Spore 2D Creature Creator was an online, flash-based Spore game similar to the Creature Creator and the creation in Spore Creatures playable at Players could either import a 3D creature from the Sporepedia or create a new creature from scratch, and use the creature in a "Creature Training" minigame. This game has been shut down.


The Spore 2D Creature Creator cannot could not load creatures using Creepy & Cute, Galactic Adventures, Exoskeleton Limbs, or Bot parts. Additionally, it could only load 3D creations from the Sporepedia, not from PNG files saved on disk, though it was able to save and load 2D creatures as PNGs on disk.

Spore Creature TrainerEdit

Instead of Test Drive Mode, the middle button took you to a Spore Creature Trainer mini game. In it, the player could manipulate the creature's limbs and weapons using the mouse to knock away balls being thrown at them.

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