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The editors of SporeWiki do solemnly promise to provide service in line with the Maxis game Spore. We will provide every form of information available, every creature that a creator wishes to share, every story of fan fiction that comes from Spore. We will cover every form of news media coverage for Spore through all stages of its development from its first showing by Will Wright at 2005 GDC Presentation, to its release, and should they come about, subsequent expansions. We will provide every bit of information about the Game Spore in an organized and friendly way for all people who wish to know about the game Spore or any of its components. We will also provide every sort of media available, either on-site or linked to off site.

We will strive to provide everything any Spore Fan will ever need, and maybe some stuff they didn't even know they needed.

Since SporeWiki follows in the communal nature of all Wikis, we will not tolerate blatant and malicious vandalism. We expect all members to enjoy SporeWiki and contribute as often as they wish. We will assume good faith in our editors as long as there is no reason to assume the opposite. But in regards to the blatant vandalism that has occurred and will occur as long as wiki's exist; we will not tolerate actions intending to harm SporeWiki. This site exists to help out the Spore community and bring it together and those who do not wish to follow those goals can easily be removed.

-The SporeWiki Team.

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