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"Sprint allows for a quick burst of speed. Additional sprint parts will extend its duration"

Sprint is an ability in Spore used for the Creature Stage, and Adventure.

The sprint energy bar.

This ability makes the player's creature go faster for moment of time before Energy bar goes empty. Some of parts like feet and detail part possesses with high or low level of Sprint. There is also the Sprint Pack accessory from the Captain Outfitter, Sprint will be replaced with Sprint Burst, which serves the same purpose, but requires energy to use. If the Sprint level is more higher, it'll increase energy bar, taking longer to decrease sprint energy meter.

Hints Edit

  • If you are trying to create a creature based on attack in the tribal stage, sprint becomes a very useful tool. For instance: If an opposing tribe manages to steal food from your food pile, sprint allows you to catch up and stop the thief. It also helps in the stealing process.
  • Sprint helps while chasing prey as well as running away from enemies.
  • Using sprint with a jump of some sort will almost double the distance traveled through the air.
Creature Stage abilities

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