] <Xho> ...
[13:57] <Xho> Goodnight
[13:57] == Xho [5ac8118b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Necrosis]

Xho's Opinion on Conversations Edit

[20:51] <@Xho> ...This conversation is as dissonant as Rebecca Black without autotune

Ainsley Harriott Edit

[13:40] <OluapPlayer> By voting for Pedro, the team summons the grand Ainsley Harriott, who kills all Xhodocto by oiling them up
[13:41] <@Xho> MY GOD WHAT

Kick Immunity Edit

[14:53] <Impy_Spore> Xho: Can you kick the false Imperios
[14:53] == Imperios was kicked from #sporewiki by Xho [wibble]
[14:53] == Imperios [] has joined #sporewiki
[14:54] <Impy_Spore> ...dum
[14:54] <@OluapWorker> hur
[14:54] <@Xho> THE HELL IS DIS
[14:54] == Imperios was kicked from #sporewiki by Xho [wibble]
[14:54] == Imperios [] has joined #sporewiki
[14:54] * Xho breaks down and cries
[14:54] == Imperios was kicked from #sporewiki by Xho [wibble]
[14:54] == Imperios [] has joined #sporewiki
[14:54] == Imperios was kicked from #sporewiki by Xho [wibble]
[14:54] == Imperios [] has joined #sporewiki
[14:54] == Imperios [] has quit [Quit: FRIENDSHIP IS HERESY]
[14:54] * Xho cries some more

Wiener Putting Edit

[19:58] == Cyrannian [562ebce2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sporewiki
[19:58] == mode/#sporewiki [+o Cyrannian] by ChanServ
[19:58] <@Cyrannian> A nice way to join the channel.
[19:58] <@Xho> HOH

Planning Ahead Edit

[11:43] <@OluapPlayer> Stop talking like you're being forced to rp
[11:43] <Hachi_> 2hrs and 20 minuts is a long time
[11:43] <@OluapPlayer> We're obviously gonna pause once you leave
[11:43] <Hachi_> minutes*
[11:44] <Monet> Well it kinda feels that way because YOU DON'T PLAN AHEAD
[11:44] <Hachi_> Actually
[11:44] <Hachi_> Xho doies
[11:44] <Hachi_> does*
[11:44] <@Xho> Do I look like a guy with a plan?
[11:44] <Hachi_> ohgod
[11:44] <@Xho> Oh well I just voided your statement
[11:44] <Technobliterator> i love how xho just contradicted hachi

Xho's FrustrationEdit

[15:37] <Xho> NOH
[15:37] <Xho> NOH
[15:37] <Xho> NOOOOOOOH
[15:37] == mode/#ForgottenLandsStoof [+o Xho] by OluapWorker
[15:38] == mode/#ForgottenLandsStoof [-o OluapWorker] by OluapWorker
[15:38] <@Xho> yeh
[15:38] <@Xho> YEH
[15:38] <@Xho> YEEEEEEEEH

An average SporeWiki discussionEdit

[15:12] <Ghelae> Quark plasma weapons fire projectiles that are blindingly bright blue, but actually release both of their energy from thermally radiating away gamma radiation that's energetic enough to cause electron-positron pairs to spontaneously form when they hit nearby atoms.
[15:12] <Ghelae> release most of their energy*
[15:12] <@Xho> Sounds like Nu's weapon
[15:12] <Technobliterator> Can we have an English translation?
[15:12] <@OluapWorker> Nu - gun-kun~
[15:12] <Monet> Problem is how do you stop a bolt of quark-gluon palsma?
[15:12] <@Xho> Technobliterator: Reduces targets to nothing
[15:12] <Ghelae> English translation? Sure:
[15:12] <ImpyDroid> Technobliterator: PEW PEW
[15:12] <Technobliterator> lmao
[15:12] <ImpyDroid> there you have it
[15:13] <Technobliterator> ahahahaa

The True Story of Gianne InviáEdit

[17:13] <@Cyrannian> It sounds really cruel but I only invented Gianne so that she'd father some children and die
[17:13] <@Cyrannian> *mother ohgod
[17:13] <Needles_10> ReCaptcha of the Day: nfavval particulars
[17:13] <Hachi_> My God
[17:13] <Needles_10> Hi
[17:14] <@OluapWorker> Oh god
[17:14] <Deadmolos> Father???
[17:14] <Wormy> god oh
[17:14] <@OluapWorker> Everything is ruined
[17:14] <Deadmolos> wut
[17:14] <@Cyrannian> Gianne - Surprise Apollo, I HAVE DIK
[17:14] <@OluapWorker> There goes what remained of my innocence
[17:14] <Needles_10> Ngh
[17:14] <Hachi_> Cryin

Breasts and AinsleyEdit

[19:25] == Monet [2ed099a8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sporewiki
[19:25] <@OluapPlayer> Just describe them as if you were describing Ainsley
[19:25] <@OluapPlayer> hi
[19:25] <Monet> Hello!
[19:25] <Hachi_> Hello Monet, we were just talking about breasts again
[19:26] <@OluapPlayer> hur
[19:26] <Monet> Describing breasts as you were describing Ainsley?
[19:26] <@OluapPlayer> Oh god
[19:26] <Hachi_> My God
[19:26] <@OluapPlayer> "Give yo meat a good old rub"

