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Please note that SporeWiki does not accept any sort of fiction to be added to the main namespace (this also includes templates used in main namespace pages, for example navigational templates). No fan-made creatures, vehicles, philosophies, etc. and any sort of links to them! If you would like a deleted fiction page to be restored and moved to a subpage of your userpage or a related content's subpage, simply ask an admin to restore it.

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Artifacts are remains of civilizations that have become extinct, or spacefaring civilizations that have visited the area in question and then moved on, leaving behind an artifact for whatever reason. They can be beamed aboard the UFO using the abduction beam in your Spaceship. Artifacts can be placed on colonies belonging to you if you wish to start a collection, and they won't move from the spot they are initially placed in, unless you do not own the planet. This makes it possible to hoard them.


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Hello SporeWikians, don't forget that at the end of every month you can vote on the wiki's Featured Articles! Good luck to all the contestants and congratulations to the winners.

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Greetings, users of SporeWiki! We are glad to report that SporeWiki now has a new affiliate, the Sims Wiki! Spore and The Sims are very closely linked, and we hope that this affiliation will be beneficial for both our wikis.

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Attention carbon based lifeform, the main namespace has not been edited much lately. Although there is not a lot of additional information to add, articles still need organising. Please discuss here and find out what needs doing. Also remember to check here every so often to improve articles that have been flagged for needing images, citations, categories and so on. The main Spore article also needs rewriting. Do so, or fear the wrath of the Grox!

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Featured fiction: Nomatari Sovereignty


The Royal Grand Universal Sovereign Empire of Solvalis, or basically more known as the Nomatari Sovereignty and as the Sovereignty among the Andromedan locals, is an interstellar empire with origins in Unknown Galaxy. But it also stretches to Andromeda Galaxy. One would say that the Sovereignty is extragalatic on the first sight. But it's technically not, ever since it stretches to other galaxies, that far away enough that it would take hundred years to traverse between each other via hyperspace. Universal is far a more correct word for the empire's size.

Created by Dromlexer

Featured captain: Petroatragal

Adult Petroatragal

The Petroatragal! Forever remembered as the Devourer Blade who nearly sucked the life out of all of Hyperion! The great, dark, demon dragon who sought to harvest the life force of the One-Eyed Tree! The fiend who nearly brought all of us to extinct! And ultimately, the monster who was finally defeated by the efforts of a trio of heroines!

- Chieftain Louihar

The Petroatragal (Mikmik language: Devourer Blade) was an unique Kruos created by the Mudpriest for the purpose of destroying Hyperion Island. This powerful dragon-like demon was made with the intention of killing the One-Eyed Tree Laidar and destroying all living beings in the island in the process. It came extremely close to achieving this goal, but before it had the chance of slaying Laidar, the Petroatragal was defeated by the efforts of Khadya, Filonan Aerember and Saranhreia.

Created by OluapPlayer

Featured story: Angels of the Hunting Isle

Angels of the Hunting Isle

The sun shone in the skies of the Tropical Lands of Koldenwelt at another day of 32 New Age's summer. Waves hit the shores as a boat carrying multiple individuals docked into the small port of Olimarius Hub, the one and only city of the Mikmik fairies located next to the sea. In this ship, tourists, merchants and hunters all talked among themselves about what they planned to do in this elusive and mysterious place, hidden away from civilization yet so full of interesting things to be explored. This was Hyperion Island, located several kilometers north from other more known islands such as Sprak or Khrokar, yet still a vivid place full of life and magic few were familiar with.

Created by OluapPlayer

Featured creature: Quashowan


There is no escape from our torment, judgement has come!

- Unknown

The Quashowan are an ancient and mysterious race once mentioned by the mystical Atlantica. As bio-mechanical creatures, they have enhanced abilities in strength and stamina, calculating and cold the Quashowan wish to establish themselves once more within the Quadrants, at the expense of other species.

Created by Dinoman82

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