This article is about Spore Creatures for the mobile phone. For the DS game Spore Creatures, go here.

Spore Creatures is a spin-off of Spore for mobile phones and is a sequel to Spore Origins. It focuses on the Creature Stage.


The gameplay is somewhat similar to that of the Creature Stage in Spore. The player must go around different areas and battle or socialize with other creatures to evolve.

Spore Creature 01

The Spore Creatures creature editor

The player can acquire new parts, such as arms, legs, mouths, and horns. Unlike in Spore, mouths are not required.

Epic Creatures are also present in the game and act as bosses. However, they are much easier to defeat than in Spore. When defeated, they give a part which grants the player an "epic ability". Epic abilities include the ability to poison other creatures in combat and the ability to slowly heal over time.


There are 5 main areas in Spore creatures, 4 of which are divided into 3 levels.

Beach- The area where the player starts the game and obtains legs. There are no creatures here. It appears to be Sandy Coast from Spore Origins.

Cave- The game's hub, where he or she can access the other levels. There are no creatures here that can be battled or socialized; although there are fruits and small creatures that can be eaten.

Eden- A meadow-like area which is the first true level of the game. It has slug-like creatures that cannot be battled or socialized and leave a trail of poisonous slime wherever they go.

Arctic- A cold area full of ice and snow. Has small creatures that look like fruit but will attack the player when they draw near.

Desert- A sandy desert. Includes quicksand and pods that release creatures which chase the player.

Mountain- The last level of the game. It has holes in the ground where tentacles will pop up and hurl rocks at the player.

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