Santo's Beautiful CheeseEdit

[14:30] <Tybusen> dude bro Cyrannian: "Life, death. Order, anarchy. Things that have happened, things that will happen again. It's an unending cycle, and we are in the midst of it. It doesn't seem like the best of places to be in, doesn't it? But that just it. It's beautiful chaos."
[14:30] <TheBuldier> That's sounds like something that Santo would say
[14:30] <@Xho> Actually Santo would say:
[14:30] <@Xho> "Nice place. Food's good."
[14:30] <Tybusen> Replace all the nouns in that with cheese and you have Santo
[14:30] <@Xho> Wow that was some fast typing on my part there
[14:31] <@Xho> Not often does that happen
[14:31] <@Cyrannian> Right. I'll mix the quotes together.
[14:31] <Tybusen> Cheese, cheese. Cheese, cheese. Cheeses that have happened, cheeses that will happen again. It's an unending cheese, and we are in the cheese of it. It doesn't seem like the best of cheeses to be in, doesn't it? But that's just it. It's beautiful cheese."
[14:31] <Tybusen> -Santorakh
[14:31] <@Xho> Oh wow
[14:31] <@Xho> This is just beautiful

Xho Finally Explains Women Edit

[01:06] <Technobliterator> only reason guys say girls are complicated is because guys are overly simple
[01:06] <Xho> Actually
[01:06] <Xho> I've figured out women
[01:06] <Xho> Women only want to hear what they want to hear but in a deeper voice
[01:06] <Xho> That is all there is to the opposite gender
[01:07] <Technobliterator> fair enough
[01:07] * Xho slaps Technobliterator
[01:07] * Technobliterator slaps Xho
[01:07] <Technobliterator> feminine hands
[01:07] * Xho is Technobliterator
[01:07] <Xho> Explain that one
[01:07] <Technobliterator> hm
[01:08] * Technobliterator uses femininity to autowin the argument
[01:08] <Technobliterator> there
[01:08] * Xho voids that because it wasn't a valid explanation
[01:08] * Technobliterator decides that it was and thus wins
[01:08] <Xho> See this is exactly what I mean about defining women
[01:08] <Xho> I go against women and they become inexplicably complicated
[01:09] <Technobliterator> you're just figuring us out more
[01:09] <Xho> I am a freaking genius
[01:09] <Technobliterator> indeed
[01:09] <Technobliterator> you want a medal?
[01:09] <Xho> Bow down to me and deliver onto me your grudging hatred
[01:09] <Technobliterator> nu
[01:10] <Xho> Okay fine you win
[01:10] <Technobliterator> see
[01:10] <Technobliterator> never argue with a woman
[01:11] <Technobliterator> she wins every time
[01:11] <Liquid_Ink> I'm going to stick to keeping her company during art and agreeing with her
[01:11] <Xho> Well I just won that one by explaining exactly what I just predicted
[01:11] <Tybusen> So that's why the Female Xhodocto are extinct, the males got tired of losing arguments to them.
[01:11] <Xho> Xho logic never loses
[01:11] <Technobliterator> if wedo a draw
[01:11] <Technobliterator> we both won
[01:12] <Xho> Okay now you're trying to compromise
[01:12] <Xho> That means I have won
[01:12] <Liquid_Ink> Wasn't XhoLogic getting the right answer by making a wild stab in the dark at a different question?
[01:12] <Xho> Liquid_Ink: Xho logic exists in many forms
[01:12] <Liquid_Ink> Ah, I see
[01:12] <Catface> Technobliterator: I quoted your dummy dum dum page.
[01:12] <Technobliterator> yey
[01:12] <Tybusen> Xho logic is all logic, therefore it wins all logic
[01:13] <Technobliterator> ffs fine you win

AB swears he's perfectly sane Edit

[06:25]	*** join/#sporewiki Pandaphone (
[06:25]	<Pandaphone> hello
[06:25]	<DrodoEmpire> Hello,
[06:25]	<Angrybirds> That should be a thing, a pandaphone.
[06:26]	<Pandaphone> ring ring, panda-phone
[06:26]	<Angrybirds> Paaaaaaaaandaaaaaaaa austriaaaaaaaaliaaaaaaaaa
[06:28]	<Angrybirds> maaaaaamaaaaaliaaaaa
[06:29]	<Angrybirds> Maaaaaaaandelaaaaaaa
[06:29]	<Angrybirds> I am sane, I swear.
[06:29]	<Pandaphone> sure
[06:29]	<DrodoEmpire> kicks AngryBirds in the crotch
[06:29]	<DrodoEmpire> Stahp
[06:29]	<Angrybirds> *keels over*
[06:30]	<Angrybirds> My genitaaaaaliaaaaaa

Welcome to SporeWikiEdit

[17:47] == Liquid_Ink [65a556ed@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sporewiki
[17:47] <@OluapPlayer> Well, you gotta do what you gotta do when you have a boner
[17:47] <@OluapPlayer> Hm, weird thing to arrive to
[17:47] <Ghelae> Welcome to #sporewiki, Liquid.

Philosophical Xho Edit

[15:56] <@OluapPlayer> Xho is at his peak intelligence when water is falling on his head

Xhohemian Rhapsody Edit

[23:55] <Hachiman> olol
[23:55] <Hachiman> Yep Xho's drunk
[23:55] <Tecnhodroid> Queen <3
[23:55] <@Cyrannian> EASY COME EASY GO
[23:56] <Tecnhodroid> MAMA MIA MAMA MIA
[23:56] <Xho> NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
[23:56] <Tecnhodroid> MAMA MIA LET ME GO
[23:56] == AdmiralPanda [~anonymous@] has joined #sporewiki
[23:56] == TekDroid [] has joined #sporewiki
[23:56] <Hachiman> They're singing Queen
[23:56] <Tybusen> Everyone's drunk now
[23:56] <Tybusen> So it's all right
[23:56] <Tybusen> It's safe
[23:56] <AdmiralPanda> lol
[23:56] <Tecnhodroid> *insert guitar solo here*
[23:57] <Tecnhodroid> ?
[23:57] <Zmr56> He's drunk
[23:57] <Zmr56> Very drunk
[23:57] <Tecnhodroid> CANT DO THIS TO ME BABYYY
[23:57] <Jepardi> Absolutely wasted
[23:57] <Zmr56> ohgod
[23:58] <Tecnhodroid> *insert guitar solo*
[23:58] <Zmr56> I just have no idea
[23:58] <Tecnhodroid> *insert piano and guitar slow bit*
[23:58] <Jepardi> Relates to this
[23:59] <Tecnhodroid> Nothing really matters...anyone can see
[23:59] * Zmr56 starts spazzing arms around violently and hits many people in the face
[23:59] <@Wormy> Right me and Angrybirds have made up
[23:59] <Tecnhodroid> *song ends*
[23:59] <Tecnhodroid> that was cool

