a defend mission's sporepoints

Sporepoints are the points gained after a Captain completes an Adventure. The amount of points varies. Adventures made by a player but not yet uploaded are worth 10 points. However, other Spore players can increase the point amount depending on the difficulty of the adventure, and how much the adventure has been played by other players. All of Maxis's adventures are worth 100 points. A player can only get points from a particular adventure once, and once a player's captain has reached has been promoted to the highest rank, rank 10, it cannot receive more points. If an adventure is edited, the captain can gain points again unless they are the highest rank.

Ways to get Sporepoints Edit

  • Complete an adventure.
  • Publish an Adventure.
  • Rate an Adventure.
  • Have an Adventure rated.
  • Have an Adventure commented on.
  • Comment on an Adventure.
  • Play and win an adventure.