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"Use on planet to completely terraform it in an instant."

We have devoted ourselves to spreading life throughout the galaxy. Every new world that we seed with life becomes not only a home for our species, but a repository of nature that can assure the survival of life even if other worlds are destroyed.

- Stones of Life, Volume 3
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A blast from the Staff of Life.

The Staff of Life (formerly known as the "Genesis Device") is an item given to the player upon reaching and entering the center of the galaxy. Upon using the staff on a planet, the planet is quickly terraformed to a T-Score of 3 (T3), with fully completed ecosystems. These ecosystems will be assigned random animals and plants that exist in the game, so it is quite useful if you need a larger variety of species. It can also completely stop an eco-disaster dead in its tracks with a single shot. The effect of this device can be rather impressive. Also, the Staff of Life can be used to make alliances(except for allying with the Grox) by adding a modifier up to +100 for "Helping our planet", therefore contributing to getting the Diplomat badge.

Unfortunately, it is limited to 42 uses (a reference to Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy) and cannot be recharged without some kind of hack or mod.

It should be noted that using the Staff has no impact on either the Terra-Wrangler or Zoologist badges (unless the player is using terraforming tools while Staff of Life is in effect).


Currently, while using the Staff, certain traits do not update, such as the water level of a planet, unless you were to use another terraforming tool such as the Cloud Accumulator, which with a simple half-second click of usage will properly update the change in water level and terraformations acquired with different atmosphere and temperature level. Doing this during or after the Staff's sequence will properly update the levels.

The Staff of Life may also cause the game to crash as soon as the Terrascore of the planet reaches either T2 or T3 (varies from game to game).

Sometimes when using the Staff, planets will be terraformed to T3, but when its power disappears, the T-Score will instantly go back to T0.


  • The Staff of Life may be a nod to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, where a similar device is used to "create life, from where there once was none", and it is even called the Genesis Device. Similar fictional devices have appeared in other works.
  • In the Spore Galactic Edition Galactic Handbook, the manual incorrectly calls the Staff of Life the "Staff of Light".
  • The Staff of Life's acronym is Sol, which may point towards the fact that many believe that the device originated from Earth.
  • An Ecologist empire might give you a collect mission to find a plate in which holds the records of the 'Genesis Project', a project that was being worked on by a vanished civilization, that can turn barren worlds into perfect, stable planets.
  • As mentioned, the Staff of Life is limited to 42 uses, a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in which 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything (however, nobody knows the question).



This tool is collected through the course of the game by reaching the Galactic Core and talking to Steve.

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