Wormy's Final Form Edit

[16:49] <Wormy_> I plan on cryogenically freezing my brain before death
[16:49] <Wormy_> And then having it converted to utility fog when the technology is developed
[16:50] <Wormy_> And then I shall travel to several locations using different bodies, all linked
[16:50] <Tybusen> "I am not Wormy. The man you once knew as Wormy is dead. Now, I have reached my final form, Super Wormulus 4!"
[16:51] <Wormy_> That is somethig I would say
[16:51] <Tybusen> Congratulations Wormy, you're a shounen antagonist
[16:52] <Wormy_> In fact I enjoyed telling my mother the boy and baby she remembered is actually dead, with all the cells and atoms long replaced several times
[16:53] <Wormy_> one vehicle, many persons
[16:53] <Tybusen> Well, actually, you'd be a shonen antagonist if you declared your final form was "Super Tengen Toppa Chouginga Kaio Senjin Shippu Wormulus 4 no Jutsu"
[16:55] <Wormy_> Unfortunately my vehicle did not originate from Japan, so none of my persons will ever be Japanese
[16:55] <Tybusen> Nonsense, all the best vehicles come from Japan
[16:55] <Wormy_> So even if I was a being of utility fog, I will never be best!


[17:09] <Wormy_> So I can be a fifth dimensional tesseract utility fog Japanese living embodiment of Super Tengen Toppa Chouginga Kaio Senjin Shippu Wormulus 4 no Jutsu landrover
[17:09] <Tek0516> Of course with the right technology you could make the biological component change culture both mentally and physically.
[17:11] <Wormy_>
[17:11] <Tybusen> So we've determined now that if we had a SporeWiki anime, Wormy_'s final form would be a fifth-dimensional Japanese tesseract utility fog living embodiment of Super Tengen Toppa Chouginga Kaio Senjin Shippu Wormulus 4 no Jutsu Land Rover
[17:11] <Tek0516> O.o
[17:12] <Tek0516> And he'd be one of those really annoying bosses to kill because even if you wreck the 3D he still has 2D left. :P
[17:14] <Tybusen> Which is, of course, derived from the penultimate form, fourth-dimensional Japanese tesseract utility fog living embodiment of Perfect Ultra Fusion Sakura Life Fiber Synchronize Kamui Wormulus 3 Shippuden Land Rover
[17:15] <Wormy_> I'm happy to just be a land rover
[17:16] <Tybusen> Land Rover Bomb Override is Super Tengen Toppa Chouginga Kaio Senjin Shippu Wormulus 4 no Jutsu Land Rover's ultimate attack
[17:17] <Wormy_> it even has a spare wheel
[17:17] <Tybusen> Unfortunately it requires 15 episodes to charge as you gather the energy of all the Land Rovers in the world, and even then it will almost certainly fail to kill the target when it is used in the climax
[17:17] <Tek0516> And a thousand hours later you face off against eighteenth-dimensional Japanese tesseract utility fog living embodiment of Perfect Ultra Super Ultra Fusion Ultimate Multi Sakura Life Fiber Turbo Synchronize Kamui Wormulus 12 Shippuden Land Rover Plus++++ Mk III
[17:18] == Wood_Pulp_Ascend [42ad095a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sporewiki
[17:18] <Wormy_> its just all very orgasmic
[17:18] <Wormy_> oh hi
[17:18] <Wood_Pulp_Ascend> Wow, weird coversation to walk in on
[17:18] <Tek0516> And following the encounter of that it is immediately destroyed by the ultimate demon that killed god two seasons back.
[17:21] <Tybusen> Tek0516: You fool, you completely forgot that eighteenth-dimensional Japanese tesseract utility fog living embodiment of Perfect Ultra Super Ultra Fusion Ultimate Multi Sakura Life Fiber Turbo Synchronize Kamui Wormulus 12 Shippuden Land Rover Plus+++ Mk III survives the Ultimate Demon attack
[17:22] <Tybusen> and Mega Digivolves into Kami Tengen Toppa Ultimate Super Perfect Fusion Multi-Sakura Life Fiber "ORE GA DARE DA TO OMOTTE YARU!!!!" Synchronize Kamui Wormulus 13 Shinigami Shippuden Land Rover x4++++ Mk 17
[17:22] <Tek0516> Then later possesses the thing that killed the thing that killed the Ultimate Demon
[17:24] <Tybusen> To become the nineteenth-dimensional Japanese tesseract utility fog living embodiment of Ultimate Oni Demon Kami Tengen Toppa Ultimate Super Perfect Fusion Multi-Sakura Life Fiber "ORE GA DARE DA TO OMOTTE YARU!!!" Synchronize Kamui Wormulus 13 Shinigami Shippuden Land Rover x4++++ Mk 17
[17:25] <Tek0516> At that point it then ascends to be 9001 billion light years in size, consuming all the parallel universes at once
[17:26] <Tybusen> At which point the waveform of existence itself breaks down into a twentieth-dimensional Penrose diagram and causes time to collapse on itself, reverting it back to Wormy_
[17:27] <Tek0516> Wormy becomes the multiverse? :O
[17:27] <Wormy_> Check mate
[17:28] == Wormy_ [520d1dc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

