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Sporn (also known as "Spr0n", "Spron", "Sporno" or Spore Porn) is a creation that depicts a creature with over-sized genitals or breasts, sometimes engaged in coitus. Sometimes, the creature itself is a genital. Some users began creating these shortly after the software's release.

Many of these creations were banned and this led to a trend of making Sporn to achieve the Bad Baby! Achievement. The Bad Baby! Achievement was deleted in Patch 1.02 because it caused a proliferation of Sporn on Sporepedia.

Many of these creations are showcased on Youtube and are often frowned on by both the Spore Community and the Spore Administrators alike, due to their often anatomical accuracy and the fact that they can be viewed by younger players.

The term, "Sporn" was first coined on the 18th of June 2008 by Kieron Gillen of the gaming blog, Rock, Paper, Shotgun.


If a user bans Sporn from their game, then it will be reported to the Spore Team, who will the send a warning to the creator. If another of the user's creations is reported for being inappropriate, they will banned for three days from logging in to Spore.

If the user is persistent and makes yet another Sporn Creature, they will be banned for a whole week from using Spore's online features. Finally, if the user is stupid enough, or just doesn't care enough, and uploads yet another inappropriate creature, then they be permanently banned from using Spore's online features. They will also be unable to make a new account unless they buy another Spore CD with an unused code.

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