These are the new 24 Animations that come with Spore Creepy & Cute.

Cute Animations Edit

1st box Edit

  • Bounce. Your creature bounces on its bottom 2 times.
  • Dizzy. Your creature spins around, and then gets dizzy.
  • Gymnastics. Your creature does a backflip, then a frontflip, and then poses.
  • Flirt. Your creature turns around and shakes its bottom.It also will nod.
  • Sneeze. Your creature sneezes.
  • Sing. Your creature sings. First it does level 1 sing, then level 2, then again level 1 and finally, level 4.

2nd Box Edit

  • Robot Dance. Your creature makes moves resembling a robot while techno music plays.
  • Space Walk. Your creature does the spacewalk dance with music reminiscent of outer space playing in the backround.The space walk is similar to Michael Jackson's moonwalk.
  • Hoedown. Your creature dances like a cowboy, while country music plays in the backround. The dance is almost exactly like the level 5 dance in creature stage.
  • Ballet. Your creature performs ballet, and then falls down.
  • Back Spin. Your creature breakdances while beatboxing music plays in the background.
  • Flowers. Your creature throws flowers around while prancing around in a similar way to that of the tribe members in the Tribe Stage when they are giving gifts. The same tribal gift music plays in the backround as well.

Creepy Animations Edit

1st box Edit

  • Sicken. Your creature throws up. The animation heavily resembles a creature in the Creature stage when it is throwing up after eating something which is bad for it. 
  • Lightning. Your creature gets struck by lightning, and then faints.
  • Stalk. Your creature becomes sneaky, hiding and going.
  • Zombie Walk. Your creature acts like a zombie.
  • Charge. Your creature runs and screams.
  • Bees. Your creature is attacked by bees. There is a Glitch with this.

2nd box Edit

  • Howl. Your creature acts like a werewolf and howls.
  • Twitch. Your creature acts as if it is crazy, and one eye swells up.
  • Banshee Scream. Your creature screams and moves around.
  • Evil Laugh. Your creature laughs, but in a way that sounds much more evil than its normal laugh.
  • Super Stomp. Your creature makes a giant stomp, first going back, then jumping into top of screen and appearing back with a giant stomp.
  • Blast. Your creature flies backward, as if it had been shot.

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