Wrong Edit


[20:26] <Hachiman> Primius: Infobot is female
[20:26] <Primius> Kk
[20:26] <Xho> ~gender
[20:26] <+infobot> I'm male
[20:26] <Xho> WRONG
[20:26] <Primius> wtf
[20:26] <Hachiman> fug

The Hunger Games: Fantasyverse Edition Edit

Starring: Riad, Ndrhthryr, Varelos von Dalverat, Sea Witch, Hachi, Septimus, Lekren-Lax, Norrigan of Aynach, Vermin King, the Mudpriest, Earath, Khadya, Janos Omegon, Imperator Kalarah, Pelagrios, Filonan Aerember, Kanna, Praenuntius, Tibias Merrow, Anian Dalverat, Alles Dalverat, Hamoins Dalverat, Saranhreia, Jalaric Hathgar, Big Beard Clamak, Caligaduro Provectus, Vargash, Kaicaiusarin and a Smeever.

[16:38] <OluapPlayer> I found a site which simulates a Hunger Games scenario with customizable characters

"Sea Witch breaks Septimus's nose for a basket of bread."

[16:39] <OluapPlayer> Off to a good start

"Ndrhthryr and Varelos threaten a double suicide. It fails and they die."

[16:39] <OluapPlayer> How the fuck
[16:40] <Xho> Ndrhthryr - get rekt vampir
[16:40] <Xho> "Sea Witch breaks Septimus's nose for a basket of bread."         Septimus - MY BEAUTIFUL FACE
[16:40] <OluapPlayer> Also both Norrigan and the Vermin King are currently in the possession of a bag of explosives
[16:40] <OluapPlayer> This can only end well obviously
[16:41] <OluapPlayer> My mistake, the Mudpriest has bombs, not the Vermin king
[16:41] <OluapPlayer> Makes little difference

"Hamoins, Kaicaiusarin, and Sea Witch successfully ambush and kill Norrigan, Caligaduro Provectus, and Earath."

[16:42] <OluapPlayer> Oh god
[16:42] <drom> Is this the Hunger games?
[16:42] <drom> Oh yeah.

"Kalarah sets an explosive off, killing Kinmorunddraver, Khadya, and Sepulchrus."

[16:42] <Xho> Kalarah - yes
[16:42] <OluapPlayer> Note: never give bombs to Kalarah

"Vermin King stalks Pelagrios."

[16:43] <Xho> Kaicaiusarin - YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME DAD                           Caligaduro - doesn't mean u kill me over it

"Lekren-Lax stalks Janos."
"Mudpriest scares Septimus off."

[16:44] <OluapPlayer> Mudpriest - boo            Septimus - eek
[16:44] <Xho> Septimus is the ultimate wuss

"Kanna kills Filonan as she tries to escape."

[16:44] <OluapPlayer> Bit rude
[16:44] <drom> implying that Septimus' broken nose doesn't scare Mudpriest off.

"Septimus fends Vargash, Saranhreia, and Praenuntius away from his fire."

[16:45] <OluapPlayer> Not that wussy now

"Hachi catches Tibias off guard and kills him."
[16:45] <OluapPlayer> Jesus Hachi calm down

"Riad silently snaps Septimus's neck."

[16:46] <Xho> Septimus just pulled the "I am Kalarah's brother" card
[16:46] <OluapPlayer> Riad - HUTTAH NECK SNAP
[16:46] <Xho> Septimus - oh ffs

"Kaicaiusarin beats Kebra'Osos to death."
[16:46] <Xh> That's now Riad's signature kill move
[16:46] <Xho> Kaicaiusarin - HOW DARE YOU SAY I'M NOT PRETTY
[16:47] <OluapPlayer> Kaicaiusarin currently has the most kills with 4
[16:47] <Xho> Crazy bitch goddess

"Mudpriest falls ill from contaminated water."

[16:47] <drom> Whenever I try to start up Spore. It just shows me a black screen, then crashes to desktop.
[16:47] <OluapPlayer> Mudpriest - dis is the problem with pollution

"A Smeever kills Janos for his supplies."

[16:48] <OluapPlayer> I'm not even making this up

"Hamoins decapitates Saranhreia with a sword."
"Pelagrios fends Hathgar, Kanna, and Vargash away from his fire."

[16:49] <Xho> Hamoins - and when u say sword          giant dildo
[16:49] <OluapPlayer> Vargash is the biggest wuss now
[16:49] <Xho> Pelagrios - rum breath activate

"Clamak taints Mortium's food, killing him."

[16:49] <OluapPlayer> Mortium - NOT MY FOOD
[16:50] <Xho> Clamak - no deal     my bag now

"Riad and Kalarah agree to die in the cloud together, but Riad pushes Kalarah in without warning."

My fucking god
[16:50] <Xho> Riad went from the nice guy to the destroyer of worlds
[16:51] <OluapPlayer> Killed Kalarah's brother, then Kalarah himself one after the other
[16:51] <OluapPlayer> Man's brutal
[16:51] <Xho> Riad - I grew up in the north                                 MORNING SHOWERS WERE RAZOR SHARP BLIZZARDS
[16:52] *** join/#sporewiki Monet (05975311@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
[16:52] <Monet> Hello
[16:52] <drom> OluapPlayer: Riad - "I want Kalarah and his family dead. I want to see them die."
[16:52] <Xho> Hi

"Riad bashes Anian's head in with a mace."

