Static Cling

Static Cling Icon

Static Cling is the unique ability of the Diplomat Philosophy.

Overview Edit

Ability Ingame Summary Effect
Static Cling
"Immobilizes all enemy ships and turrets on the planet."
  • Disables all ships and turrets for 3 minutes on the planet it is used on.
  • However, when used on the player's planet, it also disables the players turrets.


Static Cling usage

Static Cling being used

This power can be used to disable ships or turrets while they are under attack, or while spice and artifacts are being stolen. Once selected, it can be fired on the ground or a target to activate. It is useful for whatever the player would wish to do undisturbed, whether this is bombing an enemy empire's city, or using a Happiness Ray on them to resolve their differences (this is especially useful when allying the Grox), or collecting samples of the local flora and fauna.

Statistics Edit

Ability Requirements Ship Tools Tab Energy Cost Damage Cooldown
Static Cling Must be a Diplomat or have unlocked all 4 GA Diplomat Parts on the Captain. Weapons None None None 23 minutes from use

Gallery Edit

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