Spore Hero has a story filled with various different characters.

Main charactersEdit


  • Slaparf and Garbouil (species: Alodeebas)
  • Tuber Tongue plants (species: Tuber Tongue)
  • Moonfruiters (species: Fruiters)

Mushroom ValleyEdit

Meejees Edit

This tribe of blue and purple-striped species inhabit the Mushroom Valley. A friendly species, they are the first creatures the player meets and give various bits of advice when spoken to. They look a tad bit like dragons once they grow wings and tiny spikes on their necks.

Below are the Meejees the player will meet in-game.

  • Common Meejee
  • Littly
  • Espee
  • Antzy
  • Big Chief
  • Mordok and Fuzmik

The Spikees TribeEdit

Orange, beaked creatures who like to fight. The player will need to defeat them in battle before they are allowed to use their nest.

Below are the Spikees the player will meet in-game.

  • Nokansee
  • Kweep and Poknog
  • Wallakaa
  • Munchy
  • Bakkara
  • Alistaa
  • Pikee


  • Beast (species: Jibber)
  • Beauty (species: Jabber)

Ancient GroundsEdit

Meejees Edit

The Sage is the only creature in the tribe who lives in the Ancient Grounds. He's an old Meejee and is older than any other tribe member. Some creature say he's crazy, though. He sticks around the Ancient Idol. He is rather fond of your creature and trusts it enough to leave the fate of the planet in its hands.


  • Ancient Guardian (species: Idol)


  • For unknown reasons, it appears that the Sage didn't grow wings when the rest of the Meejees evolved.
  • The Dance Master is the second creature your player dances with.

Moonlit StonewayEdit

Singers Edit

Singing creatures who challenge the Sporeling to a sociality of sing. Grub says he has three friends who need to be saved: two are struck by critters, one is surrounded by Alodeebas. After you defeat the critters, you still need to save Sardok and Gridik, because one is weakened, second one can't pass through Tubertongue Path. They feed mainly on Moon Fruits.

Singers the player will meet in-game:

  • Grub
  • Zinglid
  • Sardok and Gridik


  • The Great Yeti (species: Yeti)
  • Patman (Species: Pat)


  • Patman's name may be a reference to Batman, a superhero who appears in many of DC Comics' publications. His name actually may be a mix of "Batman" and "Pacman".
  • The Yeti and the singers probably like The Beatles's music; this can be seen because Grub says that he'll need "A Little Help From My Friends" to free Yeti. Afterwards, the Yeti says the sentence: "it's been "A Hard Day's Night" down here."

Mushroom Meadow Edit

Honeygrins Edit

The Honeygrins have eyes that are Girly and have no muscles and they have Florsage, Cloppity, Mittenfist and a weapon named Spraybuchet. They enjoy dancing and they have the same voice as the Dance,Sing,and Pose Masters and also a mouth named Mumblyjoe, Segmentenna and Fauxry Wings.

Pachicos Edit

The Pachicos are a tribe with a mouth named Sauresnout, Progg hands and Suctioncupped feet.

Sunfruites Edit

The Sunfruiters are a spinoff to the Moonfruiters from Moonlit Stoneway and they like sunfruits .All of them like to fight except for King Dunniod.

Dunniod (species: Sunfruiter)

Burnz the guardian (species: Sunfruiter)

Mushroom GroveEdit

Kirikat TribeEdit

Kirikats are creatures who have Progg hands, Suctioncupped feet, an Laardvark mouth, and a Problemsolvent on their tails. There are four of them besides the evil Kirikat.

Varakoz Edit

The Varakoz are moose-like creatures. There are 6 members of them besides Yacque and Galak.

  • Yacque (species: Varakoz)
  • Galak (species: Varakoz)

Cyclotorns Edit

Creatures that love to dance. There are three of them and each one protects something. They challenge the Sporeling to a sociality of dance.

Moonlit CavernsEdit


The Kazamiopes are blue koala-like creatures with horns on their heads. There are 6 other tribe members, who are scattered across the Moonlit Caverns.

They hate you for a short while after it destroys the Red Meteors given to them by Zarkhator.

  • Smurlop (species: Kazamiope)
  • Corshty (species: Kazamiope)

Loskikies Edit

Powerful chicken-like creatures who like to fight.

Grawaks Edit

These are frog-like creatures with low combat abilities. There are 7 of them.


  • Goglu (species: Gogluitza)

Creature BeachEdit

  • Unnamed Creatures (species: Grain Eaters)

The Long-Beaks tribeEdit

  • Little Beaks (species: Long-Beaks)
  • Smooshmish (species: Long-Beak)


  • Smooshmish is the leader of the long-beaks tribe, but he doesn't have a beak himself!
  • The Long-Beaks curiously have the same voice of Meejee's tribe
  • "Grain eaters" makes sense because the unnamed creatures eat "grain" and are "green". It makes sense to parody "Green eaters".

Master TribeEdit

Social MastersEdit

Creatures who challenge the Sporeling to a sociality of sing, dance, and pose. There's the Sing Master, the Dance master, and even the Pose Master.

  • Sing Master (species: Teeple)
  • Dance Master (species: Teeple)
  • Pose Master (species: Teeple)


  • Combat Master (species: Calamalam)


  • For many unknown reasons, it appears that there wasn't a Charm Master.

Weird creaturesEdit

Mushroom ValleyEdit

  • Babbit (species: Peppergraber)
  • Epic creature (species: Epic)

Creature BeachEdit

  • The Beach Monster (species: Fishtopus)