[16:52] <OluapPlayer> Riad is unstoppable
[16:52] <Xho> Riad is a fucking serial killer
[16:52] <drom> brb restarting

"Lekren-Lax cries himself to sleep."

[16:53] <OluapPlayer> olol

"Alles cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide." 
Goddamnit Alles

"Hathgar falls into a frozen lake and drowns."
We all know dwarves can't swim

"Clamak dies of thirst." 

[16:54] <Xho> Riad - ur all bad at dis
[16:54] <OluapPlayer> Survivors: Mudpriest, Riad, Pelagrios, Lekren and the Vermin King
[16:55] <Xho> How the hell did Pelagrios survive
[16:55] <OluapPlayer> Welp

"Riad sets an explosive off, killing Lekren-Lax, Vermin King, Mudpriest and Pelagrios."

[16:55] <Xho> Oh god my sides
[16:55] <OluapPlayer> Riad won
[16:55] <Xho> Riad, Simulacrum of Rekt
[16:56] <OluapPlayer> 7 kills in total
[16:56] <OluapPlayer> Pelagrios got second place and didn't kill anyone
[16:56] <OluapPlayer> Pacifist but ded pirate

The Hunger Games: Fictionverse Edition Edit

Starring: Draguros, Angazhar, Krathazhrukhal, Santorakh, Gerden Kole, Diplomat Lezia, Kies, Nar'karaex, Zillum, Venoriel, Commander Eko, Agent Psi, Agent Nu, Agent Mu, Agent Upsilon, Uriel Ultanos, Iovera IX, Zr'Ahgloth, Admiral Kilnok, Commander Zavrhos, Regnatus, Mimi, Jerkon, Koluap, Kithworto, Kol, Thea'Nhirara, Kolossus, Agent Mu, Grox Meta-Emperor, Hachiman, Dreamy Hachi, Tyraz, Sollow, Herquie, Tyrómairon, Apollo, Shu'rimrodir, Cattalix Daren, Sanguine, Kalcedia Myran, Laurinn Ma'fest, Crispy, Erissare, Maryah, Kezoreg, Falrik Zaarkhun, and Gorf.

"Zillum dies from an infection."

[17:45] <@OluapPlayer> We're off to a good start again
[17:45] <Hachiman> Oh boy

"Nar'karaex breaks Maryah's nose for a basket of bread."
"Venoriel forces Psi to kill Ma'fest or Eko. He decides to kill Eko."
"Uriel forces Dreamy Hachi to kill Zavrhos or Kolossus. He decides to kill Kolossus."

[17:46] <Monet> Lol
[17:46] <@OluapPlayer> Damned murderers
[17:46] <Monet> Venoriel - That was fun. No kissies though

"Gerden Kole sets an explosive off, killing Draguros, Angazhar, Zr'Ahgloth and Iovera."

[17:46] <Xho> Psi - get shrekt tahar scrub
[17:47] <@OluapPlayer> Gerden started off killing 2 Xhodocto gods
[17:47] <Monet> Gerden OP plz nerf
[17:47] <drom> Ye
[17:47] <Xho> Santorakh - killed angazhar                        life is good

"Kilnok dies of thirst."

[17:47] <@OluapPlayer> Kilnok - body too silly to get water

"Herquie attacks Santorakh, but he manages to escape."
"Lezia kills Zavrhos while he is resting."

[17:48] <@OluapPlayer> THE LEZIANING BEGINS

"Mimi bashes Regnatus's head against a rock several times."
"Gorf severely slices Venoriel with a sword."

[17:49] <Hachiman> Jesus Christ Mimi calm the fuck down

"Jerkon's trap kills Psi."

[17:49] <@OluapPlayer> Jerkon made Psi sober
[17:49] <drom> Idk
[17:49] <Xho> Psi - u poisoned the beer                   even angazhar thinks that's evil

"Kithworto defeats Kol Daren in a fight, but spares his life."

[17:50] <Hachiman> Oh wow hur
[17:50] <Xho> Kithworto is suddenly Goku
[17:50] <drom> Pacism is unthinkable
[17:50] <drom> pacifism*
[17:50] <Monet> Kol - Fate worse than death
[17:50] <@OluapPlayer> We're starting with 14 dead already
[17:50] <Monet> OluapPLayer: IS this only day 1?
[17:50] <@OluapPlayer> Yes
[17:50] <Hachiman> Oh god
[17:51] <Monet> Bloody hell
[17:51] <drom> Day 1 is the Bloodbath + the day itself.
[17:51] <@OluapPlayer> Zillum, Thea, Meta-Emperor, Eko, Kolossus, Draguros, Zr'Ahgloth, Iovera, Kilnok, Zavrhos, Regnatus, Venoriel and Psi all ded
[17:51] <drom> So double actions before the night.
[17:51] <Hachiman> Somehow Hachi survived
[17:51] <@OluapPlayer> Gerden leading with 4 kills

"Uriel tries to find other tributes and finds Lezia."

[17:52] <@OluapPlayer> Uriel - NOOOOOOOOOOOH
[17:52] <Monet> So it's only day 1 and at least 3 godbeings are dead.

"Tyraz and Sollow huddle for warmth."

[17:52] <@OluapPlayer> Dawww
[17:52] <Wormy_> Y'ALL BLOODY DEAD
[17:52] <Xho> Santorakh - u werent expectin that eh
[17:52] <Hachiman> Daww
[17:52] <Wormy_> Y'ALL BLOODY DEAD
[17:52] <Xho> Santorakh - u werent expectin that eh
[17:52] <Hachiman> Daww

"Shu'rimrodir destroys Kithworto's supplies while he is asleep."

