Stabber is a Maxis-made cell, present in the Cell Stage at Level 3. Stabber, as it name implies, has many Spikes around it's body, giving it a good defense.


A good strategy to defeat this cell (once it does not have epic proportions compared to your cell) is having a spike attached near the back of your cell, and simply stand motionless, facing away from it. It will try attacking, and suffer a hit from the spike. After repeating this process, Stabber will still try to attack you, even if one more hit will result in his death - which often happens. There is no point in assaulting it from a side, and even it's tail can be quite dangerous, as it might turn around, stabbing the player's cell in the process.

Stabber may be related to Stabbella, since they are similar, and if noticed, Stabber never attack Stabbellas, while they always attack Noseys.


The following parts can be harvested from this creature by killing one:

  • Spike



  • By what it seems, Stabber is the male version of Stabbella. .

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