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BIOME was a Spore prototype made by EA that featured a sim-city-like grid.

BIOME uses a language based on chemical stoichiometry, the notation system used to describe chemical reactions. Cells in a BIOME simulation change state the same way that chemicals change when exposed to other chemicals.

These systems can create forest fires, disease epidemics, animal migration patterns and crystallization.


The Tidepool was the name of the prototype for the Spore game made by EA. It was the first step towards the Spore game.

The Tidepool combines features of the Waterboy and a fire fighting mini game from BIOME.

Waterboy Edit

Waterboy was a Spore prototype that featured a fluid dynamic simulator that was designed to show behavior of large bodies of water on uneven terrain.

Developed in 2002, WaterBoy also demonstrates early application of modern graphics technology, including environment cube mapping and custom shaders.


SPUG is a tunable gameplay prototype created by EA for the creature level of Spore.

The player controls an avatar creature on a simple planetary terrain where they may hunt prey, evade predators, eat, rest and level up their stats.

The purpose was to give designers a chance to encounter different economies, so there are limitations on power ups and level ups.


Gaslight is a prototype created by EA for the Spore game that simulates a process called stochastic, self-propagating star formation (SSPSF.)

Interstellar gas and dust begin to collapse under its own gravity. This gives rise to regions of dense material that give rise to stars.

When the stars ignite, they heat up the material nearby, which floats away from the stars, creating more regions of increased density, which give rise to more stars, which moves more material, which creates more stars, and the process continues.

City MazeEdit

City Maze is an agent-based city simulation prototype created by EA for the Spore game. The player controls a city of simulated creatures.

Players can place residential, industrial, entertainment and defense buildings in the game, sort of like Sim City.

Happy, safe, rested sims will multiply and produce income. Miserable, threatened, tired sims will leave the players city.


Space was a prototype for the Space stage in Spore made by EA.

In the game, you can explore the galaxy with a spacecraft,encountering new alien races,and terraforming planets,like in the space stage.

Colonies that are sucessful provide the player with income and resources, which can be invested in technological research. Advanced Technologies allow the player to recieve tools to terraform, colonize, fight, etc.

Particle ManEdit

Particle Man simulates the conditions of particles in a cloud.

Cell CultureEdit

a simulation of the spread of life and culture across a planetary surface.

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