[17:53] <drom> inb4 Santorakh and Nu being wimps.
[17:53] <Hachiman> Tyraz x Sollow OTP
[17:53] <Monet> Tyraz - Why am I hugging a corpse again?
[17:53] <@OluapPlayer> Shu - i r vandalism man
[17:53] <Xho> Kithworto - top dik

"Hachiman screams for help."

[17:53] <@OluapPlayer> Canon
[17:53] <Hachiman> olol

"Kalcedia attacks Uriel, but Dreamy Hachi protects him, killing Kalcedia."

[17:54] <Hachiman> Jesus
[17:54] <drom> Dreamy Hachi - Ssssch, is only dreams now.
[17:54] <Hachiman> Dreamy Hachi - EEP EEP MOTHERFUCKER

"Herquie attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death."

[17:54] <@OluapPlayer> Fucking idiot you have wings
[17:54] <Monet> Fail
[17:54] <Hachiman> Oh wow

"Mu kills Krathazhrukhal with a hatchet."

[17:55] <Xho> Xhodocto were not prepared for this
[17:55] <Monet> Santorakh - You're all morons
[17:55] <@OluapPlayer> Santorakh is the last Xhodocto alive
[17:55] <Hachiman> What a surprise hur
[17:55] <Xho> Typical Santorakh
[17:56] <drom> The night isn't over yet.

Nothing eventful happens in night 2

"Hachiman convinces Cattalix to not kill him, only to kill him instead."

[17:56] <Wormy_>  Santorakh is Santa

"Upsilon steals from Koluap while he isn't looking."

[17:56] <Hachiman> Hachiman kills Cattalix
[17:56] <Hachiman> ohboi
[17:56] <@OluapPlayer> Koluap - OI
[17:57] <Monet> Ulipson - Wait why am I stealing bukcets again?
[17:57] <@OluapPlayer> hoh

"Lezia scares Anteddy off."

[17:57] <@OluapPlayer> Also canon
[17:57] <Hachiman> olol
[17:57] <Monet> My sides are starting to get sore

"Uriel begs for Dreamy Hachi to kill him. He refuses, keeping Uriel alive."

[17:57] <drom> Ja
[17:57] <Xho> I can imagine Lezia doing a Mr. Popo laugh
[17:57] <Wormy_> Lezia could defeat them all.
[17:57] <@OluapPlayer> Uriel - UOU ONLY DIE WHEN I TELL YOU TO DIE
[17:57] <@OluapPlayer> *YOU
[17:58] <@OluapPlayer> No wait it's the other way around

"Falrik Zaarkhun chases Kol Daren."
"Gerden Kole runs away from Sollow."

[17:59] <Monet> Is it me or are the godbeings of the wiki getting the shit kicked out of them?
[17:59] <@OluapPlayer> Nar'karaex, Marigrax and Cattalix ded
[17:59] <Hachiman> Aye hur
[17:59] <Monet> Even in the Hunger Games them mortals still win
[17:59] <@OluapPlayer> I passed through him and didn't notice

"Nar'karaex unknowingly eats toxic berries."

[18:00] <@OluapPlayer> Gerden is still on the lead
[18:00] <Wormy_> who says Lezia is not a godbeing / cosmic horror
[18:00] <Hachiman> This is getting tense hur
[18:00] <@OluapPlayer> proceed to night 3

"Anteddy stabs Koluap while his back is turned."

[18:00] <@OluapPlayer> Sneaky bastard
[18:00] <@Cyrannian> hur
[18:00] <Monet> Typical

"Apollo silently snaps Gorf's neck."

[18:00] <@OluapPlayer> WHY
[18:00] <Hachiman> olol
[18:00] <@Cyrannian|Dinner> "democracy bitch"
[18:01] <Xho> Lezia
[18:01] <Monet> DAYUMN

"Santorakh dies of thirst."

[18:01] <@OluapPlayer> Well then
[18:01] <drom> Oh damn, that escalated quickly.
[18:01] <@Cyrannian|Dinner> "dats for fukin my wife"
[18:01] <Monet> Santorakh - I'm so crazy I forgot I don't need to drink
[18:01] <Xho> Well all the Xhodocto are dead
[18:01] <drom> WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW
[18:01] <Xho> At least Kithworto's still alive

"Upsilon bashes Sanguine's head against a rock several times."

[18:02] <Hachiman> Upsilon - wait dis isnt hachi
[18:02] <Monet> Ulipson - I. HATE. BUNNIES

"Tyraz spears Sollow in his abdomen."

[18:02] <Xho> Upsilon - AAAAAAH *smack*  AAAAAAH *smack*  AAAAAAH *smack*  AAAAAAH *smack*  AAAAAAH *smack*
[18:02] <@OluapPlayer> Sollow - DUN CARE
[18:02] <Monet> So much for OTP
[18:02] <Hachiman> They were cuddling just like two days ago

"Ma'fest stabs Shu'rimrodir in the back with a trident."

[18:02] <Wormy_> Is Metty still there?
[18:02] <Xho> Tyraz's relationships
[18:02] <@OluapPlayer> Holy shit a trident
[18:02] <Xho> Typical
[18:03] <@OluapPlayer> Meta-Emperor died in Day 1
[18:03] <drom> Of waht
[18:03] <@OluapPlayer> Gender exploded him
[18:03] <@OluapPlayer> Gerden*
[18:03] <drom> Oh
[18:03] <Wormy_> lol
[18:03] <drom> less typical
[18:03] <@OluapPlayer> Night 4

"Kithworto forces Kies to kill Crispy or Nu. He decides to kill Crispy."
"Ma'fest forces Maryah to kill Upsilon or Erissare. She decides to kill Erissare."

