In the Adventure Editor, you can audio options to your adventure. This is a list of some of the music you can add.

List Edit

  • Alien Abduction - A creepy, suspenseful track that is very good for building up tension.Sounds sci-fi.
  • Ambush - A battle track that's good for, well, ambushes and boss battles and war zones.
  • Ancient Kingdom 1 and 2 - Two Middle-Eastern style tracks.
  • Angelic Dream - A woman sings in Gaelic. Almost like an elf from the Lord of the Rings. Very lamenting, and is used for sad themes. Original Song: Light of Aidan - Lament. Great for temples.
  • Android - A sort of robotic song, good dance track like Electronic although simpler.
  • Bards Song - A peaceful but somewhat sad melody. When the pitch is lowered it can be very melancholy.
  • Bebop - A cheerful jazzy little tune, great for bustling city streets, or maybe a cafe.
  • Bluegrass- A fast-paced country track. Often associated with Spoffits. Can also be used during nonviolent scenes in busy towns.
  • Boogaloo - A 70s-styled disco song. Useful for discos, obviously. Original Song: Quango & Sparky - Do The Boogaloo
  • California - A slow-paced hip-hop song, useful for city or gangster scenes. Original Song: Cocky T - California Way
  • Calm World - A dream-like song sometimes heard when entering T3 planets.
  • Country Landscape - A very country-style song that makes use of guitars and is great for western scenes and long travels.
  • Creepy Action 1 - A scary action song. Can be suspenseful.
  • Creepy Action 2 - Similar to Creepy Action 1, but less suspenseful - more suited for action.
  • Down Hill - A tune that resembles futuristic slow rock. This is a versatile song.
  • Echoes Underwater - An eerie sound that can sometimes be heard while entering T0 planets.
  • Electronic - A techno dance track, often for a non-violent adventure. If you lower the pitch slightly, it could possibly be good for a dance club.
  • Epic Adventure - A classic climax song that is good for battle scenes. Or cowntdowns.
  • Fresh Powder - Good for fast travel.
  • Haunted - A scary track, good for creating tension.
  • Horror - A good theme for tension and gore.
  • It's Alive!!! - An even more scary version of Alien Abduction. Good for haunted or just plain creepy places.
  • Metal Madness - A hard rock song, good for enemy themes.Sounds like a boss theme,but more cruel and tense than Ambush!
  • M.U.L.E. - An electronic track from the game of the same name. Can be heard in the space stage while trading with another empire.
  • Peaceful Universe - Sometimes heard when entering a hospitable planet in the Space Stage, this tune provides a calming background. It is more of an environmental track due to its subtle sounds.
  • Pump U Up - A very disco-like song.
  • Psychedelic Moongarden - This is a song that can be used for peaceful areas at a slow tempo, and happy/uplifting at a high tempo. It can also be used for nightclubs/bars as well as very "trippy" scenes.
  • Renaissance Fair - A peaceful or happy camelot-esque village or a medieval theme.
  • Rockabilly - A rock 'n' roll track sounding very similar to an Elvis Presley song.
  • Space Warriors - A very suspenseful track that sounds similar to Creepy Action 1. Very good for battles. Also sounds like Star Wars. It is also the theme for the game Battle of Giants: Dragons.
  • The Show - Referring to music that builds dramatic tension.
  • Victory March - A song for victories or parades, very heroic!
  • Wander - A peaceful and slightly eerie tune, great for wide-open landscapes or when travelling long distances.
  • World Percussion - A Jungle themed song, perhaps tribal with some awesome world percussion playing.
  • Ye Olde Lute - Sounds very similar to Bard's Song, but more ideal for peaceful situations.

Pitch Edit

To change the pitch (and tempo) of a sound (in this case, music) - place the music via the sound menus, and rotate the music as you would with an object. Therefore, this changes the pitch and tempo, in order to give it a different theme and can be used for a difficult-to-achieve theme.

Trivia Edit

  • Most of the music tracks are owned by APM Music, and can be found on the APM Music Website.
  • Alien Abduction and It's ALIVE! are actually one song, which is really called "Evil Times".
  • A Hungarian variation of Light of Aiden-Lament (Angelic Dream) was used in a trailer for the game Halo 3: ODST.
  • the song Angelic Dream was used in The Sarah Jane Adventures episode The Invasion of the Bane.
  • the song Boogaloo was used in the show Dragon Ball on Master Roshi's TV. * M.U.L.E. is not only name of a tune, but the name of the Electronic Arts game M.U.L.E., released in 1983.
  • Pump-U-Up is a reused song, from the main theme for The Sims: Superstar Expansion Pack, released 2003.
  • If someone listens carefully to Horror, one may note that it is the Dead Space theme.
  • Metal Madness plays in Super Fight Club activity in the game Saints Row IV as well Creepy Action 1 & 2 in Enter The Dominatrix DLC for the game.
  • The Epic adventure music also play in Saints row 4' Gat out of Hell satan fight!