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Vista-starFeatured Article

The Interstellar Drive is an upgradable passive tool that allows spaceships to travel between stars. The Interstellar Drive is effectively a second engine (in addition to the basic engine that spaceships utilize) that is only engaged when traveling between stars. The speed of the engine slowly increases as the ship travels to an incredibly fast speed: hundreds of times faster than the speed of light. For example, light takes 4.2 years to travel from Earth's nearest star, other than the sun, to Earth itself. The Interstellar Drive allows ships to travel there in roughly one second.


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Hello SporeWikians, don't forget that at the end of every month you can vote on the wiki's Featured Articles! Good luck to all the contestants and congratulations to the winners.

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Greetings, users of SporeWiki! We are glad to report that SporeWiki now has a new affiliate, the Sims Wiki! Spore and The Sims are very closely linked, and we hope that this affiliation will be beneficial for both our wikis.

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Attention carbon based lifeform, the main namespace has not been edited much lately. Although there is not a lot of additional information to add, articles still need organising. Please discuss here and find out what needs doing. Also remember to check here every so often to improve articles that have been flagged for needing images, citations, categories and so on. The main Spore article also needs rewriting. Do so, or fear the wrath of the Grox!

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Featured fiction: Farengeto Trade Coalition

Farengeto Colony Flag4

The Farengeto Trade Coalition is an economic organization founded in 2794 following of the creation of the Farengeto Occupation Zone. The organization serves as a central government for Farengeto and as an organ to facilitate trade between Farengeto and its allies. The Farengeto Trade Coalition arose in the aftermath of the Dominatus War. Unable to directly annex and control its new territory, in 2794 the Farengeto Republic proposed an economic and political organization to maintain de facto governance of the occupation zone, with a secondary body to facilitate trade and economic growth with its allies, laying the basis for what would later become the Farengeto Trade Coalition.

Created by Tek0516

Featured captain: Aurélien Ortiz

Ortiz GXS

Aurélien Ortiz (born 2749) is a French human military leader and one of the Marshals of France. Since 2797, he has led the 1st Colonial Group based out of French Quadrantia, taking part in numerous colonial conflicts such as the Franco-Drodo Colonial War, the French Quadrantia Trade Route Crisis, and the First Heer Stekeveel War. He is best remembered for his contributions to French colonial doctrine and for his achievements at the Battle of Aurélien's Pass during the Great Xonexian Schism, in which he ambushed and destroyed half of the DCP's effective fighting force in Mirus before being wounded himself.

Created by Charles Murray

Featured story: New Cyrandia Wars/Year One/Desolation of the Bisistar

Desolation of the Bisistar 13

The Bisistar are a threat to us all! We must unite in the face of their attack and drive them back to Cyranai! The Ermitant are a peaceful people who want nothing more than a return to the peace and prosperity they enjoyed in centuries past. It is my duty as their President to protect and serve them, but I sincerely ask of you all to aid me. The Republic fleet cannot drive off the Bisistar alone, we must unite into a single force to prevent their aggression and show the rest of the Gigaquadrant that unity in the face of adversity is the future!

- President Apaltar

The Battle of Venetia was a colossal conflict fought during the month of N'ovemex in 04 NE between the forces of the Bisistar Domain and a united group of civilisations led by the New Cyrannian Republic including many members of the newly formed Mou'Cyran Accords in the defense of the new Ermitant homeworld of Venetia in the Coru Secundus Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The battle for control of the planet would ultimately be counted as one of the largest and most important battles in recent Gigaquadrantic history, bringing in civilisations from across the cosmos of the defence of the Republic planet. Though victory would ultimately come, it would come at a great price for the allied forces.

Created by Cyrannian

Featured creature: Repossessor


The darker recesses of the world; that governed by coin and interest. Not even those bleak holes of mortal greed is free from the prying eyes of the immortals. You may have your life and worth indebted to one of these meticulous, evil creatures. And you might not even know it.

- Unknown

The Repossessors are denizens of the realm of Hyprocrite's Rest, and servants of the Simulacrum of Wealth, Asv-Aldz.

Created by Xho

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