Squirty is a Maxis-made cell found in the Cell Stage at Level 3 as a predator-sized cell. It is the first cell with Poison in the game.

Because of its Poison, it may be difficult to challenge a Squirty. Having spikes on your rear or harvesting the Poison part from a meteor are the best ways to counter it.

Voice Edit

Squirty make a "gree" sound when hit or "talking" as a predator. As a peer, it make a "wee" sound. Puffish makes these sounds, too; this and other similarities (purple color, poison part, flagella near poison part, carnivore diet) suggest that the two cells may be related. It may be possible that Squirty is an ancestor of Puffish.

Abilities that can harvested from this creature Edit

  • Poison

Trivia Edit

  • Squirty is the longest cell in the game, having 8 spines while other cells have 5.
  • The back end of Squirty's body appears to be pulled up instead of it being flat and straight like every other cell, and it's eyes point forward instead of straight up. Squirty is quite strange because he is apparently 3D, unlike any other Maxis made cell. Only the flagella and poison are in the right position.
  • Squirty may be closely related to Octilion.
  • It seems to have a bitter rivalry with Punky, just like with Chomper with Spiked Shyster, Stabber with Nosey, Jawhead with Needle Buzzy, Puffish with Junior and Megamouth with Paa.
  • Very Rarely, a glitch can happen where an epic squirty can appear right when you are evolving. it then turns predator sized.

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