[18:03] <drom> we blow up grox anyway
[18:04] <Monet> Well,Kies does hate Zazane
[18:04] <Xho> Nu - ayyy

"Gerden Kole goes on a rampage, killing Anteddy and Kol Daren."

[18:04] <@OluapPlayer> Shit Gerden
[18:04] <drom> Kithworto - shuddup
[18:04] <Hachiman> Holy fuck Gerden
[18:04] <Monet> Fuckin ell
[18:04] <Xho> It's the small unassuming blue people that seem to be killing everyone

"Dreamy Hachi and Mimi huddle for warmth."

[18:04] <@OluapPlayer> <333333333
[18:04] <Monet> I think Uriel jsut lost his godslayer title.
[18:04] <Hachiman> Canon
[18:05] <@OluapPlayer> Day 5 time

"Ma'fest strangles Tyraz after engaging in a fist fight."

[18:05] <Hachiman> HOW
[18:05] <Xho> Kithworto - hoh

"Nu ambushes Kies and kills him."

[18:05] <drom> Monet: If Uriel is alive and kills Gerden. "The Godslayerslayer"
[18:05] <Monet> Ma'Fest - REVENGE!
[18:05] <Xho> Nu - HOH
[18:05] == ImpyDroid [] has joined #sporewiki

"Dreamy Hachi sets an explosive off, killing Kithworto."

[18:05] <@OluapPlayer> AYYYYYYYYYYY
[18:05] <Xho> Kithworto - shenanigans
[18:05] <Hachiman> Oh wow hur
[18:06] <Hachiman> Dreamy Hachi and Gerden are on a roll

"Falrik Zaarkhun strangles Kezoreg with a rope."

[18:06] <Xho> I still have Upsilon and Nu so hopefully

"Apollo cries himself to sleep."

[18:06] <Xho> Angazhar - HOH
[18:06] <Hachiman> Apollo - thingken of gianne
[18:06] <drom> Apollo - muh democracy
[18:06] <Monet> Unstable demigod of destruction -> Punched ot death by an anorexic rat-manw with twig-arms.
[18:06] <@OluapPlayer> All the godbeings in the game are dead
[18:07] <Xho> Santorakh - ULTIMATE TEA PARTY MODE
[18:07] <Hachiman> Oh wow
[18:07] <Hachiman> That's amazing hur
[18:07] <@OluapPlayer> Survivors atm are: Jerkon, Maryah, Lezia, Apollo, Hachi, Dreamy Hachi, Mimi, Upsilon, Gerden, Ma'fest, Uriel, Falrik and Nu
[18:08] <Wormy_> Fucking Minecraft
[18:08] <@OluapPlayer> Gerden leading with 6 kills
[18:08] <Wormy_> I search for stuff on yoytube abd I get minecraft everywhere
[18:08] <Monet> Gerden - Bow to me scrubs

"Gerden Kole fends Nu, Maryah, and Ma'fest away from his fire."

[18:08] <@OluapPlayer> Scrubs indeed
[18:08] <Xho> Nu - :(
[18:08] <Hachiman> Ohgod
[18:09] <Monet> Gerden's a fucking demon
[18:09] <@OluapPlayer> And night 5 is over already

[18:09] <Xho> Should pit Riad against Gerden

"Uriel's trap kills Jerkon."

[18:09] <@OluapPlayer> Jerkon - dis illogical
[18:09] <Monet> Well Uriel does like to hunt
[18:10] <Hachiman> I am waiting to see how long it takes Hachi to die hur

"Hachiman's trap kills Lezia."

[18:10] <Xho> World implodes
[18:10] <Monet> ...
[18:10] <Hachiman> Hachiman, savior of the Gigaquadrant

"Uriel overpowers Maryah, killing her."
"Ma'fest dies of dysentery."

[18:10] <Xho> olol
[18:10] <Hachiman> hur

"Apollo fends Falrik Zaarkhun, Mimi, and Gerden Kole away from his fire."

[18:10] <@OluapPlayer> Apollo - GRRRRRRRRRRRR
[18:10] <Hachiman> Fends away Gerden Kole
[18:11] <Xho> Apollo's getting Gianne Syndrome
[18:11] <Hachiman> Oh boy it's heating up
[18:11] <drom> Yeah

"Nu falls ill from contaminated water."

[18:11] <Xho> Clarketech supersoldier -> weakness is water
[18:11] <@OluapPlayer> Day 7 time

"Upsilon forces Falrik Zaarkhun to kill Apollo or Dreamy Hachi. He decides to kill Apollo."

[18:11] <@OluapPlayer> Gianne Syndrome. he died just like her
[18:11] <Hachiman> olol

"Uriel injures himself."

[18:11] <@OluapPlayer> Tripped on all the corpses
[18:12] <Monet> Aye
[18:12] <Monet> And he broke his wing

"Falrik Zaarkhun poisons Upsilon's drink, but mistakes it for his own and dies."

[18:12] <Hachiman> olol
[18:12] <Xho> Upsilon - serves u rite         dikhed
[18:12] <Monet> Falrik - FOiled by my own cunning
[18:12] <@OluapPlayer> And the moment we were all waiting for

"Gerden Kole shoots an arrow at Mimi, but misses and kills Hachiman instead."

[18:12] <Xho> olol
[18:12] <Hachiman> Oh wow
[18:12] <drom> oh wohoa
[18:13] <Monet> Killed by a smurf
[18:13] <Hachiman> Hachiman was killed by accident
[18:13] <Hachiman> I am not surprised

[18:13] <Monet> Is it me or is Gerden basically Nu during Ocassus at this point?

"Mimi accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it."

