Sporelings are similar to creatures, however, they can evolve very, very rapidly - over the course of a single generation. Apparently, Oogie's species (now nearly extinct) is the "link" between creatures and Sporelings.

Spore Creatures Edit

In Spore Creatures, Sporelings look like small slugs that have a certain distinguishing parts of their species, such as a large stalk with many eyes on it. They can be interacted with in many ways. They can be eaten, which causes its species to dislike you, and other Sporelings will run in terror. They can be cuddled, which will cause them to follow you. They can also be picked up and thrown into nests, which causes them reincarnate and transform back into normal creatures, and even resurrect the nest if the species was originally driven to extinction.

Spore Hero Edit


The default Sporeling creature in Spore Hero.

In Spore Hero, you play as a Sporeling that hatches from a blue egg to fight Zarkhator, an evil being who corrupts planets and has the same origin. After a galaxy was born, a wave of blue and red meteors flew everywhere and headed towards a tropical planet. One of the meteors contains an egg which the Sporeling hatches from, as it is taken in care by Meejee and his clan. However, Zarkhator, who came along with Sporeling, crashed landed as well, kicking off the game's story. Sporeling has a few abilties which is similar to Zarkhator's, it can evolve at a rapid rate, transform other creatures, absorb the power of the blue meteors, gain parts from bones and eventually don the Spor-O-Mega, a weapon of mass destruction. Unlike the other lifeforms on the planet, Sporeling has natural immunity to the effects of the red meteors, which causes other creatures to go insane and become hostile under its influence. Sporeling has a wide variety of forms, which all depends on the player and what parts it has access to. Later, Sporeling learns that it is the protector that the creatures talked about in the legend, and when it defeats Zarkhator, it continues to live on the planet peacefully with all the other creatures.

Trivia Edit

  • In Spore Creatures, there is a cheat that causes thrown Sporelings to explode, and another that makes Sporelings gigantic.
  • In Spore Hero, Sporeling has a texture which matches the color of the egg by default. It's possible to regain that texture again in the editor if changed.