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The Spore Galaxy, most commonly referred to as The Galaxy, is the spiral galaxy in which the Spore games are set. Presumably, it contains many billions of stars as all galaxies do, but only around 500,000 can be visited in the game. The galaxy is seen through the Galaxy View, which can zoom out to see progressively larger portions of it. Eventually as an Empire advances, it gains prizes called badges. Interstellar travel is achieved by "Interstellar Drives" which allow the spaceship with it to hop from star to star. It is only possible to achieve interstellar travel in the Space Stage.


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Featured fiction: Freeland City States

Freelander Map

They were people of a peculiar and rare sort: friendly, open to the world, but at the same time, separate from it, and arrogant - arrogant to the point that no man or woman could ever unite all of them, despite them living in a land that was twice smaller than Alhassal and only marginally larger than l'Ammanori. The free men would not stand to bend their knee to anyone - not to one of them, not to one of us Imperial.

- Inquisitor Javina Desertsun during the Prophet Stone expedition

The Freeland City States, known in Tenhuan as Kani'xat a'havi'x, is the term used by foreigners, and, more rarely, the inhabitants of the States themselves, to describe the human civilisation independent from the Empire of Man that resides in the northern Tropical Lands, in the region known as the Snakeblood Wilds. Not a single unified state like the other human nations, the Freelanders are neverthless united by common language, culture, and religion, and have refused to submit themselves to the Empire of Man, succesfully driving off all Imperial incursions into the Tropical Lands despite the northern humans' superior technology and numbers. These sound victories serve as a lasting testament to the Kani'xat's determination, ingenuity and pride, as well as their devotion to their enigmatic gods.

Created by TheImperios

Featured captain: Gridlock


When I landed on this world, nothing seemed to want me alive. From this desert land of death and war, I sculpted an empire.

- Gridlock

Gridlock or, Ridanax in Darkling, and called by his troops The Cunning God of Death, is one of the 3 Highlords of the Zarbania Powers, as well as one of it's highest authorities, and are famous military and economic leader. At first nothing but a slave, Gridlock rose up and untied the planet of Zarbania, turning it into a regional power in little over 2000 years. Taking the Zarbania Alliance after it was bombed by the Ugandalorians, Gridlock managed to reorganized and refit his army, making it a fine tuned war machine capable of fighting back against those that had attempted to cage them in.

Created by Zillafire101

Featured story: The Tree of Life


This is the story of one Human from the Civilisation who takes a journey to investigate and resolve the final loose ends of the Sombrero War.

Created by Ghelae

Featured creature: Chinawkya

Chinawkya race

The Chinawkya are blue colored skinned humanoids. They originated from the eastern sectors of Quadrant 82. With their blue appearance their capital planet, Ivalaë soon rose out to one of the more dominent planets in the eastern sector of Quadrant 82. Though the Chinawkya can be compared to the humans, they are actually more resistent to extreme colds, and do not need extra clothing on icy planets. Some of them are also capable of using magics, which is seen as the legacy of the Atlantica to the Chinawkya. Most of the Chinawkya have a slender appearance, which is considered as lovely by other races in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Created by Dinoman82

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