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Being useful to the Grox is good for your survival.

- The Grox

The Grox are a sapient species of cyborg aliens that are supposedly the most evil and hostile race in the galaxy. They are feared by every alien with a philosophy and an archetype. The Grox control a vast empire with 2400 star systems and inhabit anywhere near the Galactic Core. Feared and hated by every empire in the galaxy, the Grox as a species are extremely delicate and weak having survived only due to their incredible technological advancement over other species. They are an ancient race, having been spacefaring for eons while nearly all other races weren't even sapient yet. Although their minimal senses and strength have been enhanced by cybernetic implants, they're still among the most feeble sapient lifeforms in the Galaxy, but make up for it with incredible military might, and the ability to prosper on barren planets.


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Seen anything change lately? If you haven't, try looking for your talk page! SporeWiki has now voted on, and accepted wikia's new message board. Check it out!


Hello SporeWikians, don't forget that at the end of every month you can vote on the wiki's Featured Articles! Good luck to all the contestants and congratulations to the winners.

Solothy in Sims

-kcch - Incoming Transmission -

Greetings, users of SporeWiki! We are glad to report that SporeWiki now has a new affiliate, the Sims Wiki! Spore and The Sims are very closely linked, and we hope that this affiliation will be beneficial for both our wikis.

-kcch - Transmission Terminated

Angry Grox

Attention carbon based lifeform, the main namespace has not been edited much lately. Although there is not a lot of additional information to add, articles still need organising. Please discuss here and find out what needs doing. Also remember to check here every so often to improve articles that have been flagged for needing images, citations, categories and so on. The main Spore article also needs rewriting. Do so, or fear the wrath of the Grox!

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Featured fiction: Naakjian Confederation


The Naakjian Confederation, can be called as Naakjian Empire, is an empire led by it's one and the only member, Aemonkians. This empire is actually a collected alliance of many different colonized planets with their own governments, but the head government is located in the homeworld Aailli. They make up an empire of collected minds and power of their own kind.

Created by Dromlexer

Featured captain: Laurene Maxime

Laurene Maxime 2

Laurene Maxime (born 2709) is a Human author, stateswoman, politician, and the current President of France. Raised on the French core planet of Nouvelle Perséphonie, she started off her writing career in 2730 as political corespondent for a local news organization, cultivating a holoblog on the side.

Created by The Clanden

Featured story: Gigaquadrantic Conflicts/Prelude


The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.

The Gigaquadrantic Conflicts are a series of armed conflicts and widespread political tensions that are currently spreading across the First Gigaquadrant since the early years of the 29th Century CE, involving many of the Gigaquadrant's galaxies such as Andromeda, Bunsen, Cyrannus, the Quadrants, the Milky Way and Mirus. Categorised by large scale conventional warfare, widespread political mistrust, abundant civil unrest and an increase of imperialism across the civilised universe, the Conflicts are quickly rearranging the map of the Gigaquadrant.

Created by Cyrannian, Wormulon and Ghelæ

Featured creature: [[Creature:Scions|Scions]]


Scions or summons are magical and mysterious creatures that inhabit the Quadrant Galaxies and at some places within the Cyrannia Cluster as well. These special beings can be summoned or called upon by persons who are skilled or blessed in the art of the summoning. The Summons are also often reffered as Scions and can be used for differant purposes. Those who summon them, are known as summoners or Scion trainers/masters.

When called upon, the Scions come to the aid of the summoner or trainer. Depending on their nature, behavior and respect they have for their trainers the Scion will be obedient or have a will of his own. The Scions behavior and personality can change over time due to events, it is important to keep the respect of the scion or it can refuse to obey or listen to you.

Created by Dinoman82

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