Spore Islands was an online game for Facebook based around the Creature Stage of Spore. It originally ran from the 5th November 2009 until the 7th July 2010, when it was announced that the Spore Islands servers were being shutdown permanently due to a lack of funds.

Game PlayEdit

Spore Islands was based in the creature stage, like many of the other Spore Games. While the background of the island was 3D, the rest of the game was 2D. This was the only Spore game where the player can't control your creature while they were fighting and/or gathering resources.

When the player first played Spore Islands, they had to create a creature using the ingame Creature Editor. Unlike the original Spore, the player couldn't drag and drop parts onto their creature; they had to swap parts instead. Each part gave the creature new abilities to help it survive.

Also unlike the original Spore game, the diet of the Creature could be changed. Four diets existed within the game: Meat, Green Plants, Purple Plants and Orange Plants. Although increasing the Creature's diet would make it easier for it to find food, it would decrease the efficiency and consequently the Creature would need to eat more food to survive.

In Spore Islands, there were four abilities: Metabolism, Senses, Strength and Life. These were then divided up into three sub-abilities each:


  • Reaction
  • Speed
  • Stamina


  • Threat-Detect
  • Food-Detect
  • Spark-Detect


  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Hardiness


  • Reproduction
  • Lifepan
  • Weight


Another way that this game was set apart from the other games was that players couldn't collect DNA manually; it was either generated over a period of time, or it could be bought or earned from doing offers that were provided by the creators of the game.


The only multi-player in the game were player's friends' islands. The player could send one of their creatures to and have them compete with their friends' creature for survival.


Observations allowed the player to watch their creature and see if it were faulty or not. However, they would have to wait an hour and half to two hours to get a single observation, if the amount of observations ran out. The number of observations the player had were marked near the pair of binoculars with eyeballs. Sometimes bonuses appeared, called Sparks, which gave the player more points, which could be spent on upgrading the player's creature.


Spore islands editor

The Creature Editor

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