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Vista-starFeatured Article

The Screeble was Will Wright's main creature for E3 2006. Its home planet is Bilzac. It started out as a bright yellow centauroid with claws attached to its arms, but later it evolved an extra set of arms with hands, it replaced its stealthy suction feet with faster tridigital hooves, it developed more intimidating eyes, and changed from bright yellow into a dark blue creature with scales.


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Featured fiction: French Empire

Flag of France

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

- Motto

The French Empire (French: Empire français) is a Gigaquadrantic hyperpower composed of the French Republic and its dependent states, territories, and sphere of influence with reach in the vast majority of the First Gigaquadrant's galaxies. Officially proclaimed in 2806 during the final stages of the Great Xonexian Schism which saw the reunification of the French nation, the Empire went on to assume an expansive role at the heart of intergalactic affairs, especially within the Xonexi Cluster. Its leadership in such institutions as the Alcanti Triad, the Grand Commonwealth of Sovereign States, the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene, GITO, the Covenant of Mirus, among many others, was critical to the restoration of peace, normalcy, and prosperity in the wake of terrible conflict.

Created by Charles Murray

Featured captain: Jaharan ae-Zamarros

Jaharan Portrait

The greatest monsters in the universe are not those who commit evil for the sake of evil, nor those who are driven by selfishness and greed. They are not those whose sin is obvious and pure in its turpitude. They do not take form of demons, or of black-robed madmen, or even of corrupt robber barons. Virtue is strongest when it is pure and unadulterated, but vice - vice is strongest when defiled and corrupted. And what can defile a vice? Why, virtue. This was the worst, most despicable sort of sinners that Jaharan belonged to - the pious ones. A sinner without virtues may at times be sated, placated, or even be reasoned with, for everything he does is for his own benefit. But a virtuous sinner cannot be swayed from his path. Atop his unassailable fortress of morality, he thinks himself a paragon, an exemplar, greater than any mortal - deaf and blind to reason. The desperate calls of his conscience he will simply disregard as dangerous temptations. Driven by virtues, the moral sinner will spiral further down the road of evil than any other man - bravery, piety and determination giving him strength to persevere where lesser wrongdoers would have stopped - and bring about atrocities astronomical in scope.

- Clericarch Iovera, On Virtue and Sin

Before the apocalyptic events of the War of Ages, few names inspired as much hatred, fear, and pain all over the Gigaquadrant - from Earth to Cyrannus - as the name of Jaharan ae-Zamarros, the Blood Clericarch of the Church of Spode. A conqueror and slaughterer of intergalactic proportions, Jaharan singlehandedly masterminded one of the largest intergalactic wars in modern Gigaquadrantic history before the coming of the Xhodocto - the so-called Illustrious Struggle towards Grand Reclamation, or simply the Jaharani Crusade - for over 50 years from 2388 to 2465, all for the sake of restoring the Church to its former glory. Unyielding in his convictions and having zero regard for the life of a single individual, Jaharan is said to be responsible for the deaths of no less than fifty billion sentients, both unbelievers and Masaari. The atrocities commited by Jaharan have irrevocably altered the Radeon identity, as well as their image in Gigaquadrantic society, so much that the shadow of his bloody conquests continues to haunt the Divinarium even today.

Created by TheImperios

Featured story: Doctrina Venefica

Clothovera Moirai

We can't be late for school!

- Clothovera Moirai

Doctrina Venefica tells the tale of Clothovera Moirai following an invitation from the Grand Collegium of Purity's Apogee for her to study there. Now on her way to formal education, the young half-elf witch would meet many new faces along the way, as well as re-encounter a dear person she once thought gone forever.

Created by OluapPlayer and Lucario of the Gods

Featured creature: Xhodocto (War of Ages)


Whenever these harbingers appear, ruin follows. But to consider them demons and only harbingers of ruin is a gross misunderstanding. For their understanding of reality is far beyond ours. They are timeless, unstoppable, nature's power and inevitability incarnate. To resist them is to resist the universe as it awakes to cast judgement. We denizens of the universe are nothing to them. But do not mistake this for callousness. Our nature as mortal lifeforms is as alien to them as they are to us.

- Senior Inquisitor Kelsos, years after the War of Ages

The Xhodocto are an enigmatic Essential race governing the Congregation.

Created by Xho

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