Sporn (also known as "Spr0n", "Spron", "Sporno" or Spore Porn) is a creation that depicts a creature with pornographic or obscene qualities, such as genitalia, and/or is arranged in such as way as to be sexually suggestive (i.e. depicting sex).

The uploading and pollinating of sporn is frowned upon by the community and considered a violation of community guidelines. Sporn uploaded to the Sporepedia may be banned and reported using the tools provided by the game. Sporn that is not uploaded to the online Sporepedia does not violate community guidelines, as it does not pollinate more sporn and it is contained within the creator's game, and is therefore not punishable.


Sporn is treated like any other flagged or offensive content, and will therefore count towards a warning, or future punishments for violations to community guidelines, and can result in the permanent ban of an account (on repeat offences).


  • The term, "Sporn" was first coined on the 18th of June 2008 by Kieron Gillen of the gaming blog, Rock, Paper, Shotgun.
  • The Bad Baby! Achievement was deleted in Patch 1.02 because it was considered a major factor in the proliferation of Sporn on the Sporepedia.
  • The word "Sporn" is a portmanteau of 'Spore' and the short-form of 'pornography' which is 'porn'.
  • When asked by Associated Press in 2008 about players using Spore to create Sporn, Will Wright stated that he was not offended by people using Spore to create obscene content[1]. This was because it is a side effect of the many unexpected directions that the game's editors are open to.



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