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Vista-starFeatured Article

Destroys an entire planet. Feared by all. BIG BADDA BOOM!

- In-game description

The Planet Buster is the ultimate destructive force in weapon technology. It is capable of not only destroying the planet fired on, but also any nearby moons. Although the exact process of this is unknown, due to the use of a relatively small bomb and the even shock wave, it is safe to assume that it functions as an antimatter weapon that travels to the planet's core and sets off an explosion powerful enough to rip the outer layers of the planet apart.


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Hello SporeWikians, don't forget that at the end of every month you can vote on the wiki's Featured Articles! Good luck to all the contestants and congratulations to the winners.

Solothy in Sims

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Greetings, users of SporeWiki! We are glad to report that SporeWiki now has a new affiliate, the Sims Wiki! Spore and The Sims are very closely linked, and we hope that this affiliation will be beneficial for both our wikis.

-kcch - Transmission Terminated

Angry Grox

Attention carbon based lifeform, the main namespace has not been edited much lately. Although there is not a lot of additional information to add, articles still need organising. Please discuss here and find out what needs doing. Also remember to check here every so often to improve articles that have been flagged for needing images, citations, categories and so on. The main Spore article also needs rewriting. Do so, or fear the wrath of the Grox!

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Featured fiction: Mardvaeli Republic


The Mardvaeli Colonial Republic, better known as Mardvaeli, is a federal republic located in the Crepuculum arm of the Andromeda galaxy and also with many colonies in Mirus and the Quadrants. It's capital planet is Mardvenia with the city, New Daijino as the capital. Mardvaeli has a population of 56 billion and is continuously growing having to expand it's interests into the other galaxies of the Gigaquadrants.

Created by Zmr56

Featured captain: Morglûkia

Morglukia V2

A crime lord of Rambo Nation, his reputation is well known to Rambo Command but he still manages to avoid the authorities. A cunning individual indeed.

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

Hailing from the same species as Levarrion and Gorubla, Morglûkia is a criminal slug like create found on the moon of Anummiae, 2nd moon of the Rambo Capital. Often called Morglûkia the Great he has his criminal headquarters on the moon. From the outside it seems like a simple office, instead it houses Rambo Nation's most influential and powerful criminal. He is the nephew of Gorublia and Morglûkia is evil and ruthless for both his servants and enemies.

Created by Dinoman82

Featured story: Naakjian Confederation/Contact with the Cooperative

Cotc jumping

The Naakjian Confederation had enjoyed a time of relative isolation, but was beginning to become aware of the presence of an expansive political universe beyond their doors, and had already reached for contact.

Created by Dromlexer and Wormulon

Featured creature: Khàrmurvahan Dwarf

Khàrmurvahan Dwarf

The rock has power unlike any other material, and the same can be said for those who were shaped from it. Crafting the Dweorgs was our most grievous mistake... one that shall be rectified either by us or by them.

- Zantastele the Mad

The Khàrmurvahan Dwarves, otherwise known as the Red-Shield Dwarves, are a race of dwarves that reside within the Tropical Lands of Koldenwelt. One of the most archaic races of dwarvenkind and a progenitor of various others, the Red-Shield Dwarves are the founders of the Realm of Khàrmurvahan and, due to their actions in the ancient times, have allowed dwarvenkind to become recognized and widespread across the world. The Khàrmurvahan primarily reside upon the surface, with their capital city residing within a mountain range known as the Khàrm Peaks, and are recognized globally for their fiery red hair, impressive fortress-cities and overall population that stretches across the continents of Koldenwelt, both in and outside of the Realm.

Created by Lucario of the Gods

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