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Spore is a simulation computer game designed by Will Wright, developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. Wright has a history of designing innovative, successful games like The Sims and SimCity, and Spore appears likely to continue that trend. It is remarkable both for the innovative technology of the game design, as well as the expansive range of sci-fi game play.

Spore is, at first glance, an evolution simulation game: the player moulds and guides their creature across many generations of evolution, until it becomes intelligent or achieves certain degree of sapience, at which point, the scope of the game expands to encompass a broader range of evolution. This is achieved by first giving the player control over a lone creature (designed by the player) until the creature begins a tribe of its own, at which point the player controls more than one creature and a tribal real-time strategy aspect is incorporated into the game by war or socialization with other tribes. There is then a stage where the player must unite the planet's city-building cultures through various means. The player then begins guiding the creature's civilized society into a space-faring civilization, where the player begins to colonize other planets in their guest to achieve galactic dominance through diplomacy, war or conversion. (More...)

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Featured fiction: Drodo Empire

Drodo Empire Flag

The Drodo Empire is a young colonial Empire of a combined 29 000 systems. While only 200 years old, they are an advanced country with a strong economy, industrial capacity, and of many diverse cultures.

Created by DrodoEmpire

Featured captain: Khuenaten


Be warned, Tyrant. This is no ordinary drone.

- Zillum, warning Tyrant of Khuenaten during the New Cyrandia Wars

Marinox Drone 78K5A42, most known as Commandant Khuenaten, was a Cyrannian Marinox commandant of the Cyrannus Galaxy and one of the highest ranking figures of the Neraida Gigamatrix. Notably, he was among the worst nemesis of the dreaded Mortalitas king Zillum, attempting against his life in two occasions and being one of the few entities to have nearly killed him twice.

Created by OluapPlayer

Featured story: New Cyrandia Wars/Year Two/Final Duel


In the skies above Moreuse, an epic battle will be fought between old enemies, the result of which will change the very course of the war...

Created by Cyrannian and OluapPlayer

Featured creature: Thanatyrannus


A Thanatyrannus is born to do one thing: rule.

- Rex Deinorax

The Thanatyrannus is a large saurian species native to the temperate and heavily forested world of Maastrichtia on the very edges of the Mid Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Since advancing into space, the Thanatyrannus have made a name for themselves as an expansionist and imperialistic species, carefully cultivating one of the largest independent empires in the Mid Rim prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. During the Republic Era, the Thanatyrannus maintained their independence from the democratic body and instead continued to operate their own government system under the leadership of a Rex, an absolute monarch who later ceded his control to the Empire in exchange for the position of Grand Mandator. Despite their imperialist nature, the Thanatyrannus do not tend to needlessly aggressive and have thus far excelled under the Empire.

Their government, the Sublime Tyranny of Maastrichtia was a major power in the galaxy prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire, though it retains some autonomy as an Imperial protectorate.

Created by Cyrannian

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