[18:13] <@OluapPlayer> Mimi - shi
[18:13] <Xho> Gerden - yeah         accident        not

"Dreamy Hachi attacks Uriel, but he manages to escape."

[18:13] <Xho> Gerden - KILL EVERYTHING                 EVER                         Pretty much
[18:14] <drom> When will Gerden ever die.

"Nu begs for Upsilon to kill him. He refuses, keeping Nu alive."

[18:14] <Xho> Upsilon - funny thing is         u cant die
[18:14] <Monet> Ulipson - Don't worry ,the rabbits are now dead
[18:14] <Xho> Nu - oh yh rite     i forgot
[18:14] <@OluapPlayer> THE BLUE TRAIN HAS STOPPED

"Gerden Kole unknowingly eats toxic berries."

[18:14] <Monet> Wat
[18:14] <Hachiman> In his rage he made his grave mistake
[18:15] <Monet> Kills several godbeings -> dies from berry posioning
[18:15] <@OluapPlayer> Killed 7 people then poisoned himself
[18:15] <Xho> Gerden the God-Breaker
[18:15] <drom> It's advised to not frenzy on food when you can kill godbeings in a frenzy.
[18:15] <Monet> Gerden - It was a murder suicide pact all along          That I never told anyone about
[18:15] <Hachiman> Reminds me of how Bruce Lee died
[18:15] <@OluapPlayer> Now the lead belongs to Dreamy Hachi, with 4 kills
[18:15] <Xho> Nu - no no no no
[18:15] <Monet> Ulipson - Sorry I lied lol
[18:15] <drom> Hachi - is dreams now
[18:15] <@OluapPlayer> Survivors: Dreamy Hachi, Upsilon, Uriel and Nu
[18:15] <Xho> If Dreamy Hachi kills Nu, it will officially be Nu's worst way of dying
[18:15] <@OluapPlayer> We're nearly there
[18:16] == ImpyDroid [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

"Nu fends Upsilon, Dreamy Hachi, and Uriel away from his fire."

[18:16] <Monet> By shouting
[18:16] <Xho> Nu - my fire mine minemineioedhseuoheggsdsdshg3234094357 0000

"Upsilon steals from Dreamy Hachi while he isn't looking."

[18:17] <Xho> Dreamy Hachi - steal from me                 unleash the nightmares
[18:17] <Monet> Dreamy Hachi - Eep?
[18:17] <@OluapPlayer> Night 9

"Nu falls ill from contaminated water."

[18:17] <Xho> ffs
[18:17] <drom> again
[18:17] <Hachiman> Again
[18:17] <Monet> Twice
[18:17] <Xho> Nu - I just like poisoning myself
[18:17] <Monet> Nu - How do I robot

"Upsilon and Uriel fight Nu and Dreamy Hachi. Nu and Dreamy Hachi survive."

[18:17] <Xho> Oh god
[18:17] <Hachiman> Ohgod
[18:17] <Xho> Oh dear god
[18:17] <Monet> deary deray
[18:17] <drom> Nu - wait, wasn't water lethal
[18:18] <@OluapPlayer> It's Nu vs Dreamy Hachi folks
[18:18] <Monet> It's what we all wanted
[18:18] <Xho> I imagine Nu running through the forest screaming at full pelt
[18:18] <@OluapPlayer> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND

"Dreamy Hachi throws a knife into Nu's chest."

[18:18] <drom> Goddamn bunnies.


[18:18] <Xho> I told you Dreamy Hachi was terrifying
[18:18] <Hachiman> EEP EEP
[18:18] <Monet> Nu - No hell is horrible enough to be worse than this
[18:19] * drom puts on a hat and grabs a double-barreled shotgun and goes out on a bunny hunt *
[18:19] <Hachiman> So it is official
[18:19] <Xho> Santorakh - WELCOME ALL TO MY TEA PARTY                           LET THE SECOND GAME BEGIN
[18:19] <@OluapPlayer> Dreamy Hachi ended up tied with Gerden for most kills total with 7
[18:19] <Hachiman> Dreamy Hachi is the most dangerous thing in the Gigaquadrant hur

Clickbait: Cyrannus Edition Edit

[00:48] <@Cyrannian> "Republic superweapon FAIL! You Won’t Believe What Happened Next"
[00:49] <Hachiman> "I fucking hate RawrFeed's clickbait"
[00:49] <Tybusen> "We are Number One but every one is replaced with Mou'Cyran getting blown up"
[00:49] <Hachiman> olol
[00:50] <@Cyrannian> "See How One Emperor Made $$$ By Destroying Planet"
[00:50] <DrodoEmpire> ayy lmao
[00:50] <DrodoEmpire> These are all gold
[00:50] <Xho> "The Entire Cyrannus Dark Age but every time 'plan' is said it speeds up"
[00:50] <DrodoEmpire> ololol
[00:51] <DrodoEmpire> Tybusen: Honestly I can see Mou'Cyran jokes being popular <.<
[00:51] <Tybusen> If you want to be an Emperor number one, you have to blow up their capital planet in a devastating decapitation strike
[00:51] <Tybusen> I can see Mou'Cyran jokes becoming the 9/11 jokes of the Empire
[00:52] <DrodoEmpire> *of everywhere
[00:52] <Tybusen> So basically new headcanon, the only thing that the Imperial propaganda machine actually ever does is just pump out trashy clickbait
[00:53] <drom> "Apollo did Mou'Cyran"
[00:53] <Xho> kek
[00:53] <Hachiman> The Empire is actually paying off Rawrpert Murdoch
[00:55] <@Cyrannian> "Dematologists HATE him. Try Emperor's crazy planet-destruction skincare trick that has doctor's annoyed and you will look millennia younger CLICK HERE"

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